Who doesn't love a love a low maintenance hairstyles? This is my personal favorite and takes very little time. It might be the easiest DIY style to create a sexy and modern look. Even if your hair is long, you can have the appearance of a shorter fun look and it works for any occasion. 


What You'll Need:

IMG_3560_Facetune_17-12-2017-18-59-47 3.JPG

My Favorite Styling Tool / T3 Styling Curling Iron (wand attachments are also available) There are so many wands to choose from. Check out their website to see all the different products, flat irons & tutorials.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 4.38.45 PM.png

Volaire Texturizing Spray & Voluminizing Spray / Emi-Jay Hair Ties ( Multi-Colors)     I use the Voluminizing Spray on wet hair before my blow-dry. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.13.23 AM.png

Organized Bobby Pins

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.01.27 AM.png

Roll Brush - Instantly adds volume

IMG_3759_Facetune_17-12-2017-19-01-16 3.jpg

STEP 1 - Wash hair  (Volaire also makes a shampoo and conditioner)

STEP 2 - Spray in Voluminizing Spray on wet hair

STEP 3 - Dry hair using roll brush 

* I use the heat on level 3. This wand gets hot! It does come with a glove if you need. I roll four pieces towards the back and four pieces to the front on each side. I don't take the Iron to the top of the head, you can see in the above photo where I begin the curl.

IMG_3782_Facetune_17-12-2017-19-01-38 3.jpg

STEP 4 - Spray in the Volumnizing Texturizing Spray after you curl the hair, this helps with holding in place.  

STEP 5 - Separate the curls with your fingers.      

STEP 6 - Pull into a low ponytail and inch the tie almost to the end.

STEP 7 -  Take what's left of your hair and tuck in underneath, (depending on the length of your hair) securing with pins. Slowly pull the hair out so you create a fullness. 

STEP 8 - Pull out pieces in the front to frame your face.


I recently cut 4 inches off and I'm enjoying the length. I have thin hair but a lot of it. I am enjoying my shoulder length hair, it's low maintenance and takes very little time to style, and I love that. What's your favorite DIY hairstyle, I'd love to know!

               Happy Holidays and Happy Styling