Thinking about what it is that makes me so happy when I'm driving my Fiat500 has led me to believe this was my "mid life crisis car" who need a fancy sports car when you can have a Fiat!  Zipping around in my Fiat500 gives me that feeling of being in Italy. There's just something nostalgic, carefree and flat out fun and at this stage in my life I'm all for finding the joy! Come destress with me at LACMA and maybe consider a simple new ride in your driveway.

LACMA Is one of my favorite places to go in Los Angeles as there are so many things to do and see there. 

Admission is affordable. For adults it is free for members and $20 for adults if you live in L.A. County. Children 17 & Under have free admission and it is also free admission after 3 pm Mon-Fri.  If you don't live in L.A. County, it is free for members, $25 for adults and still free for children 17 & Under. 

Here's a great idea for an L.A. Friday night, how about enjoying a different Jazz Artist every Friday starting at 6 pm. 

What goes with a Fiat? Borsalino and Gucci... va tutto bene!

All photos by: Steffanie Marie


Just keep putting it out there, be your own artist and create, paint sculpt your life. It's all a journey, and it's your journey to express.

xo Janet

Stunning sight to see here at LACMA - LEVITATED MASS

Levitated Mass

ArtistMichael Heizer


TypeLarge-scale sculpture

LocationLos Angeles County Museum of ArtLos Angeles, California, United States

Levitated Mass is a 2012 large-scale sculpture by Michael Heizer on the campus of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The installation consists of a 340-ton boulder affixed above a concrete trench through which visitors may walk. The nature, expense and scale of the installation made it an instant topic of discussion within the art world.


Here's to all the "big daddy's" out there!  It's always fun shopping for the men in your life. I pulled together a few fun items to help make your Father's Day shopping a little easier. 


In honor of Father's Day, we're honoring this guy!  Nobody likes an ocean breeze more than our man of the house. We're always excited when we get to celebrate Father's Day in a fabulous location like this one. Last year we were in St. Barts at The Le Toiny. 


Heys Luggage - Roll with style with this lightweight brushed metal luggage - wheels allow for effortless motion in different terrains.


I've now traveled with this Skyroam device for a few years and I highly recommend this much needed product If you're planning to mix a little business with pleasure, know your information is secure and dependable 24/7. If you're driving you can activate the Skyroam and no worries with getting lost.  We love traveling with these bags, keeps everything nice and organized.


Happy Father's Day husband! Thanks for always planning such amazing travels for our family memories. Father's Day always looks good on you and we're grateful for all you do!


Derek makes sure we never leave home without our traveling backgammon set. It really does make for some lovely and fun family downtime. 


Have a wonderful Father's Day Celebration. It's those little moments that will always mean the most. 

xo Janet

ENCIRCLE NYC & LIVOTTE LONDON; Circle of Life & A Spot of Tee

  My friend and fellow blogger Melissa Meyers and I were headed to an event one day and she was wearing a long necklace of endless circles. It instantly caught my It's always fun to find a new jewelry line, so I said,  "Oh I love that!" Melissa showed me the website then introduced me to Amy Heilberg, the founder of Encircle NYC, now I too have my own Encircle collection. Mother's day is near, so here's a few gift ideas for your mom, yourself, or any occasion. I've also included Livotte, and I think you'll appreciate how founders Beth and Delphine have reinvented the basic tee. Get ready to enjoy modern elegance with Encircle NYC & Livotte. Three entrepreneurial women who are passionate about creating simple and practical beauty for everyday life.

Cover-up  Nudz Beachwear

Recently I was in New York and met with the founder Amy Heilberg.  Not only did I love everything she showed me, we connected right away. We chatted about... stuff, how after a certain age life begins to come full circle, and I'm certain to why I was drawn to Melissa's necklace that day. We enjoyed our breakfast & cappuccinos at Le Coucou, and shared how we both constantly find messages in everything!  #soulsister...I'm thrilled to be part of Amy's circle. 

 Amy is the founder of Amy Heilberg Jewels, a private jewelry consulting company that specializes in custom fine and vintage collectible pieces. While working with clients for over sixteen years, Amy decided to create a collection of chic fashion pieces that give off the Amy Heilberg Jewels fine jewelry feel; but at an accessible price point. With that idea in mind, she launched Encircle NYC in January 2016.  

The pieces channel the powerful concentric circles of our lives. Our designs are organic and timeless with a fashion-forward edge. 

Vertical Pendant with pave piece

Buster in his  Charlie & Me  Choker along with our  rug ...we're a house of circles...signs are everywhere.

Buster in his Charlie & Me Choker along with our rug...we're a house of circles...signs are everywhere.

Each shape we sell are circles, flowers, ovals and squares; which is a variety of styles just like women. Circles represent protection and wholeness. Flowers, with their infinite variety and beauty. Ovals are symbolic of abundance and the cycle of life. Squares are foundational, structural, and provide support. We all come in different shapes and sizes – and that is reflective in our collection. No matter your personal style, there is a shape that each customer gravitates towards that represents them. What's yours!  You will receive a 10% Discount.

Take a look at Encircle website - You'll find more styles!

Take a look at Encircle website - You'll find more styles!

In this current time, unity, diversity, understanding, community and love is what we need to survive in this world; and Encircle NYC embodies the connectivity that each represents. 

Keeping it simple and chic with Encircle Verticle Pendant

Keeping it simple and chic with Encircle Verticle Pendant

Ecircle jewelry is designed to make each woman feel her best as she takes on her life. Thank you, Amy! I love being part of your circle xxooo

Welcome to the Lovely Livotte; Beth & Delphine who are fashion veterans, are committed to bringing organic, locally sourced luxe cotton jersey tops to women across the globe. Here's to dressing effortless chic, day or night.

I'm wearing;  Jacqueline

I'm wearing; Jacqueline

I am definitely the woman who feels like I can conquer it all in jeans & a tee, and now more than ever! Livotte has filled a void for the everyday tee, and of course, they're all named after women and the name Livotte comes from their daughters...Livvy & Charlotte, and of course I like them even more!  It's like having a little piece of London close to your heart. Thank you, Beth & Delphine! Hands down my favorite T, and oh so soft and stylish.

Beth & Delphine live in London; their girls were born there and will most likely grow up in the amazing city. Livotte wants to support the London fashion community and make the extra effort (and by extra effort,  putting it mildly) to deliver a product both designed and made right in London within the M25. 

They were able to source a fabric that is both organic and luxurious.  Their mill is in the Midlands and the yarns are the best in Europe making our cotton jersey tops luxurious, long lasting and able to withstand many many machine washes. 

Style tip from Livotte; Pair it with your leather leggings or blue jeans or even your favorite pencil skirt. Lifestyle tip from Livotte;  Live In It, Love In It, Lunch In It! 

Don't forget to Laugh in it!

Thank you to; Encircle & Livotte for providing photos and information. Cheers to many years of success and fun! I love working with inspirational & kind women, it makes the journey so rewarding.  #grateful

  “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” – Coco Chanel