As we age the arms are one of the first to show the signs of muscle loss. Our muscles do not respond well to sudden bouts of exercise, so the key is to work out your muscles on a regular basis throughout your life. The older you are, the faster your muscles begin to atrophy if you are not engaging in some sort of strength training exercise on a regular basis. 

 You can easily prevent muscle atrophy on your own. Carve out the time to incorporate strength training into your healthy lifestyle routine. You can start with light weights, some determination, and you are on your way. It's important to have protein 15 minutes after your workout, this will feed your muscles. I have noticed if I skip a few days, I can visually see a difference. I keep 2 pound weights in my kitchen pantry, and while I prepare dinner...I lift, and catch up on a few of my favorite programs (Homeland & Scandal) 

Stand parallel with feet hips distance - Raise arms to shoulder height - Palms facing down - Lift your arms at a rapid pace from your hips to shoulder height 20 times in this position. This will get your heart rate up. Keep your core strong, and make sure their is no arch in your back.

Position 2 - Arms in front of you - Wrist facing down - Begin to lift at the same steady pace up and down - Not taking your arms above your shoulders - 20 reps. - Keep your core strong -

Position 3 - Take your arms to the front - Turn your wrist so they are facing each other - Begin to lift at the same steady pace for 20 reps. - Not letting your arms and weights go to far above your shoulders- You will feel the burn!  I like to do 3 sets of 20 reps. * I am not a trainer - I enjoy   sharing with you what I do. We as women balance a lot! If we can share and support each other, we grow stronger in our mind and body.

I work-out my arms 6 days a week. I like to mix it up - I do pilates - yoga - and lift weights. Do include strength training into your fitness routine. It is the number one way for you to remain strong, and keep the bones healthy. Our bones are very porous and soft, and as we age, bones can become less dense. Resistance training can combat this effect because; as we put more tension on our muscles it puts more pressure on our bones, which then creates fresh new bone. As we build muscle; we make the muscle we already have STRONGER. We all hear stories how older people fall and break their bones, or we have a family member who has experienced this. Pick up weights, make healthy choices, express gratitude, and you will be happier in the long run. Start moving and don't stop not matter what your age! 

                         "Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength." Betty Friedan (1921-2006)

Our Muscles

Our Muscles