One of my favorite things about a dinner party is the preparation beforehand especially when I know my girlfriends are coming over. Your female friends always notice little details, and appreciate the time you invest. Making the time to gather your girly friends is important, mainly because they are a big support, and you always seem to laugh at the simplest things. When I made the decision to begin my blog these five women were an incredible support, and an honest sounding board for my daily questions and motivation. I wanted to give a big thanks to all of them and hoped they would connect with each other.  This dinner was a way of saying "Thank You for your generosity and daily encouragement."

Taking the time to set a beautiful table sets the tone for your dining experience. Yes, it takes effort but it's incredibly rewarding when your guests walk in and appreciate the beauty. It really is a creative experience. While I'm waiting in a carpool line, I like to spend time looking at magazines and scrolling through Pinterest. First I pick the colors I want to use, then decide on the meal, also the music is always important so I love making a playlist from iTunes. It seems to be forever summer here in Los Angeles, so I chose a California Chardonnay.  I love to mix and match my china, and it always makes for nice conversation because it all has a story.  Frank Family Chardonnay is always my first choice for a California white wine.

Rose Petals frozen in an ice cube tray / Gold Pasinski Bar Glasses /Photo: By Becca

 Buying the flowers puts me in the best mood, and that too is important for being a happy and relaxed host. A great dinner party begins with the spirit of the host. I set the table the night before, that way I'm not rushed on the evening before my guests arrive.  Since it's all girls for the evening, I thought different variations of pink would be ...pretty.  Can't go wrong with Pink Roses, Tulips and Calla Lilies.

And now comes the fun part, getting creative with the flowers.  I play my favorite music and let the creative juices flow.

Christofle Water Pitcher & Fish Vase / Baccarat Papillon ( butterflies) / Photo By :Becca

Philippe Deshoulières China & Serving Tray /  Founded in 1826- 100% made in France / Christofle Flat Ware / Nautical Luxuries Shell Napkin Rings 

 The meal tonight was vegetarian. All the dishes are from the book "the forest feast"  By: Erin Gleeson. This book is not only visually stunning, it's yummy. Our friend and chef, Berta  prepared these meals. It's always fun looking through cookbooks and deciding on your courses. Berta served us an amazing meal, and each dish looked just like the book. I really recommend The Forest Feast cookbook, it's simple and everything I've made in the past always turned out.        *My favorite salad - Arugula - Watermelon - Goat Cheese - Jalapeño / Dressing:  vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, and dijon mustard. / Photo By:Becca

Red Cabbage Salad with radishes - lentils - cherry tomatoes / Dressing: olive oil, lemon, and dijon mustard. / Photo By:Becca

Corn & Cauliflower Tacos / cauliflower, corn, red pepper flakes, chili powder, garlic powder, olive oil, salt, & pepper ( roast together in over @ 425F, 15-20 minutes (until golden) Top off with Greek yogurt, feta & hot sauce.

Desert / SO DELICIOUS Dairy Free Coconut Milk & Raspberry / fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and homemade granola from Whole Foods / rose petal decoration / Anthropologie bowl /  I love to mix china patterns together. It's a great expression of who you are,  just like fashion.  These bowls from Anthropologie put a perfect touch on the dessert. / Photo By:Becca

Elephant place card holders /  Saint Hilaire  / When the trunks are up it means "Good Luck" 

Salute...Cheers...À Votre Santé


Candle sticks are also mixed and different heights. The Baccarat Butterflies seemed appropriate for the evening.

Thank you!  Val - Lindsay -Jesica Ryzenberg - Amanda Korbitz  Becca Murray  Thank you Berta for a great meal.

For dinner gifts, I found these journals by Compendium. Each one has a beautiful illustration and inside you will see whimsical images and quotes. These beauties are all writers and creative, so I knew these journals will have a good home.  Write down your dreams, your goals, and your visions and watch your world bring all the right players into truly works. / Photo By: Becca

It's been an incredible breath of fresh air connecting with the girls pictured above. If I can encourage anyone over the age of 45-50, It is to keep connecting with those who are younger.  First of all they're fun, they are full of dreams and possibilities, and they also have an interest in you. We all have pearls of wisdom to offer each other, and if you remain open minded,  we can all be helpful to each other in reaching our goals.  The more you connect, the higher you vibrate, the happier you will be.  That's a wonderful feeling isn't it...