In September on a previous post I had just discovered Dr. Lancer's Travel Kit.  I decided to try his body cream and the youth serum, and so happy that I did.  My brown spots are fading away, and I feel the moisture and radiance returning.

The Method: Body Nourish is an advanced anti-aging treatment that blends pure, clinical-grade glycolic acid, rich natural moisturizers, and HylaplexTM, Dr. Lancer’s proprietary hyaluronic acid-based moisturization compound, in a formula that speeds skin cell turnover, repairs and improves barrier function and lessens visible signs of aging.

Younger: Pure Youth Serum dramatically reduces the appearance of sun damage, fine lines and other signs of aging by activating the regeneration of collagen and new cells. Skin is refreshed, radiant and infused with vitality.  Not only can I see the skin begin to firm, especially around my mouth area, I can feel a tightness begin to take effect from my forehead to my chin.  I've yet to pay a visit to Dr. Lancer, but I am defenitely enjoying the results from my purchases so far. 

.                                   “When I grow up I want to be an old woman.”     Michelle Shocked