Sweaty Betty always creates inspirational patterns and designs that make you wanna get up and move!


Founder and creative director Tamera Hill-Norton is a globe-trotting motivator. Her brand creations are inspired by her travels and her desire to just keep moving. Not only does Sweaty Betty inspire you to design your life around her styles... she does me anyway, but her fabric is top-notch. It's soft, it drys super fast and looks damn good when you're traveling in your favorite destinations. Here are a few of my favorites that keep me " Movin & Groovin" 


What I love about the Apple I watch; When I'm sitting at my desk for too long, it reminds me it's time to get up and move. The overall health benefits are worth the watch, and worth watching.


This oversized T is just the right amount of see-through. Wear as seen here or over your bathing suit or shorts. It's just one of those tops that really works for your fitness or your fun.

IMG_0671_Facetune_27-05-2018-13-51-46 2.JPG

Now's the time to get motivated and get back to a healthy and energized you. I know it's not always so easy, but you're worth it! You'll feel so great once you get moving and now we have these fabulous brands that keep us looking fabulous while we're becoming the best we can be!

Thank you for reading, you're body is your temple, it can do amazing things.


"Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom."                                        Jack LaLane