Summer is almost here and during these months I enjoy the search for flowy white dresses, white pants, and I’m always on the hunt for a fun beach bag. When I spotted this one I thought; how fun is a beach Birkin! It comes with a shoulder strap too so you’ll be hands free for your Rosé all day!

Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Birkin
Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Birkin

Zara always has plenty of dresses to choose from for a great price.

Janet Gunn + The Grateful Gardenia + Birkin

This year we spent spring break in Asia and almost every fashionista I saw was wearing cool sneakers and a flowy dress. I’ve never seen such fabulous style as I did in Japan and Korea; these women were chic, elegant and edgy. The sneaker brand I saw the most was Golden Goose, Nike Cortez and Adidas, there were some pretty cool “dad shoes” too. I purchased the ones above when we returned, they are the most comfortable sneaker I’ve worn. My friend Doreen and I got the same ones and we’re going back for another pair!

Spice up the interior of your tote with this fun and eco-friendly cosmetic bag.

Spice up the interior of your tote with this fun and eco-friendly cosmetic bag.

The Vere Prisim Cosmetic Bag is Biodegradable TPU material / Corrosion-resistant copper alloy hardware; Fade-proof iridescent sheen that changes with different lighting, It’s Non-toxic, and bacteria resistant surface. It’s Stylish and eco-friendly. Measures approximately 7.5 x 4 x 3.5 inches

If you live in Los Angeles the Nike store on Melrose is the first neighborhood shop that combines their streamlined online experience and their in-store service.  The boutique is powered by the local trends of the area. Every other week new merchandise arrives along with exclusive services. It’s right down the street from me… that’s good and that’s bad!

If you are local or are traveling to LA, don’t miss out if you’re a Nike fan!

8552 Melrose / 11am - 7pm

Here comes summer!

Thanks for your time and do share any dress secrets with me, I’d love some good tips.

xo Janet


Just a little bit of blush is all you need.

nike shoes

You know when you discover that blazer and you want it in every color! Well this blushing pink blazer from Alice & Olivia happily hangs next to my black Alice & Olivia They really never go out of style, I purchased my black one about 3 years ago and It’s held up perfectly. I”m not a real fan of skinny jeans but these Alice & Olivia white high-wasted jeans are so soft and being on the shorter side I love how they elongate the body.

gu_de was launched in 2016 by designer Ji Hye Koo who was inspired by the 1970’s mood. Also comes with a cross-body strap.

Janet-42.jpg Janet Gunn

Classic and comfort.

Pink Blazer
nike for women
Location -  Sunset Marquis  Hotel in West Hollywood

Location - Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood

White T- Shirt, jeans, blazer and sneakers / Classic pieces for your personal style.

Happy Shopping!

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I’d love to introduce you to a friend of mine, Shannon de Laat. We met about two years ago and I’ve had the pleasure of watching her create a community that I personally am so proud to be a part of through the PR Net. Throughout her career there has been an underlying desire to apply her talents and expertise to impact positive change, and it is with this spirit that Shannon moves to realize a venture that brings together her skills to change the world and help others do the same.

Shannon is the founder of The Virtue Project - building targeted strategies for organizations and cause-related brands. Read all about The Virtue Project below and I hope you can share this information with others. It really does take a village!

Janet Gunn + Shannon de Laat
Janet Gunn + Shannon de Laat

Tell us what The Virtue Project is / does?

After 17 years working in consumer marketing, I made the huge leap to shift my professional focus to reflect what I feel in my heart and to embody my personal values. In short, my mission with The Virtue Project is simple: to lend strategic expertise in order to help non-profits and cause-oriented brands translate their mission-driven messages into compelling stories that will inspire and engage key audiences. In today’s digitally saturated environment, it is more important than ever to create a story — the bridge between the data and people’s hearts, to inspire action and build a movement for change.

You can think of us as sort of a social good-focused version of a McKinsey Consultant. We take an overarching look at a brand or organization’s mission and develop the strategy that is best going to engage audiences with that mission, in a profound and resonant way.

Janet Gunn + Shannon de Laat

This is a huge leap, indeed!
What brought you to make this decision?

For me, it is personal. I’ve had a strong sense of duty instilled in me from a very young age. Our family home was always a revolving door to hosting children from the Friends of Chernobyl charity, to the Fresh Air Fund and many more. It is in my DNA to share the responsibility, to see a need and respond. I think perhaps I was destined for this work, it just took me a little while to figure out how to bring it to life.

Janet Gunn + Shannon de Laat

What would you say has been a key to the success of making this happen?

Community! As you know, having a strong tribe of empowering and highly-engaged individuals that surround you is invaluable. I’ve managed to align with some incredible experts and talented social entrepreneurs who believe in what I’m doing and embrace our efforts. I like this quote from Seth Godin: “It is so much easier to aim for the smallest possible audience, not the largest, to build long-term value amongst a trusted, delighted tribe, to create work that matters and stands the test of time.”

Here with Aaniyah - a young foster youth she mentors through the   Alliance of Moms.

Here with Aaniyah - a young foster youth she mentors through the Alliance of Moms.

To learn more →
Follow them on Instagram → @thevirtueproject

Vir~tue (noun):
 behavior showing high moral standards, the general quality of being morally good.

Thank you Shannon! The world is a better place thanks to humans (spiritual beings) like you. Hugo will be so proud of his mama and the change she’s created for others.

Thank you for reading!