I'd like you to meet beautiful and magical Sterling, creator of AOM The Art Of Manifestation; Get Your Life Now. Sterling has over twenty years of experience in the fields of life coaching, psychology, spiritualism, and Laws Of Attraction. Throughout her illustrious career, Sterling has taught her methods to countless students through workshops and partnerships with esteemed clients such as Google, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Hyatt, and Hilton. In addition, her unique skills have landed her in the pages of People magazine, and afforded her the opportunity to work one-on-one with many celebrity clients. Though Sterling insists, the method works the same way for everyone--if they are willing to put in the work. Whether you're familiar with The Laws Of Attraction, or you're new to the teachings, Sterling is passionate about teaching you how to create your life and attract the blessings that await you every day. If you knew you could actually live the life you dream of, wouldn't it be worth a try? (I can assure you, the answer is YES!!)

I first met Sterling here in Los Angeles through (who else?) our dogs. After chatting a bit we, of course, realized we had a lot in common and were both attracted to the magic this world offers. After Sterling shared with me what she did, I couldn't wait to learn about her unique program that guides her clients through the necessary steps to create an incredible life. I have been studying Law Of Attraction for many years, and after meeting with Sterling and following the steps listed in her program materials, I can honestly say I felt a big shift after the first twenty-four hours.  In your first session, you will meet with Sterling and receive a booklet that guides you through your daily exercises...that you create. You will continue to follow-up on the phone, online, or Skype. Once you see changes begin to happen exciting feelings begin to occur. You will become motivated and amazed at the joy you begin to feel. Your attitude changes, your focus, and true excitement flows in. 

When reading Sterling's website, it is overflowing with helpful information.  I found the article she wrote; Tips for Getting your Dream Job was incredibly helpful -  Sterling lists five steps in creating a transformation... here's a great piece of advice: Be sure to choose your own adventure. Don't allow your family and friends to influence your choices with their wildly varied perceptions. Discover your true calling by clarifying who you are - on the most fundamental level. Sterling is helpful in guiding you in the direction of finding your true self and having an honest relationship with who you truly are, and there you will find authentic happiness and honestly enjoy what you're doing!  Here are just a few of many of Sterling's clients who are living their dream jobs. Contact Sterling 

Sterling with actress  Kimberly Elise

Sterling with actress Kimberly Elise

Sterling with  Lauren Lapkus  of Orange Is The New Black

Sterling with Lauren Lapkus of Orange Is The New Black

Sterling zeros into the root of whatever your concern is, and quick. You will have clarity and find yourself no longer getting stuck in these old familiar patterns we all collect along the way.  Most of all you can use these tools forever, everyday, wherever you are. You will begin to get excited about waking up and watching life unfold because you are creating it to do so. Having wonderful teachers and coaches in life is a blessing. If you read about some of the most successful and happy people you will find they all have teachers or coaches... or both. It's invaluable when we can learn to "get out of our own way" Sterling's coaching gives you a kick-start to jump into your life right now and when you begin to see results you will appreciate the momentum that begins to take place in your beautiful were meant to live. 

Thank you, Sterling, for being passionate about life, your clients and opening doors for personal growth.  Be sure to check out Sterlings blog @ -

1) How were you first introduced to The Law Of Attraction? 

It was really through experience. One of the first things I remember manifesting was a steady boyfriend at the age of 18. I had declared to myself that I was ready for a real boyfriend to share my life with. Within 2 weeks I had begun a serious relationship with a handsome, fun, sweet man which lasted several years. We've remained friends since then. It was a great experience. The other extraordinary time was when I had manifested award-winning actor Gary Oldman in my studio apartment when I first moved to L.A. to pursue acting. I truly desired to have an opportunity to talk with him about the acting process and voila, like magic, he solely comes to my apartment and we had a wonderful day talking about the craft. He even said he couldn't believe he was there with me for this was something he never could imagine himself doing, yet he felt compelled to oblige my request. Right then I knew that there was a certain combination of "things" that had to come together to produce a miraculous result such as this and I set out to figure out what has to come together to master manifesting in life. If I could discover that "secret recipe," a step-by-step process to manifest in life one could have access to manifesting at will, anytime and all the time.

2) What was the first book you read on the subject of manifestation and the law of attraction and who was your first teacher? 

The first book I read on the subject of manifestation was Maxwell Maltz's "Psycho-Cybernetics." It was given to me at the age of 15 by my Aunt. I was inspired by the reading and got the message that one could live a life where anything was possible. The stories shared in the book really struck a chord with me but I couldn't ascertain how to apply it to my life personally. I knew there was truth in what Dr. Maltz was sharing with the world so I continued my search, reading everything I could, to understand this fascinating phenomena. 

3) What made you decide to be a Life Coach and create your personal format - The Art Of Manifestation?

Life coaching was not something I set out to do as a profession. I had studied, like a scientist, the manifestation process for many years keeping logs, experimenting, using my life as the subject to determine the fastest, clearest, easiest way to master the process of manifestation. From there, I shared it with friends, family and even put together a group called Lexicon of Dreams Fulfilled comprised of 15 friends to explore my unique manifestation process. It was a huge success! At the end of 12 months, participants experienced 90% completion of everything they wanted to manifest for that year and let me tell you, these people played big. If you had read what their intentions were for that year it would look like most people's life long list of achievements.

4) How long have you been a student of this work?

27 years to date.

5) What are you trying to achieve with your students through your teaching?  

I am 110% committed to my participants of the AOM system mastering the manifestation process easily, quickly and powerfully. I stand for people reaching beyond what their perceived limitations, constrictions or restrictions are redefining who they know themselves to be, their relationships and the world they live in. The results are absolutely outstanding and incredible beyond belief! It works for everyone and every time. 

6) Why do you use these particular teaching strategies as opposed to others that are usually suggested within the Law of Attraction?

I have found that there are an enormous number of books, teachers, seminars on the subject of manifestation, or as others call it Law of Attraction, but surprisingly there are some very crucial elements that are missing that limit the accessibility to truly gain access to one's personal power and abilities. Without these crucial pieces to the puzzle, one's ability to access true power is limited, at best. There are solid answers as to why people who study these phenomena fail at their greatest efforts

7) Describe the best teaching experience you have had as a leader in the field of the manifestation process/Law of Attraction?

All of my experiences as a leader have been incredibly profound! All of the people I have worked with have incredible breakthroughs and transformations in all areas of their lives in just 30 days! Nearly everything they have invented for themselves have manifested anywhere between 30 days and 3 months. That is incredible yet true! I just spoke to one of my participants today who has received unexpected bonuses at work, started her own company, moved into her dream home at the price she wanted to pay, strengthened her relationships and expanded them too, she also bought a brand new BMW, found the love of her life and has just been cleared of an incurable disease by her doctor all within 2 months, yet her story is not unique amongst my clients. They all have fascinating and similar stories to share. It is truly remarkable!

8) How long have you been teaching?

Although I have been studying the manifestation process all of my adult life I would say sharing it with others publicly was in 2002 with the group mentioned before, Lexicon of Dreams Fulfilled. 

9) What is the best part about your job?

Being a part of transforming people's lives! There is nothing more joyous to me than giving people their lives through the Art of Manifestation system. It is a thrill beyond belief hearing from my client's about their breakthrough's, shifts and total transformations.

10) Might we see a book from you in the near future?

I am working on a book at the moment. The working title is "The Art of Manifestation: Living a Life of Magic and Miracles". It is an expansion of the booklet that all my clients receive when they work with me as a life coach. I am very excited to expand onto the next level and share this incredible work with the world. Everyone, no matter what can live the life they dream of and what's more they can access it easily, quickly and enjoy every minute of the process with total fulfillment. Really... what could be better.

                                                 “If not now, when?”     Steve Backley