It's Succulent Sunday

Why not think beyond the blooms for your planting pleasure and seek out the succulent.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to plant in my kitchen window, so I hopped in my car and  headed to La Cienega Nursery.  I know succulents are all the rage so why not be part of the Succulent Gang? 

Once I began planting these beauties I wish I had bought more.  Their colors are so vibrant and  I love their  geometric shapes.  

When planting your succulents don't forget to choose a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom  and ask about lighting so you can have proper placement.  Be sure and welcome your new friends into your home.

It's believed our little-green leaved friends are helpful for our mind and body.  Sometimes everyday life and routine are a bit boring, and we can get 'stuck in a rut'.  This is where gardening can be beneficial, and might I say healing too. Not only are plants beautiful to look at, but just the simple act of feeling the dirt in your hands brings you in touch with Mother Nature, and thats always a good thing.  There is a real sense of achievement when you've finished your planting, and you'll probably notice a little smile on your face, just looking at the beauty.  Planting allows you to be in the moment, it's the simple things in life that make us appreciate just how fortunate we are.