Traveling to Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, Korea, and Hong Kong with Heys.

We just returned from a two week trip in Asia and Heys luggage once again did not disappoint. We visited Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, Korea, and the last stop... Hong Kong. That also included a few train rides. Not only did it return back to the U.S. in great shape, it's super lightweight and expandable just in case you need to pack a few extra items from a day of shopping.

Last year I took a little road trip with another stylish Heys suitcase from their marble collection.  This year I went for the Para-Lite 30".  It locks, it spins, and rolls like a charm. 

Luggage doesn't always have to be expensive to hold up. 
Thanks Heys! Rollin' with you has been a breeze!


Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Heys

No one wants to be charged extra for baggage weight. Heys is lightweight at just 11 lbs. and is 30" x 19.3" x 13".

We’re always in more than one place, so having these bags to stay organized is a must! Depending on the weather and activities, we don’t have to dig through our luggage searching for an outfit - plus you’re saving space and time.

The Ecotex 5pc Packing Cube Set is made from 18 recycled water bottles. By utilizing discarded materials to create new products, Heys offers an eco-friendly choice for a clean and sustainable future… Love that!

Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Heys + Melissa Meyers + Caravan Outpost

Great gift idea for Mother’s Day too. You can also see my friend and blogging partner Melissa Meyers enjoying Heys selection from our road trip last year. Love the striped interior of the Bianco Marble collection!

Enjoy your travels wherever they may take you!

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Dear Spring,

I had so much fun spending the day with you. I feel so alive when surrounded in your beauty and I always love our inspiring conversations.

Amongst friends

Amongst friends

This year in Los Angeles the superblooms have been just that…super. I spent the morning in Malibu with Melissa Meyers and photographer Stefanie Marie and we couldn’t stop smiling. Between the daisies and the painted lady butterflies that migrated in from Mexico, it was a joyful day. When spring and summer hit the calendar I pretty much live in Natalie Martin and now these sandals from R0AM Foot Wear have taken over my feet!

Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Natalie Martin + R0AM
Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Natalie Martin + R0AM


Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Natalie Martin + R0AM

I hope you have a spring in your step and joy in your heart!

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“A stylish way of drinking, an elegant way of giving.”

Bib & Sola - “Drink and Comfort” is a contemporary and stylish glassware that offers a conscious alternative to plastic. “Water is precious for your body and the earth so take the time to nourish yourself and decant your water from an elegant and artistic hand blown vessel. Free the world of plastic in a cool way because your choice changes everything.” 💦

Why not drink your water in style

Why not drink your water in style

A few years back I took a hard look at the amount of plastic that was flowing in and out of our home. After reading article after article, I knew I needed to make a change. Sometimes we forget how every little bit counts, so when I met Kira and she shared Bib & Sola with me I was even more motivated to become part of the solution.

Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Bib & Sola

Meet Designer and founder, Kira Heuer; born and raised in sunny southern California where she grew up loving the ocean and thus a deep appreciation for all things water emerged. Now living between London, Los Angeles, and New York, her designs seek to create a strong voice for the relevance that beauty has the power to influence, in a sense, aesthetics for ethics. Heuer is a patron and committee member of The Contemporary Art Society, Women in the Arts UK, Studio Voltaire, and The Tate.

Kira began with the notion to dig deeper when addressing the power of influence, consumerism, fashion, art, beauty and water. Playing on all aspects, Kira has created a world of AESTHETIC ACTIVISM™ for all individuals to enjoy Bib & Sola’s distinctive design and message. The hand blown glass carafe sets are far more than simple glass; each is a “drinkable art vessel,” encouraging everyone to make a connection between the water they drink, the way they drink it, and the impact it has on their lives.

After spending too much time in boardrooms eyeing the little plastic water bottles that create not only a grand expense on the corporation yet also feed the pollution factor, Bib & Sola decided to take some action and came up with the campaign 1 On Every Desk.

Not to mention - it would allow them to immediately eliminate the high level of plastic bottles that are wasted each year!

Kira Created   Bib & Sola   over 4 years ago with a need to look at consumers power to change an issue that effects us all, WATER.

Kira Created Bib & Sola over 4 years ago with a need to look at consumers power to change an issue that effects us all, WATER.

When we fill our vessels from these gorgeous hand-blown vessels, we can derive a sense of comfort from giving back. Also found in Harvey Nichols, Selfridge’s, Maxfield, Bon Marche, MoMA, and The Broad Museum.

janet gunn bib&sola

Bottoms up and thank you Kira for reminding us how easy it is to shift our thinking when it comes to drinking responsibly!

Bib & Sola endeavors to replace plastic bottled water with glass in a manner that is both chic and functional and aspires to create a global community where each and every person takes responsibility and action from an inspired position.


Mother’s Day is around the corner! If you’re looking for a gift that makes a difference. These are beautiful housewarming gifts, and for all occasions. Use Discount Code GRATEFUL10 at checkout and please share Bib & Sola with your friends.

Thank you! #preciouswater


Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Bib & Sola