Albright Fashion Library is a favorite stop for the fashionistas. Albright is visited daily by stylist, editors, and designers. The collection is quite impressive, it covers about 5,000 - square feet and houses collections that span all different time periods and all different kinds of designers, literally thousands of statement pieces. You'll find classic pieces from Chanel Suits to Dior Gowns, Gucci, Manolo Blahnik and even some of the most exciting young designers of today. 

I'm wearing Philosophy By; Di Lorenzo Serafini

I'm wearing Philosophy By; Di Lorenzo Serafini

The minute you open the door it feels like you've fallen down a rabbit hole and landed in the largest closet on the planet.


Who is Albright - Irene Albright envisioned a one-stop shop so that costume designers wouldn't have to run around to various designer showrooms for items, which still is standard practice. Irene worked for years as a stylist and consultant to some of the fashion world's most prominent magazines and photographers. Opening shop in NYC in 1990 she used her created eye to curate a library that will take your breath away. Albright Fashion Library receives the upcoming season's looks before they hit the stores. Irene and her daughter Marina have amassed a one-of-a-kind assemblage of high fashion that is among the largest privately held collections in the nation

Yes, I still love playing dress up!

Yes, I still love playing dress up!

 Irene Albright and her daughter Marina have accumulated a one-of-a-kind collection of high fashion that is among the largest privately held collections in the nation. Who doesn't remember Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and The City... costume designer Patricia Field dressed Sarah Jessica Parker in several Albright pieces.

I'm having flashbacks of my favorite show "Sex In The City"

I'm having flashbacks of my favorite show "Sex In The City"

From NYC to the heart of Beverly Hills, located at 608 North Alpine Dr. Beverly Hills, CA. 90210  (310) 274-3510 Email: to schedule your appointment.


It's always nice to have a little boost for that special occasion!


Everything is very neatly organized and color coordinated. This is "closet heaven" as you wander from room to room and shelf to shelf.


Most importantly your experience will be fun! The Albright Team want you to feel great in whatever you choose. Sherry Ferrari - The Style Maven ( to my right) is a stylist here in Los Angeles and virtual. She was hands-on for every detail and even pushed me out of my comfort zone. I had an event along with a photoshoot for a perfume ad and this Philosophy dress was perfect for both. Sherry is also available for on-set video and photo shoots. It was challenging to decide, there are so many wonderful pieces. It really just depends on the story you want to tell.


There are fabulous bags, shoes, and accessories to choose from. The New York Collection is located in a 7,000-square-foot loft at 62 Cooper Square in New York, the showroom holds 15,000 dresses and 10,000 evening gowns.

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There's nothing better than feeling beautiful and stylish when you're headed to that special event. Albright makes sure when you leave you'll feel entirely put together and enjoy your "red-carpet" moment, wherever or whatever that might be.

The cost is $1000+tax - This includes a personal styling consultation with a creative director, wardrobe, shoes, bag, and accessories. 

You have 5 days to return your items in the same condition they were received.

They accept all major credit cards, checks & cash. 

Their doors are also opened for location shoots, and events, creating the first all-in-one wardrobe and location site. 

608 N Alpine Dr,

Beverly Hills, CA, 90210