Let's talk about feeling carefree and dry. I was recently introduced to Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant by Simply Stylist and I can honestly say I'm a fan. I'm a mom and blogger on-the-go from sun-up to sundown. We're out the door to school at 7am, walk the family dog, off to workout, headed to events, end the day waiting in the carpool line, then rush home to prepare dinner, so you betcha I need to feel fresh and stay dry all day! Sometimes I am changing clothes 3 -4 times a day. I've tried the gels, the roll-ons and not until now, have I finally found a deodorant that works all day, and for two days! Yes... for 48 hours I no longer think about embarrassing sweat stains on my clothing.  I live in Sunny Los Angeles, yes we love the sunshine, but along with the sun comes the heat, and the need to stay dry all day long. Take a journey with me as I discover a little hidden gem in Culver City called "The Platform".

No matter what you do, whether you're hanging around on or off the job no woman wants to feel sweaty and have an odor. When you're in your 50's you don't want to worry about sweat stains! Going through hot flashes was enough, of course, we feel it, but you don't want it to show on your clothing too! I finally found a deodorant that keeps my armpits dry and odor-free, no matter what's going on around me.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant can is so light weight, I also love the design and it's super light-weight.  You have several scents to choose from Soothing Chamomile, Cool Essentials, Nourished Beauty, Original Clean, Sensitive Skin and Beauty Finish


You don't have to wait a second for your deodorant to dry after you spray it on because it goes on instantly dry  and there is absolutely no residue.  You have a choice of six different fragrances: Nourished Beauty, Cool Essentials, Revive, Beauty Finish, Revive, Skin Renew and Sensitive. Dove.com provides answers to all of our questions along with incredible information and stories of inspiring women doing extraordinary things.

It's so easy to use:

Shake it well. Hold the can 6” away from your underarm and spray. No need to wait for your deodorant to dry...you're ready to go, it goes on instantly dry!  One spray can will last up to 8 weeks. Dove Dry Spray contains 1/4 moisturizers so you get a little TLC for your underarms too

It's worth a try!  We're out there living busy lives, and there's no reason to worry about wet underarms anymore. Shake, Spray and Go.

The mist instantly dries on your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling wet or sticky. You simply shake it twice, spray it on your underarms, get dressed without worrying about white streaks on your clothing. The New Year is right around the corner, why not introduce Dove Deodorant Dry Spray into your daily routine. I'm constantly dashing to meetings and of course, you want to feel fresh when meeting people for the first time. I no longer have any worries about sweating or odor thanks to Dove Dry Deodorant Spray.

Being a #DovePartner is perfect for me because I can remember my grandmother and my Mother using Dove Soap when I was younger, now, three generations later... I'm continuing the tradition for that beautiful feminine feeling...along with beautiful memories.

I love discovering new people, places, and products and I'm excited to have found Dove Deodorant Spray to add to my Hidden gems.


It really is the perfect option for women on-the-go, At the end of the day I never have to worry about feeling fresh or dry, and I know tomorrow I can begin feeling ready to take on the day!

Let's start this day off the right way...Dove Deodorant Dry Antiperspirant Spray. I'm thrilled to call myself a "Dove Woman" Be your best self...with Dove and remember to #ShakeSprayGo.

• Up to 48-hour antiperspirant protection

• Contains ¼ moisturizers for great underarm care

• Goes on instantly dry

• 0% alcohol formula is kind on underarms

• Soothing chamomile fragrance

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Dove and Simply Stylist. Dove is committed to helping inspire women everywhere. #DovePartner #ShakeSprayGo