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Is it just me or does it seem like Green Tea is pretty much a super hero? Not only great to drink, but also found in so many skin care products; good for our bodies inside and out. It’s no wonder it’s used in this mask to de-puff the skin and reinvigorate cells; along with Evening Primrose, to moisturize and tighten pores, and Mirabilis Jalapa Flower to reduce redness and restore the skin’s natural protective barrier. The mask was easy to apply and felt cooling on my skin. You can see the full application and reveal on my IGTV here.

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The real test comes after a mask is removed. 30 minutes later I washed it off, ok maybe 20…who has 30 minutes? and… here’s the real truth…this mask arrived at the perfect time. I was on a 2 day prep for a colonoscopy and as I watched the color drain from my face I was more than ready for a pick-me-up! Feeling quite queasy and not so glowing… I decided this was the perfect time to road test that ACEOLOGY Green Tea Infusion Mask. See the results on my video! There was no sticky tightness that other masks can sometimes leave behind. My face looked and felt incredibly dewey and literally the color was back and my skin was glowing! Don’t you love skin care that offers instant gratification, especially in times when you need it! Guess what I applied that evening of the procedure before heading off to an event? You guessed it! Another Green Tea Infusion Mask from ACEOLOGY.

Thanks ACEOLOGY, your timing was perfect!

Four mask are included in each box.

Four mask are included in each box.

Thanks for reading and have you had your checkup? #getchecked

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xo, Janet