I'd like to introduce you to a new twist on "Happy Hour."  Meet the five happiest dog parents and the five coolest four-legged kids in town. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I thought it would be a real treat to introduce you to our yappiness happiness. Buster & I never thought life could be so happy when Yappy Hour rolls around. 


There is no doubt when the ten of us are together,  no matter what's going on with us or the world, we truly realize how blessed we are that our 4-legged children have brought us together. As you read below you'll see how much we've shared together, our age ranges from 53 to 94 so there's a lot of wisdom and life experience between us all. One thing we have in common for sure besides our pooches... we love to travel, eat great food, drink fine wine, get a fine education on scotch and enjoy a perfect margarita that only Doreen can serve up. Meet our Yappy Hour Gang.

 Our happy place is Doreen and Joe's home, their door is always open, so much so we just suggest "why don't we go to Doreen and Joe's"  Occasionally we'll jaunt up to Shorty's house for a beautiful sunset, cocktails and discuss our "pawsitive" attitudes. Almost every day we meet at the same time, and like clockwork, when we begin to chime in with our texting, the kids are ready to go. Literally, if we're not out the door the stare-down begins, the toys are dropped at our feet and an occasional whine begins.

        Meet five reasons why you might want to begin your own Yappy Hour


No leash needed, these kids have no interest in leaving each other's side. We do have rules, stop at all corners and No Street! 

Let's meet the gang


Tony Williams & Shorty

When Janet asked me to jot down a few thoughts on our puppy playgroup I recalled the words of Stanley Coren, the famed chronicler, and author of many canine books. He writes: "In the thousands of years since humans first domesticated dogs we have genetically manipulated them to socialize easily and to show friendliness almost indiscriminately.”

How true these words are about our four-legged friends, yet that same willingness to "show friendliness almost indiscriminately" cannot be said of us, the two-legged human beings. Deep and meaningful friendships and true compassion for others sometimes get lost in today’s hustle and bustle… Yet somehow, some time ago (I think 6 years now!) our little group of dog lovers managed to find each other in a small park on the edge of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Our dogs linked us. Sweet Sadie, abundantly generous with her affection. Beguiling Bizou, deceivingly seductive and loving. Classy Collette, extraordinarily exquisite and elegant. And Beautiful Buster, a living teddy bear full of wisdom and passion. 

Each day with a wag of a tail or bark from the mouth, our dogs express their gratitude for their afternoon play time. This blog allows me to express my gratitude for our magical, loving and supportive group of friends - all connected initially through our dogs, yet now linked inextricably for life. In this season of gratitude, we all have a long list of items for which we must give thanks… but know that my Yappy Hour friends sit at the top of my list.

Hugs and licks to you each… and my best wishes for an amazing season of Gratitude to one and all!!!!


Meet Keith Cox & Sadie

YAPPY HOUR!  What a concept, right? When I took a risk to take my beloved four-legged Spiritual Offspring, Sadie, to the unofficial park at the corner of Doheny Drive and Santa Monica, I never expected my life to be changed, enhanced, blessed, and enriched. The risk was because it is not unusual for the dogs to run and play off leash there. This “park” is adjacent to a very busy and congested intersection. The reward has been the familial relationship that has been created for both me and Sadie. What has now been dubbed “The Yappy Hour Crew” is, in fact, a coming together of 5 individuals (and occasional spouses) that share a deep bond? When we converge, (which we attempt most days) at what is HAPPY HOUR in most social settings, we are indeed happy. Yes, there is the occasional traditional concoction of an adult beverage, but the emotion of happiness transcends that. It is a result of our open and honest sharing, our mutual love of food, drink, and social activities. It is the result of our unconditional love for our canine family members, and it is because we are conscious, transparent, honest, loving, and even sometimes dysfunctional with each other. Familial, in other words. We have shared many highs and lows with each other. There have been birthdays, holiday, and even memorial celebrations of both humans and canines, moments of sitting vigil as a loved one is passing on, countless hours of discussion on food and drink, and great enjoyment of the attempt to perfect the margarita. And the consensus is that Doreen (or The Lady Doreen, as I call her) has the winning recipe. From a spiritual sense, the Universe brought us together at the perfect time and in the perfect setting. From a human sense, we have tended to the healthy nurturing of this familial bond and I believe we are all the better for it. Many have said it is the hardest club in Beverly Hills to get in… and that is true! Not because we are snobbish and exclusive, but because of the reverence for the beauty, love, connection, and sacredness we share as this little YAPPY HOUR family! 

2015-04-21 18.51.36.jpg

Meet Harvey Slosburg & Bisoux

For so many years I've had the privilege and the joy of spending time with my Yappy hour friends. Our friendships developed so organically over the years while sharing common interests, not just our dogs (kids), but so much of our lives. It seems we are all grateful for each other and the time we have together. When we are all together it makes this big city feel like a small town.  While walking together or throwing the ball, we share our daily lives, our joys, challenges, health, family, politics, and of course the “must try” new restaurants or cocktails. It seems what we share the most is gratitude for our friendships and the unique way we found each other. 


Meet Doreen, Joe & Colette Wallach

We are 5 people that met accidentally at a small park that we made into an unofficial dog park. All of us came from different backgrounds, different religions, different sexual orientations, the only thing we had in common was that each of us had a friendly dog. Yet, we combined perfectly. Each of us brings a different outlook, wisdom, and sensitivity to our daily discussions.For example, just yesterday, our discussion started with:  How do you like to eat your corn on the cob? On the cob, roasted, cut off the cob, mixed with mayo and parmesan, how about combining corn with sun-dried tomatoes? Then the discussion continued to Astronomy, and how huge the universe is. Did we know that a Black Hole is a dense material that nothing can pass through? Our sun is 93 million miles away. The light from our star (the Sun) reaches us in 8 minutes. Light from the nearest star in the sky takes 4 years to reach us. How we are not even a grain of sand when compared with the size of the universe. And on to religion...


We love to eat, drink and laugh and share our Netflix favorites.  We spend hours chatting about the newest restaurants, the coziest bar scene, are we staying in or going out for dinner. These discussions continue while our dogs are chasing the ball, eating mud, digging in the sand, eating bees, or just relaxing. 


We love being together and making dinner, or just cocktail parties. For example, one member made a birthday party for his four-legged son and featured different food courses named after each of our pets. Colletuce cups (minced chicken lettuce cups) for my daughter, Colette. Split Bizoup (pea soup) for Bizou, Frozen Ice Cream Sadie-witches, and finally Chilled Buster Custard. Not all of our gatherings are for fun.  When my mother was passing, everyone came over to my home (my mom lived with me) not just to help me but also to help my mother pass to the other side.  We chanted by candle-light, and our metaphysical minister guided her through her passing. This was a  magical experience. Then we all had drinks and dinner. We laughed and cried. We had the best time.  My mother did not die that night as the doctors had predicted, (we all felt she enjoyed the party too much didn’t want to leave).  She held on for another couple of days. After my sweet Sophia passed (almost 18years old)  immediately we celebrated her life with tears and champagne. We are just there for each other. I really can not express how I feel except to say that I love each and every member of our Yappy Hour Family. Every single day is better because of you.


Thank you, my dear friends, for your generous hearts and taking friendship & family to another level. The world's a better place because of you. Here's to more walks, more talks and a lot of Yappyiness! 


  Happy Thanksgiving, I'm so grateful these spiritual pooches formed our tribe. In some way, on some level, I think they all knew they had a job to do with forming our "gang".  May we continue to grow young at heart and wiser together. Happy Thanksgiving, with gratitude...xoxo  Buster & Janet


 Dig a little deeper

Dig a little deeper

Got a dog?  Why not put a group together, and create your own Yappy Hour. Getting outside walking and enjoying the company of your 4-legged best friend and making new friends can change your life. Pets create joy and bring people together, they can build communities, break down barriers between people and pave a way to a friendship you could have never imagined. 


Here's to you Sophia Wallach, We love you!


 Welcome to The Culver Hotel located in the heart of downtown Culver City. This historic hotel was built in 1924 by Harry Culver and continues today to steal the show. My friend and blogging partner Melissa Meyers and I have an affinity for anything old-school glamour and The Culver Hotel offers just that, and it's a perfect place to meet, catch up on life and enjoy a little cinematic history.

 The Cowerdly Lion in the corner of this photo was actually quiet brave.

The Cowerdly Lion in the corner of this photo was actually quiet brave.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and you're searching for a new escape for a morning meeting, an elegant breakfast, lunch date, or just want a change of pace mixed with old Hollywood history, then don't miss out on this historical landmark. 


When's the last time you got to catch up with a friend and feel like you've escaped for the day? We're fortunate to live in a city where dreams really do come true. Did you know that most of the cast of The Wizard of Oz lived here during the filming of the movie?  Melissa and I both loved that iconic film and looking out the window imagining a day in the life of one of the most memorable films in history felt a bit surreal. Be sure to ask questions when you visit, this hotel is filled with historical myths and mystery.


Vintage and Glamour, that's what you'll experience here. You can't help but feel the energy and imagine what it must have been like when Joan Crawford, Douglas Fairbanks, Greta Garbo, Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan and more dined and smoozd behind these door, "if these walls could talk."

 Whispering Angel

Whispering Angel

The Culver Hotel has been one of my favorite go-to's for a spark of creativity. They say it's haunted... who knows, maybe Glenda the Good Witch is waving her magic wand over us all as we enter this historical haven.

       "You've always had the Power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself" Glenda, the good witch.

 The Grand Lobby

The Grand Lobby

Maya Mallick who now owns this iconic property has reimagined The Culver Hotel into a glittering gem. Maya’s eye for design only adds to the charm of The Culver Hotel. Every item is personally picked and has a special place. Wherever your eye takes you, it feels like you’ve stepped into the past with a modern flair. The entryway is filled with rich colors and texture. This iconic landmark is becoming an alluring hot spot and Maya has managed to do so without losing the architectural integrity of the building.


 The Grand Lobby also serves as a second restaurant and bar, with a patio garden nearby offering casual food and dining throughout the day. There are plenty of intimate places to sit back and enjoy the view along with great service and delicious food. In the evening you'll be enchanted with live jazz, and that Culver City cool. It's so much more than just a hotel.


Melissa's Lunch: KALE CAESAR SALAD - White anchovy, radicchio, parmesan, garlic croutons 

My Lunch: COASTAL FARMS MIXED GREENS - Candied pecans, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette w/ Salmon

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Congratulations are in order! The Culver Hotel turns 100 years old September 23rd.  Join the Culver Hotel for the party of the century celebrating 100 years of Culver City and the 10th anniversary of the historic hotel's remarkable revitalization. Saturday, September 23rd, 2017, 8:00 PM

Don't miss The Velvet Lounge- located on the Mezzanine Level - Reminiscent of a 1920’s ‘Speakeasy’ with a twist of a Parisian boudoir. The Velvet Lounge is open Thursday through Saturday after 8 pm.

Also available for private parties and events.


  Melissa and I would like to thank everyone at The Culver Hotel for a fun filled day of history, kindness and our beautiful meal. Located at 9400 Culver Blvd.  

 See you soon!

See you soon!

                            Just like they say in the movies "That's a wrap." 

Melissa and I feel so fortunate to have The Culver Hotel in the city where we live. The staff is gracious and passionate about the history and they're happy to have you. There's a lot of exciting projects that are happening in Downtown Culver City and it just might be The Yellow Brick Road to an exciting time. Be sure to schedule your next breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting... just click your heels together three times...

Here's a fun story; Charlie Chaplin was even the owner for a while until legend has it, he lost the property in a poker game to John Wayne.

Fact; 1938 – The Wizard of Oz is filmed in Culver City. Much of the cast, including all 124 ‘little people’ also known as the ‘Munchkins’, stay at the Culver Hotel. 
1939 - Gone With The Wind 


Here are the details for The Culver Hotel 100 years Celebration. We hope you can join us there!






It's that time again, barbecues, sunshine, swimming and celebrating the USA. Here are just a few of my favorite things to add a little fireworks for The Fouth of July holiday.

Most 4th of July's our family heads to Newport Beach, it's a sure thing there will be plenty of festivities both on and off land to kick off the holiday. One of my favorite go-to boutiques is Bohemia, you can always find plenty of fun T-shirts, shorts, and dresses for your personal fireworks style.  Hat by Artesano -  

Nudz Beachwear's coverups are so easy to travel with, whether you're beach bound or poolside...just slip into one of their coverups and you'll look and feel beach chic.

Eddy Daniele Sandals are perfect! Take any simple outfit, slide your tootsies into a little sparkle!

I'm a big JADEtribe fan, Kimberly Hartman really gets that tropical vibe with her brand. A little bit beachy, a little bit bohemian jet set, and 100 percent natural and ethical, JADEtribe is the true embodiment of fashion with a conscience.  Bracelets by; Love Around the Neck.

Two must-haves when traveling, a hat along with a great backpack. I prefer ones that are super durable and water resistant. This Sweaty Betty is loaded with pockets and adjustable straps on the bottom for your towel, blanket, wrap or a yoga mat... I love the black with gold zipper details. Artesano has the most amazing hats for any occasion. Find your perfect Panama hat for any season. 

Sweaty Betty understands active wear. This one piece is practical and sexy.

  Cami & Jax  - Super stylish high-waisted bottoms paired with my Eres top. Ray Ban Sunglasses - exclusive at Neiman Marcus -   Shop the post below.

Cami & Jax - Super stylish high-waisted bottoms paired with my Eres top. Ray Ban Sunglasses - exclusive at Neiman Marcus - Shop the post below.

Carmen Sol Sandals - I gave these sandals a workout, and they still look great!  Afterall...Italians do know shoes.

Purlisse's BB cream is my favorite. You'll be protected along with a flawless complexion. Don't forget your lips, Pucker up with Purlisse, mango & shea butter lip balm. I cover my lips with this when I fly.

How about this towel from The Beach People.  Perfect for a 4th of July picnic in the park or on the beach, and it's reversible. Hat by Borsalino (another favorite)



Fun twist for a cosmetic bag, load up your sun protection.

Colore Science has got your covered. This foundation goes on so smooth. I like that it has SPF built in. It's very natural looking and evens out any discoloration. You're left with a flawless finish & protection.


Bust out a little fun on your vacation. This traveling backgammon set rolls up and has a handy zipper compartment to keep everything in place. Create a little entertainment with your family, and unplug. 

Have a festive 4th of July,  You are a firecracker! 


Jes' Adventure at the Parker Palm Springs

A Note From Jes...

When it comes to decompressing, I am all about fun road trips. One of my favorite places to unwind and relax for a weekend is non other than Palm Springs! You can check out some of my posts about this desert oasis here, here, and here.

About two hours east of Los Angeles, this city offers pretty much everything that I 'a must' when vacationing. From great hotels with a buzzing pool scene, to delicious restaurants, and unique finds -- Palm Springs has it all going on!

I escape here as often as I can, and have made quite a few great memories. Some of my favorites involve a very special and beautiful Parker Palm Springs.

The former Gene Autry Estate is now a Jonathan Adler-designed property that boasts chic and comfy rooms, three pools, a spa that feels like a Nantucket country club, a Trina Turk boutique on the weekends, two delicious restaurants, and ample outdoor space complete with a fire pit, a giant chess board, bicycles, a lemonade stand, and games.

Upon entering the property, guests are greeted with an eclectic lobby filled with old-world rugs and modern, colorful geometric design. My favorite details include the white walls adorned with colorful lanterns, playful seating areas, and quirky art.

The rooms are worthy of a five-star snooze! Spacious, with a beautiful mid-century modern feel, and incredibly comfortable beds, the only reasons to get out are breakfast and the pools. Some of the luxe toiletries they offer include Hermes soaps and Penhaligon's shampoos and conditioners -- perfect for a night of pampering and well-deserved R&R. They also have villas perfect for group outings or a girls' weekend. 

The grounds have several gardens, including a shaded croquet court, a playful oversized chessboard and a sunny spot with hammocks where you can bask in the sunlight. Grab a cold beverage and be sure to enjoy these amenities during your stay.

If brunch is what you crave, Norma’s is the place to enjoy a delectable fare. The staff is incredibly friendly, and your meal will begin with a smoothie of the day sample. Last time I visited, I ordered their chocolate French Toast, and it's TO DIE FOR! It's so rich and decadent, but worth every bite -- call it a 'cheat day must have,' if you please! Other delicious staples include their burgers, salads, and huevos rancheros.

The hotel has three pools, two outdoors, and one in the spa - which is a must-try. The outdoor pools have, about halfway in between them, a bar called Lemonade, with delicious treats and perfectly chilled drinks for those hot desert days. Only one of these pools is kid-friendly, so plan accordingly.


Once you set foot at the spa, you may not want to leave! They offer relaxing treatments such a hot stone massages, exfoliating body srubs, facials, waxing, and spray tanning. They even have special packages for baby moons, and other special occasions. If working out is what you desire, then their fitness center, group yoga classes, and outdoor tennis courts will do the trick. 

Before you book your adventure -- here are a few 'good to know' tidbits:

-The weekends are incredibly busy, especially during the Summer months. If possible, go on a weekday, and you will most likely have the place to yourself!

-Ask for a room upgrade: Everyone at the property is very helpful, and they will try to accommodate your requests. If available they will honor an upgrade, so don't be afraid to ask (the worst they will say is 'no')

So excited for my next Palm Springs visit, because it's going to be another one for the books! Tell Janet and I, what are some of your favorite places to escape for the weekend?

Janet and I during a fun adventure in Downtown Los Angeles in 2015. I am so grateful for the friendship we've developed over the past few years!


 Rosé is a signal that the most pleasant, most enjoyable & carefree time of the year has arrived... Summer.  How can you resist that rose petal pink color? It's a huge part of what makes drinking it so special. Rosé is a lifestyle, It's the kind of wine that inspires you to relax, enjoy and be in the moment. Kick off your summer with a glass of Rosé and  good friends and say goodbye to summer the same way.

 Our dear friends we've shared amazing wines and travels with. Great friends + beautiful wines + fun vacations = Good memories and happiness to last a life time.

Our dear friends we've shared amazing wines and travels with. Great friends + beautiful wines + fun vacations = Good memories and happiness to last a life time.

Cote des roses -  The rose-shaped bottle was designed by a young student; Mélitine Courvoisier of the Ecole Boulle.  It comes in red, rosé and white. It's suggested to present the bottle by the neck and display the bottom of the bottle so the wine reflects through the specially cut glass, it looks like you are handing them a flower - a pink rose of course. Cote des Roses is the name of the coastal area near the village of Gruissan. Whispering Angel - Chateau d'Esclans is located on an extraordinary site, on elevated land near the Gorges de Pennafort, between St. Tropez and Cannes, and has become universal in popular hot spots such as South Beach, Nantucket, and the -Hamptons...speaking of, remember when there was a rosé shortage in the Hamptons last summr...well, they're bracing for another.  

 Here are a few excellent suggestions from Du Vin, owned by René located in West Hollywood and Heritage Wines, owned by Jordane Andrieu located in Beverly Hills.  Everything's Coming Up Roses!

Welcome to Heritage Fine Wines. Located on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. Life is always buzzing here on Cañon, and there's no shortage of yummy food and of course great wines.

 Jordane is holding his favorite Rosé -  Château Vannieres  2015

Jordane is holding his favorite Rosé - Château Vannieres 2015

Meet owner Jordane Andrieu - Born in Paris, he moved to Burgundy a few years ago to take over his father's vineyard. Jordane transformed a small domaine into a well-known organic estate in Auxey-Duresses, next to Meursault. With both an MBA and a degree in oenology, he is the current manager of Clos du Moulin aux Moines, one of the oldest vineyards in Côte d'Or. Opening Heritage in Beverly Hills inspired Jordane to create a tasting and modern retail experience by offering a curated selection of French labels ranging from modest wines to elegant and rare wines. Jordane has brought a touch of France to us here in Beverly Hills and we're loving it... Merci beaucoup.

Leoube - This bottle of Rosé - Secret de Léoube. Is wrapped in elegant script writing. I love this bottle!  an instant conversation starter.    * Winemaker's note:  The color is clear and delicate.  A blend of exotic fruits with light spice flavors. The palate is supple and elegant.  Chateau Rosé De Loube- The nose fresh: a blend of exotic fruits with light spice flavors.

Heritage is a perfect venue in Beverly Hills to organize networking events, holiday or birthday parties. Every Saturday at 3pm come enjoy wine tastings inside or on the patio. You can join the wine club and once a month and learn from sommeliers who curate two delicious and original French wines - one white and one red.   Jordane's childhood friend, Apollonia Poilâne, from the Poilane Bakery in St Germain-des-Prés in Paris, flies in her sourdough country loaf several times a week for The Heritage clientele. French wine, cheese and fresh French bread...let's go!

Heritage is sophisticated, quiet, and serving only fine French wines. You can order a delicious cheese board, from the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, (a personal favorite) unwind and appreciate the little things.  Awwww a little bit of Pairieee in Beverly Hills.  Héritage is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm, Sundays from noon to 5 pm.  

  Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc  / South of France / One of our favorite vacation getaways. 

Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc / South of France / One of our favorite vacation getaways. 

Rosé is the official summer beverage of the Côte d'Azur. I say "Let's make it the official beverage here on the West Coast."  

 Here are a few excellent suggestions from Du Vin, owned by René Averseng and located in West Hollywood you'll find Du Vin, a quaint bungalow tucked away in a small vine-covered courtyard. 

 Photo: Rene Robert

Photo: Rene Robert

For thirty-six years René has offered his expertise in finding the perfect wine solution for any occasion. Averseng was born in Grasse in the south of France and raised in Avignon near the vineyards of the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape. René has experience as a wine steward and consultant to top restaurants and hotels in Europe. We're lucky to live in an inspiring neighborhood, Every day we are surrounded by art, boutiques, and fantastic restaurants. Du Vin and Heritage Wines are two of those special venues that offer personal hospitality and years of experience.

 René's top four suggestions :  Petale de Rose  $14.99 /  Commanderie de la Bargemone  $18.99 /  Chateau Barbeyrolles  $26.99 /  Clos Beylesse  (René's personal favorite) $26.99 

René's top four suggestions : Petale de Rose $14.99 / Commanderie de la Bargemone $18.99 / Chateau Barbeyrolles $26.99 / Clos Beylesse (René's personal favorite) $26.99 

Pétale de Rose - The vineyards are worked by hand, using natural animal fertilizers and treating the soil with sulphur and copper only from 3 generations. There are no chemical weed killers used. You can't go wrong sipping this light Rosé.

Leoube -  Cotes de Provence  $19.00 / The taste is supple and expresses an elegant blend of mixed red& exotic fruits with a very pleasant level of acidity. With a delightful lively and soft finish, Léoube rosé offers a balanced and medium-bodied wine that will please everybody’s taste.

Du Vin in West Hollywood - 540 North San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood.

René & Jordane are two intelligent men with a passion for wine, who take joy in educating their customers with knowledge and to truly appreciate the experience. 

                     "Wine is the most civilized thing in the world." --- Ernest Hemingway.


Locals here in West Hollywood just got another pick-me-up...WeHo as we locals like to call it is developing into one of L.A's most popular and vibrant districts. Every street you turn on these days seems to be under construction with another superb restaurant, coffee shops, and more fabulous boutiques VERVE is within walking distance of my home, and watching the building's progress along the way was quite promising. It's a lovely addition to our neighborhood, and It's always refreshing when a business opens up and brings our community together.  VERVE - noun / vigor and spirit or enthusiasm...

VERVE is nestled in on the corner of Melrose Avenue and North Almont, right  next door to another popular prime spot, Gracias Madre. VERVE is owned by college friends and coffee professionals Colby Barr and Ryan O'Donovan. They thought about San Francisco for their first location but they're big on mountain biking and surfing, so they choose Santa Cruz for obvious reasons. Being in a smaller area allowed them to grow their brand at a natural pace, along with living their passion for the mountains and the surf. Now with six stunning locations, You can soon enjoy VERVE on the other side of the map in Tokyo, opening Spring of 2016.

Gleaming copper counters... when the sun shines through the windows, the copper is like a sea of electrons.. You begin to see the copper change as the light begins to change. Cappuccino with almond milk / Tom Ford Reading Glasses

Outside living is why we love it here in California. At night you can enjoy the lights in the trees and a cool coziness of the West Hollywood community.

With The openess of the kitchen and the transparency throughout the shop, the light enhances all of the natural materials.  Fresh Pastries and delicious coffee cakes.

The store design was originally influenced by Scandinavian designs, clean, simple with a feeling of nature. 

Juice Flight - 10 fresh juice shots from juice bar mini-chain Juice Served Here. The Flight Menu consists of: Green Easy - Field of Greens - Green Milk - Block Rockin' Beets - Redhead - Pipe Cleaner - Hot Lei - Charcoal Lemonade - Cream Party - Pixie. I definitely needed help in finishing The Flight, maybe next time you'll join me!  I am now ready for take off...

WeHo-8925 Melrose / Santa-Cruz 104 Bronson St. / DTLA 833 S. Spring St./ Santa Curz 1540 Pacific Ave.

Rain or shine, there's always time for coffee.  / J.Crew Rain Boots

Hats off to you VERVE, for creating a welcoming gathering space here in our neighborhood.

Grab a gift card for a friend. Let's have coffee!  Their videos on their sights are so helpful, you can learn the perfect techniques used to design the foam on top of latte's and cappuccinos.

   "As soon as coffee is in your stomach, there is a general commotion. Ideas begin to move... similes arise, the paper is covered. Coffee is your ally and writing ceases to be a struggle." - Honore de Balzac   


Where better to celebrate a healthy birthday weekend than California's own Ojai Valley Inn. Surrounded by Spanish architecture, acres of citrus and avocado orchards, and an aroma of rosemary and lavender fill the air. Located fifteen miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, Ojai is an easy 90-minute drive north of Los Angeles. 200 acres of smog-free...stress-free land, and a feeling of true tranquility. 

There are 300 plus newly decorated rooms and suites, with sweeping views of the mountains, and the golf course. Wherever you are, you will have a stunning view of the entire property. Our room overlooked the "Pixie Pool", the mountains and the working herb garden. Coffee and a cupcake... with this view who couldn't be happy to celebrate their birthday. 

Sincerely Jules T-Shirt / AG Jeans / Storets Jacket / Chanel Glasses - Necklace / Hermès Belt Feeling SUPER on my birthday.

Overlooking the Pixie Pool - Which use to be the Lavender Pool - They have made some recent changes without disturbing the charm. A local resident said  "There's nothing to do in Ojai, and not enough time to do it."  Peace & Positive Vibes - That's what you will find in this charming town.

Relax and enjoy one of the teahouses next to the herb garden. 

The main entrance into the Pixie Pool. On your walk here you can pass by their herb garden and take a stroll around and down the beautiful cypress trees.

The golf course is stunning. If you don't play golf you might take your first lesson here. You can enjoy your lunch at Jimmy's while taking in this view.

You can rent a bike for a full or half day and cruise along the 9.5 mile paved trail. In ten minutes or less you can stop into town, and have a cup of joe at Ojai Coffee Roasting Co. and tasty lunch. You won't be disappointed with the food or the service. They also roast their own beans.

What use to be the family pool is now the adult 'Indigo' pool.  Sophisticatedly decorated, and sweeping views of the Ojai Valley and the Topatopa Mountain Range. Slow and easy is what comes to mind when you enter here. 

Newly decorated- great place to read- and meet up with your friends before heading to dinner.

If you need a little shade or quite time, you can find it right here, and watch the sky, the mountains and the valley turn soft pink as the sun begins to set.

Healthy bite and a little reading, and yes...organic vegetables.

Happy about my deep tissue massage, off I went. The spa uses techniques of the Chumash Native American tribe, (the valley's first settlers) Ask for Tina....I felt like a new person when I left the spa.

Be sure to stop by Café Verde where you can find fresh pressed organic juices and healthy snacks.

You can enjoy a sauna, steam, and a jacuzzi, or relax upstairs until they call your name for your treatment.

Inside you will become relaxed instantly. Nothing like a spa treatment...

Plenty of machines and weights to choose from in their gym. There are yoga classes, pilates, spinning, bootcamp, meditation and much more.

Lunch at Jimmy's - Do have the truffle chips, and they make the best ice tea.

View from the Pixie Pool

Great space to take a break from swimming and have your lunch.

Along the pathway to the lobby from the Indigo pool.

Dining at The Oaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will be served food that is locally sourced, and from the herb garden here at Ojai Valley Inn. Right in front of you there is a beautiful view of the mountains and the golf course, and not to be missed...the sunset

Fantastic Birthday Dinner

We were in awe of the brussels sprouts... by far the tastiest I've ever had, and what a great presentation.

Watching these two run down that hill always brings back the best memories for my husband and I...

Power breakfast for our son...Chocolate Chip Pancakes at The Oaks.

Fall right into the mood the minute you step onto the property. And yes...They love dogs here at Ojai Valley Inn. Buster joined us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Thank you Ojai Valley Inn for another great stay, more memories and my birthday wishes. Most of all Thank you to my husband and son for having the idea to bring me here to one of my favorite places...a happy place

               Only you are you! That is truer than true!  There is no-one alive that is you-er than you!   Dr. Seuss


Downtown Los Angeles... Full of art, fashion, top chefs and their stylish restaurants. We love culture in this city, and it's important to support, and be a part of our growing community. We spend most of our time in our cars here in L.A. Just watch Saturday Night Live, there's an ongoing skit on navigating our lovely freeways. Let's dodge the freeway...Take the side streets and end up in downtown L.A.

Twister was HUGE when I was a kid. Our weekend entertainment was devoted to Twister parties. When you visit The Springs on Mateo St. peek your head out the back and take in the giant Twister wall and have a laugh... or two.  Gucci Loafers / Genetic Jeans / EQUIPMENT black silk shirt / Hermès Twilly Scarf / Chanel Sunglasses / 

When you step into The Springs Urban Oasis you will be greeted by their vibrant gift shop full of handmade products. It's colorful, organic and creative.  /  Longchamp Bag  / Kelly Wrestler ring

Be sure and take a seat at the organic cold pressed juice bar. Try the Evergreen - cucumber, celery, romaine spinach, kale, parsley... Soooo Good

Make your way to the back of The Springs and you'll find yoga rooms and fun "coolio" clothing to  match your experience.

The sign says it all...Eco Friendly - Clothing that feels good, is good and has a happy feeling.

My friend  and fellow blogger Jesica Ryzenberg had the best time being inspired walking downtown and soaking up the artistic vibe.

POKETO / Founded in 2003 by husband-and-wife team Ted & Angie. It's a lifestyle brand to inspire the artist in you and your everyday life. POKETO  collaborates with over 200 international artist.

I bought my son a wallet designed by Yeji Yun - Korean Artist, made of vinyl.  A new spin on wallets with animating artistic messages. 

You can find a good selection of coffee table books, candles, and soaps.

Lot Stock & Barrel / If you want to check out a store where there is passion for vintage blue jeans, jackets, boots, jumpsuits and yes... there is some fringe floating around.

Street art in  L.A. has drawn fresh local artists, along with a few well know international one's too. 2014 was a big year for colorful messages with beautiful murals at every turn.

Jesica and I took a break for lunch at Church & State 1850 Industrial St. Los Angeles / A French Bistro, L.A. Hotspot. It feels a bit like you're in San Fran. You will need a reservation. It's packed with stylish, sophisticated and artsy people.  

You won't be disappointed with the wine list or the all natural produce, and naturally fed, humanely raised and treated animal products if you are a meat eater.

My Shrimp Ceasar Salad hit the spot.

Don't forget to try out a cup of joe from The Daily Dose. Kick start the second half of your downtown stroll.

The Daily Dose will find you... with it's coffee aroma floating around the corner. 1820 Industrial Street  

Nadia Geller / We found our way into this boutique filled with goodies. The Chalk Board says it all.  1801 East 7th ST.

Welcome!  Let's Shop

I couldn't resist these glasses from SOLA / Sisters of Los Angeles / These glasses make for starting up a great conversation.

How clever is this... An old P.O. Box Door resting on your table with a "succulent sidekick"

Cutting Boards / Shakers / Side Chairs

At Last...   It's a great feeling when you can support your community and enjoy all there is to offer to an up and coming neighborhood.

Cheers Jesica! Thank You Sisters Of Los Angeles... These glasses made for a great downtown memory. We took the 101 to the 10 and a few short cuts then enjoyed our afternoon in Sunny L.A.               Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Anthony J. D'Angelo


It's Harvest Time, so what better time to take off to Napa and enjoy a few days in the valley drinking beautiful wines and eating fabulous food. IVAMOS! 

Our son left for Washington D.C. on a school field trip, so last minute my husband and I decided to hop in the car with our dog Buster, and our bikes and hit the road to Napa. Living in Los Angeles we have the advantage of the ocean, mountains and Napa Valley. Off we went on our road trip. Seven hours later...Vino!

We checked into Hotel Bardessono. Located in downtown Yountville, a boutique hotel with contemporary flair, and elegance.  It's right in the center of town, so you are walking distance to great restaurants, shops, and a charming walking path. Step out into the crisp Napa Valley air, and in two minutes you are enjoying yummy coffee and pastries at Bouchon. Bardessono is also a national model of green building and operating practices along with open arms to your four legged friends.

There are sixty-two rooms and a gym that is open air with just the right amount of equipment. With water flowing throughout the property you are surrounded in a tranquil setting.  After sun down, kickback and enjoy the warmth of the fire and a glass of vino before your dinner.

Enjoying a little fireside relaxation before our dinner at Ciccio. Bardesonno has done an amazing job with incorporating nature's elements.

Along our walk we found Ciccio. Located in the heart of Napa, Ciccio offers a simple menu of pizzas and Italian entrees baked in a beautiful wood-fire oven and ingredients right from their own garden at Altamura Ranch. Ciccio is family owned and operated by Frank & Karen Altamira. They happen to be there the night we stopped in, and we were seated next to their table (lucky us) Frank introduced himself and gave us a little history of their Ciccio, the farm and shared one of his favorite wines with us. Frank and Karen pair their wines from their vineyard with their foods. Altamura Ranch has been in their family since 1855. We had such an incredible dining experience that evening. Their was a wait list, but what's better than sitting on a front porch in Napa with a glass of wine and smelling pizza from a wood burning oven. Hermes Scarf / lululemon jacket / Borsalino Fedora / AG Jeans /  TOD'S Shoes /

6770 Washington Street -The building was built as an Italian Grocery Store in 1916. Make the time to dine here, you won't be disappointed. Try the Calamari- Perrperoncini & Garlic if you like spicy - Pizza - Mushroom, Taleggio, Crispy sage - Pizza Margherita. Our meal, along with the wine from their vineyard and the conversation was a perfect evening.

MA(i)SONRY was incredibly special. My husband and I stopped by everyday, It's just one of those places where people gather and appreciate being in the moment and sharing a laugh. Here you have art, design and a wine gallery in a contemporary, stunning landscaped sculpture garden.  Once belonging to Carles Rovegno - a vineyardist in the early 1900s. The house was so small it was known in Yountville as the "Chinahouse." In 1902 a local Mason, Angelo Brovelli, who was know for his stone bridges, began to build this utilitarian, craftsman-style building with functional charm. After Rovegno passed away in 1954, the historic stone property was converted to a boutique, seven-room inn known as Burgundy House Inn, until 2007.  Today, the Charles Rovegno House is a blend of past, present and future. The Integrity and charm remain in tact, you can see the old-world work hand in hand with the new. 

Enjoy specialty wines while surrounding yourself  in an uber chic atmosphere. Nestled amongst layers of evergreen Holly Oak trees while feeling a hint of French flavor.

And yes, a big welcome committee at the entry way when the tail wagging canines stroll through the doors.  /Borsalino Fedora / James Perse T / Hermes Scarf & Bracelet /

Guest come here to appreciate sipping on artisan wines from local vintners. It's an unique and relaxing way to unwind after a busy day on the Napa Valley Wine Trail. 

6711 Washington Street, Yountville, CA  / A great way to relax and be inspired while taking in the wine, art and the sculpture garden. Don't miss this historical building and bee spoke experience of life, art and wine.

 Frank Family Vineyards - Located in the historic Larkmead winery in Calistoga (3rd oldest winery in Napa). Be sure to make a reservation for their tasting room. Frank Family is know as one of the best wineries in the country so make sure to stop by the tasting room. Everyone is so down- to-earth, you'll walk away with a new appreciation for wine making. And if you're lucky enough to time it just right you might catch Rich & Leslie Frank ( she's a dynamo) in action. After meeting them you will understand why the Frank Family has a magnetic energy blossoming around the property               Frank Family Vineyards - 1091 Larkmead Lane Calistoga, CA

Be sure to take a moment  and relax under the giant elm trees, that are over 100 years old and take in the beautiful vineyard views. No need for a leash here, Frank Family Vineyards love dogs. Here...Everybody's happy.

The highly regarded Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, which is barrel aged in French Oak for two and a half years, is one of the most sought after wines in the valley, and their Cameros Vineyards produced some of the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir available.

2012 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Delicious  / Hermes Scarf / 

Another Dog Day Afternoon on the Napa Valley Trail...Nap time in Napa.

Couldn't resist bringing home 2012 Reserve Zifandel / 2012 Reserve Sangiovese / Port /  Incredible wines from Frank Family. You can taste, deep, black cherry, ripe plums, leather, chocolate..  We had a great day at Frank Family Vineyard. Their staff were knowledgeable, helpful, and passionate about the vineyard.  Thank you for a great afternoon!

Hall Winery / 401 ST. Helena Hwy. South St. Machines hard at work- Very interesting process to watch.

During harvest time you will find beautiful pumpkins and decorations everywhere you go. Happy place in Napa Valley. /  Borsalino Fedora / Hermes Scarf / AG Jeans / Chanel Flats /

BOTTEGA RISTORANTE - Chef Michael Chiarello opened his doors in 2008. Across the street from our hotel and into the heavenly aroma filled atmosphere of Italian cooking. The staff was accommodating, and what a cool and unpretentious space. You feel like you are dining in a locals-only right in Italy. Our dinner was 'Fantastico' the wine was 'Delizioso' 

Heirloom tomatoes - Burata - Fresh Basil - Caviar

Spaghetti Marinara. So simple, so good.

Be sure to visit Richard Reddington's Redd Wood. A superbly stylish Italian-inspired eatery. The place was packed, so we took a seat at the bar and shard a terrific wood-fired pizza.  Walking distance from Hotel Bardessono, you can enjoy wining and dining here all day long. You will see a super chic crowd and feel casual comfort at the same time. Located right next door is an amazing hotel, North Block Hotel, very modern boutique hotel mixed with old world charm.  And of course...they love dogs.

Redd Wood - 6755 Washington St.

Dariush Khaledi was instilled at an early age with the winemaking craft of his father, inspired by wine culture in the literary city of Shiraz - in modern day Iran - and the ancient city of Persepolis. He became a lifelong collector, seeking out old world wines, traditions and stepping into the modern techniques. Dariush was an entrepreneur destined for his dream. In 1997, Dariush and his wife Shahpar founded Dariush, and now we get to enjoy one man's vision. Plant the seed and watch it grow...and Yes it did...

Dariush brings his amazing wine making skills and his Persian Palace to the Napa Valley. He grew up in Shiraz, one of Iran's prominent wine growing regions and some theorize it may be the origin of the Syrah/Shiraz grape.

Be sure to make a reservation for a Portfolio Tasting. The ninety minute shared tasting experience begins with a tour of the winery followed by a seated tasting in their barrel Chai, where limited release wines, are paired with  artisan cheeses from all over the world. Tastings menus are prepared by Dariush and Shahpar.  Bar side and table side service is available by appointment,  and there are seatings every hour. 

Spending the afternoon at Darioush was full of culture, history and incredible wines. Absolute must for your Napa Valley list. 4240 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA


Located in Yountville, alongside Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery and just down the road from the French Laundry, just follow your nose and you will be lead to freshly baked croissants and coffee. First thing in the morning we walked straight to Bouchon Bakery, ordered our coffee and croissants, and gathered with the locals and visitors under the trees in the courtyard.

Riding our bikes through the vineyards was probably our favorite thing we did. It was stunning biking between the vines, it was all you could see for miles. I recommend you spend a few hours and really take in all the beauty and get a close up and personal with a few grapes. / Bianchi Bike / Nike Jacket / lululemon pant / Nike Shoes /

Early one morning we heard this loud sound and could not figure out what it was, I opened the drapes, and there was this beautiful hot air balloon on it's way up. What an incredible site at sunrise. Before long the sky was covered in hot air balloons.

A nose knows... Buster headed straight for The French Laundry. Known as the Best restaurant in the world. Closed for a remodel  until later this year, a new kitchen is on it's way.

Directly across the street is a three-acre culinary garden. Home to organic vegetables, herbs, and berries.  30 percent of the vegetables grown here are served at The French Laundry...From garden to table makes for an exquisite dining experience. I can't wait to return!

Fresh strawberries from the French Laundry Garden.

6640 Washington St, Yountville.

Last stop - CAYMUS VINEYARDS - Owned by the Charles Wagner Family, since 1971. Producing their first vintage in 1972, consisting 240 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon. Today's production is 65,000 cases.  It's an incredible wine, your guest will be delighted when you share a bottle of Caymus with them.

Beautiful property inside and out. Old and New French oak barrels.

Stainless Steel Barrels, which increase the ratio of solids to liquid in fermenting wine.                8700 Conn Creek RD. Rutherford, CA.

Being in Napa feels like 'adult' camp. You have the best free time, your scheduled time is spent at tastings, eating, drinking and getting a fantastic education on vineyards and their owners. Your snack time is all about fruits and artisanal cheeses, and more wine.  Your breakfast consist of crossiants and coffee from Bouchon, and your activity is bike riding through one of the most beautiful landscapes on the map. And when it's time for 'lights out' you are tucked away in your boutique hotel room... I'm pretty sure I want to go back!

All roads lead to somewhere great when you're on the Napa Valley Trail.   

                              “Wine is poetry in a bottle.” -Clifton Fadiman


It's all Abbot Kinney.  Here we are in sunny L.A., and my friend and I just hoped in my Fiat with the top back and headed to the beach, Venice Beach that is.  We felt like we were on a vacation or a stay-cation in our case.  Abbot Kinney doesn't look like it once did, but we all need to reinvent ourselves at some stage of the game.  You can still feel the renaissance and the "cool" factor of Venice Beach.  Abbot Kinney will revive your soul, bring out your creative spirit and turn you into a tourist in your own town.

 One of the many large murals of Venice Beach. You can even take a walking tour to learn about the artist.

One of the many large murals of Venice Beach. You can even take a walking tour to learn about the artist.

 SUNDRY / Where Mediterranean Chic meets California Cool

SUNDRY / Where Mediterranean Chic meets California Cool

 Soft cotton for your cool bod.

Soft cotton for your cool bod.

 BURRO / Owner, Erinn Berkson, has curated a thoughtful selection of everything you need to  feel like a native Californian.  You will find stationary, jewelry, and home decor and all kinds of artisan goods.

BURRO / Owner, Erinn Berkson, has curated a thoughtful selection of everything you need to  feel like a native Californian.  You will find stationary, jewelry, and home decor and all kinds of artisan goods.

 Sisters of Los Angeles /  Unique city inspired gifts and modern memorabilia collection.  From coast to coast, SoLA has designed glassware for Californiains who love the surf, the mountains and of course our freeways. If you need a gift for someone who has everything or a house warming gift, SoLA has plenty fun items to choose from for all occasions.

Sisters of Los Angeles /  Unique city inspired gifts and modern memorabilia collection.  From coast to coast, SoLA has designed glassware for Californiains who love the surf, the mountains and of course our freeways. If you need a gift for someone who has everything or a house warming gift, SoLA has plenty fun items to choose from for all occasions.

The Piece Collective /  Curated with Culture.

Their collection is a true reflection of their love for artist and finding that special customer.

Piece Collective has brought beautiful artistic handmade gifts from countries all over.  

Time for lunch / GJELINA / One of the BEST restaurants in Los Angeles.

  Roasted Cauliflower, Arugula Salad - organic and fantastic.  Open everyday 8am-midnight.

Roasted Cauliflower, Arugula Salad - organic and fantastic.  Open everyday 8am-midnight.

 URBANIC Stationary-wrapping-wedding and gift store.

URBANIC Stationary-wrapping-wedding and gift store.

 I love stationary stores, I so appreciate a handwritten note. 

I love stationary stores, I so appreciate a handwritten note. 

 If you live in Los Angeles, or you have ever sat in traffic on the the 405 freeway you can really appreciate this card.

If you live in Los Angeles, or you have ever sat in traffic on the the 405 freeway you can really appreciate this card.

Casual - Cool - California / From restaurants and bars to boutiques and galleries, visit Abbot Kinney and enjoy the California breeze while shopping, eating and taking in a little culture.

*Your Inner Being is always guiding you toward what you are wanting. It is never protecting you from something else.    ABRAHAM

THE ASSEMBLY - Coffee That Cares

Why not Assemble your soul your thoughts and your smile at THE ASSEMBLY.  In the heart of West Hollywood, we happily have a new neighbor.  If you're strutting down Robertson Boulevard, you will find an aroma of freshly brewed coffee that carries you right through the front door.  

*assembly- a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose*

Freshly designed with a modernistic feel, owner Shi Jun Ng has placed her elegant touch on this cool café.

 Coffees are supplied by Counter Culture.  Incredible coffee with a happy story.  /  Fresh baked items from Larder Baking Company.  Larder provides whole, natural and organic food.    

Coffees are supplied by Counter Culture.  Incredible coffee with a happy story.  /  Fresh baked items from Larder Baking Company.  Larder provides whole, natural and organic food.    



Raphael serving up my splendid cappuccino.  ASSEMBLY is full of positive, kind, and peaceful vibes.  It has a bit of a NYC, West Village feel, the mix between the wood and the colors create a calming feeling.  Thanks Raphael!

Donut Snob / Donuts and Art at the same time. * Did you know that Los Angeles has the most donut shops per capita of any city in the nation?

While running errands in my neighborhood, I drove past Assembly on Robertson Blvd.  I noticed it was new, so I turned my car around, jumped out and met Jun, the owner. I ordered an iced coffee and was in awe of the modern design, and the jazz music playing in the background .  I look forward to becoming a regular, especially after tasting my iced "cup of joe".  Uniqlo Jacket / Jack Parcell Converse / AG Jeans & T. Shirt

"Hey Gang, they've got a back patio"

You can also choose from a contempory  collection of personal cards.  Why not write someone you love while having your morning cup of joe.   Merci Beaucoup ASSEMBLY.  Perfect cappuccino served with a kind heart.  If you are looking for a new place to try, do stop by Assembly  .  My guess is - you'll return.   634 North Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood CA. 90069

"I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now."
― Louisa May AlcottLittle Women


Want to enjoy your juice in-style and feel healthy at the same time?  Stop by L.A. Juice on Melrose.  You will enjoy this little "juice-jewel" box. With catchy names as, Get The Glow, Red Carpet and Malibu Greens, you know you're in L.A.  

Kiel Politt, one of the owners, is not only a holistic health practitioner, he's also an astrologer.  The juices and waters are made from a state of the art alkaline water filtration system to wash all of their produce, and bottle the waters.  Juices are pressed and bottled behind the sales area, so you are served the live, enzyme packed, and unpasteurized juices. You can return your bottle and receive a $1.00 credit (two dollars on Mondays) or refill with water and keep them in the fridge.  (our son loves these stout shaped bottles)  Don't miss the detail of the front desk when you enter this eco-friendly shop, it's recycled leather belts.  Love it!

I left with my three favorites - Rose Water (Alkaline Water & Rose Essence) /  Almond Rose(Almonds, Dates, Cardamom Rose Essence, Sea Salt, Alkaline Water)  / Mulholland Greens (Coconut Water, Cucumber, Celery, Kale)  They also sale these adorable burlap bags for $8.00.

Mulholland Greens - Coconut Water, Cucumber, Celery, and Kale - The coconut water gives an amazing flavor paired with the greens. 

Alkaline Water & Rose Essence /  I am fascinated with the flavor of this Rose Water.  You will truly feel as if you are drinking a Red Rose.  They nailed the flavor on this one,  you even feel pretty drinking it.  The soft pink creates a beautiful presentation for your guest.

 Almond Rose(Almonds, Dates, Cardamom, Rose Essence, Sea Salt, Alkaline Water)   With the essence of the rose, you will feel as if you are having desert.    / Cardamom is native to the evergreen forests of India. This spice is commonly used in Indian cuisine, but it has also made its way into Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for mouth ulcers, digestive problems, and even depression. Some of the health benefits of this peppery, citrusy spice are now making their way into modern studies. It’s well worth adding cardamom to your food for the flavor alone, but these health benefits are also something to consider whenever you break out the spices.

  this photo courtesy of L.A. JUICE

this photo courtesy of L.A. JUICE

We are so fortunate to have L.A. JUICE here in our neighborhood.  If you are in L.A. do stop by, it's charming.  You will be greeted by positive, happy and informative people.  Thank you L.A. JUICE for delivering us healthy choices.   8360 Melrose Ave. Suite 104 Los Angeles, Ca. 90069