Here's to all the "big daddy's" out there!  It's always fun shopping for the men in your life. I pulled together a few fun items to help make your Father's Day shopping a little easier. 


In honor of Father's Day, we're honoring this guy!  Nobody likes an ocean breeze more than our man of the house. We're always excited when we get to celebrate Father's Day in a fabulous location like this one. Last year we were in St. Barts at The Le Toiny. 


Heys Luggage - Roll with style with this lightweight brushed metal luggage - wheels allow for effortless motion in different terrains.


I've now traveled with this Skyroam device for a few years and I highly recommend this much needed product If you're planning to mix a little business with pleasure, know your information is secure and dependable 24/7. If you're driving you can activate the Skyroam and no worries with getting lost.  We love traveling with these bags, keeps everything nice and organized.


Happy Father's Day husband! Thanks for always planning such amazing travels for our family memories. Father's Day always looks good on you and we're grateful for all you do!


Derek makes sure we never leave home without our traveling backgammon set. It really does make for some lovely and fun family downtime. 


Have a wonderful Father's Day Celebration. It's those little moments that will always mean the most. 

xo Janet