In honor of today being World Mental Health Day, I am proudly partnering with the Philosophy family to share some amazing products, and to start a discussion about mental health and well-being.  encourages the practice of self-care, not only in replenishing the skin, but the mind and soul as well placing significant focus on Mental Health.


 This company with a conscience donates 1% of all U.S. net profit sales on all products to its  Hope and Grace Initiative, which supports local organizations working to empower women through the treatment and prevention of mental health issues. More than 450 million people worldwide suffer from mild to serious mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder-- all of which disproportionately affect women.

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This year, I'm pleased to share the newest products from Philosophy's Amazing Grace and Pure Grace Rose fragrance collection. I love the lightness of these floral scents. They're so feminine and the minimalist packaging looks pretty and clean on my vanity. Bonus? The inspirational messages featured on each of the glass bottles--a Philosophy signature--serve as daily reminders of the brand's commitment to celebrating truth and beauty and kindness. They give me a boost of positivity each time my eye catches them. That, and knowing that this is a brand that celebrates the human spirit and graciously gives back to its community inspires me to spritz generously and often!


With its Hope and Grace Initiative, Philosophy has become the first major beauty company to place a deep focus on, and make a brand-wide continuing financial commitment to, this important cause. The proceeds are distributed by an independent non-profit organization with guidance from mental health and well-being experts and impact thousands of lives each year. I hope you can join me and be part of the Philosophy family that gives back.

Here are a few tips from one of my favorite thought leaders Gabrielle Bernstein;

Here with Entrepreneur  Sandy Abrams  &  Gabby Bernstein

Here with Entrepreneur Sandy Abrams & Gabby Bernstein

  • Begin each day positively. Happiness is your choice, so if you wake up feeling grumpy, remember that you can choose to be happy.
  • Think of yourself as a lighthouse: It's OK to feel your feelings, good or bad (in fact, it's much better than disassociating from them), but use the lighthouse idea to rise above the trauma in your life and allow it to flow freely around you.
  • Move. The human body needs to move, and movement is imperative for the lymphatic system to work properly and to oxygenate your cells. Bounce, jump, dance, or do whatever it takes to move the tension out of your body and get your blood flowing.                           

Thank you for reading and remember, every little bit helps, don't forget to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. The world needs more women like you.           xo Janet