Welcome to The Principe di Salina, or better-known as paradise. This unique hotel will leave you thinking about your return. If you plan on doing a little island hopping around the Aeolian Islands Principe di Salina is a must. As soon as you arrive you are met by the heart and soul of this charming hotel, the Principe di Salina family…yes, it's family owned and operated. 

Welcome to paradise

Welcome to paradise

The Italian island of Salina is one of the Aeolian Islands, a cluster of 7 volcanic islands and is a destination for nature and tranquility lovers. Salina is made up of volcanic rocks, slopes of olive trees and caper flowers  seen growing everywhere. The island is known for its charming villages where time feels like it’s stopped,

Lobby View

Lobby View

Soon as you walk through the doors you look straight out to the terrace, where you have a birds-eye view of Stromboli and Panarea, and they let you know right away, not to miss the sunset.

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This lovely infinity pool faces the ocean and there is also a spa tub, at a high temperature coming for a natural spring below the hotel.


It's the little things. There are twelve rooms, all which have private balconies overlooking the sea and the large common spaces, such as the roof terrace and the pool area, is the place where everyone returns to…or never leaves.


The rooms decor is made by local designers and your outside terrace is surrounded with flowers and a view of the sea. Perfect for your dreamy stay.

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Principe di Salina has a way that keeps you present, you'll find yourself day-dreaming everywhere you are. 


Happy to catch the son under the sun having a little down time ...catching up on his reading.

It never felt crowded, you could find peaceful moments anytime of the day.


Buongiorno! Welcome to the communal table. The owner of the hotel is also the chef, Chef Silvana that is. Feel free to join in or dine inside the front living area that feels like home. Probably my most favorite time was sunrise and enjoying the best cappuchihosl  


 Silvana makes sure breakfast, lunch and dinners arrive with just the right touch.

The food the wine the presentation.

The food the wine the presentation.

The local caper flowers create a perfect topper to Silvana's delicious meals. Dinner includes an entree, first and second plates, the dessert is homemade and prepared based on the fresh ingredients of the island. The internal restaurant is open only for the guests as they like to create a very “homey” atmosphere for the Principe family. 


We'll have homemade pasta... more pasta, Rose and backgammon!! And why not!

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Don't miss a short walk into the quaint town, it's about 10 minutes, and if you continue down the hill for about 15 you'll be seaside. My favorite purchase was this bag I'm carrying, II bought it at the hotel, made by a local designer.


At the bottom of the hill, you can rent a boat and zip over to Santa Marina for a lovely lunch. Walking time from our hotel to the marina took about 15 - 20 minutes and In no time you're off and exploring. The marina and the front desk will have the best suggestions if you plan to venture out.


We took our boat to Lingua with a few stops along the way, it took about 30 minutes and well worth it. It's an easy day trip with fresh seafood and pasta restaurants to look forward to.


We're were always thrilled to return to our home away from home.


Principe di Salina is a place where you can hang your towel and when you return you'll feel right at home. Grazie Millie Principe, our family had such an amazing stay and every meal was incredible. All your special touches do not go unnoticed. We are grateful to have had such a loving experience with your family, and Grazie for making us feel like family. 

xoxo  Janet, Derek & Luca


The closest airports are Catania, Palermo, and Naples. Catania Fontanarossa (CTA) is the closest and suggested airport.

We spent the night in Milazzo - took the boat to Salina

Boat to Salina - the arrival time of your flight should not be later than 3 pm. On your day of departure, please make sure to book your flight after 11 am to ensure enough time to get off the island and reach the airport. If you manage to depart in the afternoon, you will have a more comfortable commute. 

From Catania - 

Hydrofoil from Milazzo to Salina SM (1h 50) / Liberty lines

Bus From Catania, (approx 1,5hours) 


Rental cars, scooters, bicycles – Organization of boat trips to other islands, or rent your own boat (you will need a boating license) –The hotel will inform you where to rent these boats. Organization of excursions and trekking – Wine cellar visits – Transfer to and from the Catania-Transfer from the airport and from the port. You can also enjoy snorkeling or diving activities. 


You won't need much but think flowing caftans for that island breeze with a touch of elegance. Sun protection, a hat, shorts and simple dresses. Pack your sneakers if you like to hike, run or walk. A good book, but they have plenty there.


Kids of all ages are welcome, but the hotel can only accommodate two tots at a time, so book well in advance. The restaurant has a highchair and the chef is happy to adapt the evening menu and heat up baby food. The infinity pool is six meters deep.


Ask the front desk, they have the best suggestions. We had most of our meals there, we preferred to enjoy the hotel and Silvana's cooking!  Why leave?

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xoxo Janet

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Planning our family vacations are one of our favorite topics. We look forward to pulling out a big calendar, the kind you buy at Office Depot, a map, and the conversation begins. It usually starts with discussing our bucket list, along with places we'd love to return to. Several years ago we visited St. Barth's only for the day and the conversation always came back to, "we've got to get back to St. Barth's" Excited to return to this charming Caribbean island, we booked our flights, our ferries, The Hotel Le Toiny  and little did we know we would fall so in love with this laissez- fare Caribbean paradise.  Make one trip, and you’ll find yourself immediately hooked. Hotel Le Toiny has now been ranked among the best hotels in the world for 2017 by Condé Nast Traveler (the 2017 Hot List) and Travel + Leisure. 

Hôtel Le Toiny is committed to luxury. They first opened their doors on November 1, 1992, with 14 villas and In 2015, the hotel was acquired by current owners, Charlie and Mandie Vere Nicoll, who initiated a multi-million dollar renovation. 

Welcome to your tropical home away from home. Hôtel Le Toiny. Get ready to be wowed the minute you walk through the door.  It's always refreshing when you find those magical places that go the extra mile.  Le Toiny is a "must visit spot" and once you'll know why.  It's about a 20-25 minute drive (off season) from the alluring town Gustavia and navigating St. Barth’s can be a tad intimidating if you’ve never been. We chose to take the ferry from St. Maarten to St. Barth's which was quick and efficient, and soon as your boat hits the dock you're met by a driver from The Le Toiny, they offer complimentary airport and ferry transfers. We decided to rent a car and once again effortlessly our mini cooper arrived at Le Toiny shortly after we did. I highly recommend renting a convertible, it's a super fun island to explore.

Walking into Le Toiny will take your breath away. Sitting on the cliff it overlooks the sea, seems like you're floating on a cloud overlooking the Caribbean. The salon awaits your arrival, you're so charmed with the decor, there's no need to rush to your villa. December. 15th, 2017 just in time for the high season, eight new villas will open. The debut of the new villas coincides with the hotel’s 25th anniversary.

Lady Bee Osborn  captures that St. Barth's vibe with effortless elegance.

Lady Bee Osborn captures that St. Barth's vibe with effortless elegance.

Privacy and elegance define Hotel Le Toiny, situated in an area of the island referred to as the “Côte Sauvage.”  The villa suites are tucked away on a gentle slope overlooking the Bay and the beautiful sea. The hotel’s neutral color palette and understated decor feesl like you’re living in the pages of an interior design magazine. 

Every seating area is open-air for that outdoor living experience...a bit like a tree house. It's private, It's perfect, it's intoxicating. 

Knock-Knock you're home. The hotel completed a full redesign in 2015 by London-based Lady Bee Osborn, not only is it visually stunning, there is this aura of the ultimate escape on the entire property. You might become a bit weepy when it's time to check out.

Each one-bedroom villa includes a spacious master bedroom, separate sitting area, kitchenette and large terrace with a private infinity pool. One thing for sure... you'll wake up happy!  But first coffee.

A large bathroom featuring a soaking tub, shower overlooking the sea, vanity for two, along with a large walk-in closet. Plenty of space for the goodies you'll find from The Toiny Beach Club's boutique! If you find something you want to try on but feeling a bit sandy., no problem. It will be delivered to your room to try on at your convenience.

Wake up, dive in, start your day. Your personal paradise is right out your villa, along with this stunning view of  “Côte Sauvage"  

Cheers! Here's to gratitude and delicious coffee with the Le Toiny family, enjoying their gracious staff along with a fabulous breakfast.

Completely let go amongst the coconut trees

Completely let go amongst the coconut trees

Get ready to unplug - The road to the beach club is still the natural terrain. Instead of modifying the road for its vehicles, Le Toiny adapted its vehicles to the road with two safari style customized Land Rover Defenders used as a shuttle to transfer guests to and from the hotel and the beach.

Who needs shoes...

The Le Toiny Beach Club is delish! Simple, elegant Meditteranean inspired cuisine. Enjoy a full beach service with loungers under the shade of Coconut palms. The Beach Club is full service, the menu arrives on a chalkboard and updated on a regular basis, and if it's not on the problem.  Bon Appétit!

Enjoy your extended meals under the palms with The Beach Club crew and your loved ones. 

Don't miss this charming boutique, perfectly curated by the owner.  A pair of historic 18th-century cottages sits amongst the coconut grove, tamarind field, garden, orchard and pineapple trees. Enjoy a glass of rosé while you shop. 

I'm always in search for little treasures I can't find back home... special pieces that keep my vibe of St. Bath's going until my return. Poupette is a favorite brand of mine, and you'll find plenty of Poupette here, along with fabulous bathing suits, hats and island jewels. It's truly a treasure chest!

Take a journey to Shell Beach

Have lunch at  Shellona

Have lunch at Shellona

Seashells galore,  Make sure to visit Shell Beach for an incredible sunset, along with the sound of the shells washing onto the shore.

Another local favorite is Colombier, an isolated haven accessible only by boat or a exhilirating 30-minute hike. The downhill trail to get there is deceivingly easy. The way back . . . not so much. I suggest going in the early morning to avoid the afternoon heat. If you enjoy a good hike, don't miss out on this trail.

We loved our daily discovery in our Mini Cooper, but don't be gone too long, You'll find yourself wanting to return to your Le Toiny family.

Serenity Spa Cottage

Surrounded by lush vegetation with beautiful views of the ocean, the Serenity Spa Cottage features a wide range of Spa treatments. Technicians use Elemis an exclusive cosmetic line. Your skin, body and mind will thank you.

 There’s a treatment room that accommodates a single or couple’s treatments. The fitness center is a perfect size, Le Toiny’s new gym features all the equipment you need for a complete workout.

Unwind, relax, and rejuvenate your soul

Come rain or shine Hotel Le Toiny's got you covered 

Doorway to Heavan - If you forget your beach tote, no worries...your villa comes with one you won't want to leave behind.

Hotel Le Toiny creates magic, It's moment's like these that keep you and you and your loved ones returning to that special place time after time.

Pack your bags...We're going to St. Barth's... music to my ears. Thank you Le Toiny, We walked away with wonderful family memories, a few new friends, and a love for your Caribbean charm... Merci!

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Getting There
There are no direct flights to St. Barth’s . . . unless you charter your own plane. If a PJ isn’t a possibility, the next best option is flying to Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side of St. Maarten, where, upon landing, you’ll have to choose your own adventure for the final leg: a 15-minute plane ride or a roughly 45-minute ferry crossing. Flying will get you to paradise quickly, but the flight itself—a 12 seat puddle-jumper—is not for the faint of heart. (The runway in St. Barth's also happened to be one of the shortest in commercial aviation, you can watch a few youtube videos to see the exciting landings! Book your flights in advance on either Winair or St Barth Commuter, the only commercial airlines that provide shuttle flights to and from the island. We chose the ferry: an incredibly efficient option for an effortless arrival. Buy your tickets in advance on either Great Bay Express or the Voyager to secure your seat.

The Beaches
St Barth's offers diverse beaches. There are sixteen of them in total, each with its own special touch. Saline Beach you can get lost in the white sand that feels like velvet. Saline, like most other beaches on St. Barth’s, is simple—no bars, no shops, no restaurants. If you prefer a more vibrant scene, St. Jean is where Eden Rock and Nikki Beach are located. Surfers like Le Toiny or Lorient and the snorkelers at Gouverneur or Petite Anse. Cheval Blanc is another beautiful beach area.


Our favorite spot for dinner in town was Bonita. Latin-French food along with the ambiance was just perfect. Diverse menu, a D.J. with that groovy beat, When the sun goes down St. Barth's comes alive in whatever way that fits your style. 

Isola -  For Italian food lovers L’Isola is renowned for its sophisticated Italian recipes, prepared using only the very finest ingredients imported directly from Italy. An elegant restaurant, a true culinary experience.  

La Gloriette  - Delicious pizza and seafood, a place where you can feel like a local. We loved this place. So casual but so French. The food Is fantastic. The staff is lovely and there's no shortage of flowing Rosé. No shoes needed here, toes in the sand, pizza & wine in hand... I'm in!