Love is in the air my friend's, whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day, a friends birthday or any occasion, it's always an excellent idea to connect with each other and enjoy the journey. We are all  busy bees, organizing our lives, our jobs, families, but the benefits that are derived from dedicating time to celebrating with your friends is just plain ole 'good for the soul'

 The truth is... women hanging with a group of women is just downright fun. And who doesn’t love a good laugh... Cindy brought us all together in her lovely home for our friend's birthday celebration, and a little walk down memory lane...

No matter how old you are, walking into a room filled with balloons puts a smile on your face, and right away you feel like celebrating. Thank you Dr. Balloon for your dependable service in a days notice.

Hsiu-Yen makes her signature Tequila & Fresh O.J. Spicy Margarita / Fresh O.J. / Lemons- fresh off the lemon tree / Jalapeños  

"Cheers" to the Birthday Girl Pam - Salute to life, love, and friendship... 

Study's show that time spent with a group of your friends, from your physical health to your mental health, can lower stress, give you a boost of confidence, not to mention a surge in optimism that flows into all areas of your life. When gathered together, women open up and encourage each other, give support, share stories and appreciate the little things.


Cindy prepared a delicious Cesar Salad / A Favorite Quinoa  Salad / Baked Chicken / Whispering Angel Rosè / Thank you for the yummy meal!

 Enjoying another sunny day in L.A.

Laughter + Happiness +Love= Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit - An equation that works

You gotta love these whimsical circus candle holders!  Fun twist on blowing out your candles when you're over 40! From Glitter Ville Studios. Topperlino Chocolate Disc 

Seeing a smile on your friends face...priceless. Appreciation starts to come effortlessly as we age, and that is just one of the many gifts of growing wiser.

It's the best feeling to get excited when your friends are gathered together, and you realize the gift of Presence is the best gift we can give and receive.

Cookies from Bouchon / Chocolate Cake/  Homemade by: Cindy

Presents, roses, chocolate, rosé....laughter. Perfect way to start a Monday

A smile says it all...

We have been friends for over ten years now, and as mothers, friends, and women we have shared an incredible, and meaningful journey. Our time we spend together is not taken for granted, and we are all supportive of each other and share a common interest... Gratitude. Thank you to everyone here for this day in celebrating our friend, but most of all, our acceptance of each other and our journey to be the best person we can be...

Thank You- Cindy, Shannon, Hsiu-Yen, Pam, Linda, Lori, Carrie, and Jessica, 

* Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk           beside me and be my friend.   Albert Camus