Holiday party season is in full swing so let's get ready to glow. After regular use of Nurse Jamie's Beauty Triangle and Instytutum's Flawless Pads, I'm happy to say I have glowing results. Here's a look at my favorite go-to products for bringing back that radiant glow.


When Nurse Jamie asked if I would be interested in trying out her new Beauty Triangle Tool I was thrilled! For over a month now I've regularly used this beauty tool and I am so happy with the results. The Beauty Triangle is a unique sonic face massager that helps to restore glow and firmness to the face when used with a high-performance serum, oil or moisturizer... and fits in the palm of your hand. 


So easy to use, simply charge your beauty tool and put it to work. Great for travel & a great gift!


The Beauty Triangle works best when used with moisturizer, serums & toner. My favorite is Instytutum.


The first area I work on is under the eyes. Depending on what I ate or how much sleep I didn't get... after regular use in the morning I see an improvement in dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. Also se the beauty tool over the top of my brow and right underneath the brow help give it a little lift. Do one side first for about 3-4 minutes and compare the difference. 


This tool has two specialized massaging modes: Normal or Heated. Don't leave out your neck.


Targeting the most problematic areas, Chin, cheeks, brows, liplines too. After using, and applying your makeup, you will notice radiance in your skin.

Introducing Instytutum's FLAWLESS PADS - Ready for complexion perfection and a Cyber Week Promotion! By using discount code SKIN30 you'll receive 30% off + Free Alive Water + Free Shiping! Now that's worth a holiday cheer. Boy do I love these pads!


These pre-soaked pads are so easy to use. They are formulated with glycolic, lactic, citric, hyaluronic and salicylic acids, plus provitamin B5 and vitamin PP that reduces pore size, those fine lines, wrinkles and your overall skin tone improves leaving you glowing! They also promote collagen production and cell turnover, while improving hyperpigmentation and boosting moisture. Your skin will feel smooth, firm and renewed in one quick step. If you use reguraly (morning and night) You'll see visible results in 10 days.


Super easy to use; Wipe over clean, dry skin on face, and this is great for all skin types. These Flawless pads will boost the results of your other products, these pads sluff off the dry skin and make way for the new. Dry skin is aging skin, so we want to resurface that dry-dead skin and let these powerful products work their magic. Use in the morning and before bed  (Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs and consult a doctor.)

*Make sure to avoid the eye area with the Flawless Pads - *No need to rinse after using. Follow up with your toner & serum.

*Make sure to avoid the eye area with the Flawless Pads - *No need to rinse after using. Follow up with your toner & serum.

Another way to improve your overall complexion, use Instytutum Toner after the Flawless Pads.


After using The Beauty Triangle along with Instytutum's Flawless Pads and Serum you'll be the one shining bright this holiday season! I am a proud Brand Ambassador for Instytutum, and my results have been so rewarding!  Finding products that work is always exciting if you have any questions feel free to email me or Instytutum Save Now by using discount code SKIN30. Happy Holidays!

xoxo janet

Join Me SocialButterflies! Let's fly and have some fun... Jacket created  @Socialbutterfliesla

Join Me SocialButterflies! Let's fly and have some fun... Jacket created @Socialbutterfliesla