Step into rainy day fashion with all your ducks in "The Row"

 Over the summer this raincoat traveled everywhere with me.  It's incredibly lightweight and really dresses up your casual wear.  Not only will it keep you warm you'll look super stylish strutting in the rain.  Black Raincoat- The Row / J. CREW Rain boots / BCBG Umbrella / 

Put a little spring in your step with EQUIPMENT Sunglasses / Hermès Scarf

Banana Republic Pant / Banana Republic makes clothing for petits. Their pants run very true to size.

EQUIPMENT Silk Shirt / The North Face Rain Hat /

 Feeling like a secret agent. I love the detail on the back of the trench coat

The long belt gives several styling options for making a bow or tying a simple sash.

I am crazy for these adorable J.CREW rain boots. There is a slight blue color in the heel.  These boots are lightweight, fit comfortably, and true to size.

Bring on the storms...No gloomy days here

Rainy day in Paris at The Louvre... lus de plume s'il vous plaît      Merci Parieeee!