Where better to celebrate a healthy birthday weekend than California's own Ojai Valley Inn. Surrounded by Spanish architecture, acres of citrus and avocado orchards, and an aroma of rosemary and lavender fill the air. Located fifteen miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, Ojai is an easy 90-minute drive north of Los Angeles. 200 acres of smog-free...stress-free land, and a feeling of true tranquility. 

There are 300 plus newly decorated rooms and suites, with sweeping views of the mountains, and the golf course. Wherever you are, you will have a stunning view of the entire property. Our room overlooked the "Pixie Pool", the mountains and the working herb garden. Coffee and a cupcake... with this view who couldn't be happy to celebrate their birthday. 

Sincerely Jules T-Shirt / AG Jeans / Storets Jacket / Chanel Glasses - Necklace / Hermès Belt Feeling SUPER on my birthday.

Overlooking the Pixie Pool - Which use to be the Lavender Pool - They have made some recent changes without disturbing the charm. A local resident said  "There's nothing to do in Ojai, and not enough time to do it."  Peace & Positive Vibes - That's what you will find in this charming town.

Relax and enjoy one of the teahouses next to the herb garden. 

The main entrance into the Pixie Pool. On your walk here you can pass by their herb garden and take a stroll around and down the beautiful cypress trees.

The golf course is stunning. If you don't play golf you might take your first lesson here. You can enjoy your lunch at Jimmy's while taking in this view.

You can rent a bike for a full or half day and cruise along the 9.5 mile paved trail. In ten minutes or less you can stop into town, and have a cup of joe at Ojai Coffee Roasting Co. and tasty lunch. You won't be disappointed with the food or the service. They also roast their own beans.

What use to be the family pool is now the adult 'Indigo' pool.  Sophisticatedly decorated, and sweeping views of the Ojai Valley and the Topatopa Mountain Range. Slow and easy is what comes to mind when you enter here. 

Newly decorated- great place to read- and meet up with your friends before heading to dinner.

If you need a little shade or quite time, you can find it right here, and watch the sky, the mountains and the valley turn soft pink as the sun begins to set.

Healthy bite and a little reading, and yes...organic vegetables.

Happy about my deep tissue massage, off I went. The spa uses techniques of the Chumash Native American tribe, (the valley's first settlers) Ask for Tina....I felt like a new person when I left the spa.

Be sure to stop by Café Verde where you can find fresh pressed organic juices and healthy snacks.

You can enjoy a sauna, steam, and a jacuzzi, or relax upstairs until they call your name for your treatment.

Inside you will become relaxed instantly. Nothing like a spa treatment...

Plenty of machines and weights to choose from in their gym. There are yoga classes, pilates, spinning, bootcamp, meditation and much more.

Lunch at Jimmy's - Do have the truffle chips, and they make the best ice tea.

View from the Pixie Pool

Great space to take a break from swimming and have your lunch.

Along the pathway to the lobby from the Indigo pool.

Dining at The Oaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will be served food that is locally sourced, and from the herb garden here at Ojai Valley Inn. Right in front of you there is a beautiful view of the mountains and the golf course, and not to be missed...the sunset

Fantastic Birthday Dinner

We were in awe of the brussels sprouts... by far the tastiest I've ever had, and what a great presentation.

Watching these two run down that hill always brings back the best memories for my husband and I...

Power breakfast for our son...Chocolate Chip Pancakes at The Oaks.

Fall right into the mood the minute you step onto the property. And yes...They love dogs here at Ojai Valley Inn. Buster joined us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Thank you Ojai Valley Inn for another great stay, more memories and my birthday wishes. Most of all Thank you to my husband and son for having the idea to bring me here to one of my favorite places...a happy place

               Only you are you! That is truer than true!  There is no-one alive that is you-er than you!   Dr. Seuss