Planes, trains, ferries and automobiles with Skyroam Solis.


I'd like you to meet my favorite travel tool. This super-fast portable Wifi device makes international travel a dream.  I've been a loyal Skyroam customer for two years and I'm excited to share the Skyroam just got better! I've partnered with Skyroam Solis and by using this link. you can save 20% and works in over 100 countries.



Yes, it's the first item on my packing list and this is why I check it off from the get-go. First of all... it fits in my purse!  This all-in-one global 4G LTE high-speed wireless communication hotspot has 6000 mAh (meaning you have about 18 hours of Wifi battery life) It's fast, secure, connects up to 5 gadgets and it's affordable.

 La Peschiera

La Peschiera

It's wonderful to disconnect but if you'd like to extend your travels for just a bit longer due to work obligations, the Skyroam Solis offers you a solution. It's smart it's simple and no SIM card is needed.

Connect five gadgets at once - One-touch access to unlimited WIFI almost anywhere you go. - It's long-lasting with 18 hours of WIFI battery life - And here's a nice perk, you can also charge your phone.


Here's what's in your package - Skyroam Solis hotspot with embedded power bank, USB-C Charging cord, USB to USB-C Adapter, guide & carrying case.

We had a two-hour delay at the amazing Milan train station so my husband and I powered up our Skyroam so we could catch up and enjoy our cappuccinos.

To begin - remove the protective yellow battery tabs - plug-in right away to ensure it's charged. Simply turn on Skyroam Solis, connect up to 5 gadgets to WiFi, and press the WiFi button or "Start" on the Skyroam web portal. Buy and activate 24-hour day passes anytime to get unlimited global internet anywhere. You pay for only for what you use, No commitments, No contracts.

 Salina - Italy

Salina - Italy

Imagine your well-earned vacation without limits. Just knowing you can return important emails, bank online or connect with a loved one, it's peace of mind and that goes a long way.  

Thank you Skyroam Solis

Happy travels, thanks for reading,

xx Janet


Nordstrom is a great go-to for some of your favorite items and now you can skip on over and find terrific deals up to 40% off!! Click on the gallery below to find a few of my favorites. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 2.19.27 PM.png

If you're a CARDMEMBER your have early access, if not click HERE to apply for your early access. 

 July 12th-19th, all cardmembers get to shop Early Access in stores and online.           July 20th-August 5th, our biggest sale of the year opens to the public.


Sweaty Betty Sale Items - Click below


Blazers and Boots - See photos below. Sign up for earlly access here.


Happy Shopping!

xo Janet


If you are on the Instagram platform I'm sure you've scrolled across your favorite influencers post and read "Just follow me on the LIKETOKNOW.IT App and shop my look here"  Here is a "how to" for downloading the LikeToKnow.It App and shopping your favorite styles with a simple screenshot. FYI with the Nordstrom Sale coming up, this will be helpful for finding your favorite items before they sell out.


I have several influencers I love to follow for inspiration and styling tips. You can get creative with clothing and accessories you already own.

You can shop a look from head to toe, and here's how.

Download the app on your smartphone in the app store.

 App Store

App Store

If you follow me and other influencers on Instagram, you’re probably already familiar with the platform. If you're not familiar, this app allows you to shop the outfits, home goods, and etc. your favorite influencers post on Instagram. When you screenshot the photo you will receive an email with the photo and the items you saw in your inbox. But... here's the easiest way...

There's an upgrade now, and you no longer need to check your email for shopping.


Once you download the app, simply search for your favorite influencers. Tap the search symbol at the bottom of your screen or type in the name at the top - ex: Janetgunngratefulgardenia - in the influencer search box.
You’ll see my account or your other favorites pop up quickly - simply tap "follow"  Once you are following me, all my posts will pop up in your LTK feed on the home screen. You can also just tap any photo of mine in the app and image product links will pop up and are ready to shop from.
















It’s super easy and makes it so much simpler to shop your favorite looks. Now with the app, you no longer have to wait for an e-mail. You can still ‘like’ my photos on Instagram and get the email if that’s what you prefer!  The screenshot just simplifies and makes it much easier. So, if you ever see that little “heart” icon in the corner of my pics (on ANY influencer pg.), that mean’s you can get the outfit details through a screenshot. Not all of us use the heart image all the time, but if you have downloaded the app you'll know when we are posting a LIKETOKNOW.IT post. Influencers who are members of Rewards Style use the liketoknow,it app so we can   share our picks with you.

 Some images have the HEART symbol - some don't. (personal choice)

Some images have the HEART symbol - some don't. (personal choice) is a helpful service for shopping your favorites. it's easy and after a few times, you'll see how simple it is.  it allows you to quickly buy anything you see in an Instagram Photo when you look at the " tag. 


 Just tap on the photo and you'll see the tag (pictured above)  & other tags that might interest you. If you don't see the exact items in the photo available, we do our best to find other items that are similar and different price ranges. 



Tap on Red circle above my name to see and shop Insta Stories.


In the Instagram Stories - round icon at the top of page - scroll thru stories and you will sometimes see a "Swipe Up" option at the bottom right corner. Swipe up and the link to the item you like will take you directly to the site.

I hope this was helpful and now you can stay connected with the influencers you like to follow. Now that Instagram has added the IGTV - Instagram TV - most bloggers are spending time on the Instagram platform. We hope to see you there!

Have fun shopping & thank you for following along!

xo Janet

I've added a shopping carousel here as I do on most blog post if you are not on the Instagram platform.


Any day I can spend an afternoon with my girlfriends laughing, playing dress-up, and share a little camera time promoting Franne Golde... I'll take it!  


Influencers Clara Lee and Melissa Meyers spent the day downtown L.A. mixing some of our favorite everyday brands from Franne Golde, and we are excited for all of you petites out there, you can shop The Grateful Gardenia Petite Capsule Collection  - Sizes zero to petite 14, now there's something for everyone.

 Melissa Meyers wearing  The Grateful Blazer

Melissa Meyers wearing The Grateful Blazer

Clara is wearing the Diane Scoop-neck in floral. White Audrey Crop Pant - Lite in white. 


Janet Tie-Top, Petite Fit

Ending Tonight! Don't miss 20% Off site- wide. Includes new arrivals!

Use code 4YOU at checkout.


Clara with her good attitude and feeling comfortable! in her Audrey Crop Pants

 Melissa Meyers wearing Petite  Janet Tie-Top in Leopard

Melissa Meyers wearing Petite Janet Tie-Top in Leopard

  Petite Button Down  in White & Black

Petite Button Down in White & Black

I absolutely love Franne's Katharine Button-down but the shirt tails and sleeves were just a bit long for my frame. With the petite collection Button-down, it's just the perfect length for a tuck in the front or the back!


Melissa is wearing the perfect ribbed tank in white. Everything you want in a tank. A ballet neck, super soft, stretchy, sustainable and washable. Great for layering- dress up or down! It holds everything in quite nicely. Wear this Madison Paisley top and pant together or separately. 


If you have friends who are looking for petites, please share the love! Melissa and I love sharing fabulous finds and fabulous women with you and we hope you can become a part of the Franne Golde fan club with us!

Thank you, girlfriends, for making the journey such a joy and filled with love!! 

 Ending Tonight! Don't miss 20% Off site- wide. Includes new arrivals!

Use code 4YOU at checkout.

  Sizes range from Zero to a Size 14

 Sizes range from Zero to a Size 14

I recently began working with Franne promoting her FG brand and yes I brought along my influencer friends and it's been a blast. Franne's business is not even two years old and already O Magazine  found her along with the daytime show, The View. She's created classic pieces for everyone so you can mix and match her favorites with your favorites, and if you're on the petite side, here it is!  I'm excited to share that we recently launched  The Grateful Gardenia Petite Capsule Collection

Ending Tonight! Don't miss 20% Off site- wide. Includes new arrivals!

Use code 4YOU at checkout.

Thank you Franne Golde and your fabulous team for your passion and your laughter! 

xo Janet


Happy Fourth of July!  Fellow blogger and friend Melissa Meyers and I want to wish everyone a safe, happy and peaceful Fourth of July.  I've rounded up just a few of my summer favorites for a little retail therapy.

 If you love traveling in Italy and haven't visited this region, Puglia is absolutely beautiful and special in every way. 

If you love traveling in Italy and haven't visited this region, Puglia is absolutely beautiful and special in every way. 

 Melissa Meyers and I always enjoy time at the beach especially in Puglia  at The La Peschiera Hotel


My all-time favorite Blue Jean Jacket from Veronica Beard.


COOLA - The best self-tanner along with sun protection I've used so far.


This crossbody bag with a detachable strap goes with everything and works for day or evening. Shell necklace from Mala By Love

franne golde

Take a look at Franne Golde's website. You can find this Janet Tie-Top in Poppy. Perfect for an evening of firework festivities.

Hopefully, you'll get a little time to do this, relax, unplug and think about all the wonderful things we do have to be grateful for. Happy Independence Day



xo janet


Recently my partner and friend Melissa Meyers were invited to an event with Rachel McCord from The McCord List to support entrepreneurs, brands and charities to connect and empower women, especially those who have or are overcoming life's biggest obstacles (like homelessness, abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety or bullying) I was so touched by the Imani Collective I felt it was important to share with you. I hope you can take a minute to read about Jenny Nuccio, and her motivation to get moving and make a difference.

 My companion was handmade by Grace Keya & she sits with Buster and I

My companion was handmade by Grace Keya & she sits with Buster and I

Imani Collective is a "community of dreamers + shakers who aren’t afraid to ask “why not?” Passionately pursuing a holistic approach to empowerment, they believe that once we realize what we’re made of, we can own what we’re made for. Convinced that we aren’t just better together — we’re our best together." 

The Imani Collective was started by Jenny Nuccio, who was new to the Mtepeni Village in Kenya. was new to Mtepeni Village, Kenya. She came straight from college with a vision to create meaningful employment and opportunities for the women there, but had a hard time getting her own water and would wheelbarrow thirty pounds of water every day. The other women in the village eventually helped her and they all became good friends. Jenny taught them how to sew and sixteen women started Imani Collective and yes, it takes a village.

Now, the Imani Collective has over fifty men and women in the Mtepeni Village as well as half a dozen women stateside. 

 Melissa Meyers / Rachel McCord

Melissa Meyers / Rachel McCord

Rachel McCord is steadfast in creating her village and I'm so grateful to learn about Imani Collective and other wonderful brands who came together on this day to contribute. 



Thank you, Rachel, for a wonderful event and touching our hearts with your generosity and inviting us to join your village!

xo Janet

Mogul (
Mogul Design is a retail store where modern meets decadent fashion. Located on Melrose Avenue, offering a wide selection of products and services for residential + commercial design, custom orders, home staging + photography, studio rentals, and vintage home accessories. It has a Sleek and Sexy take on classic designs. The philosophy is: “A HOME SHOULD BE WELL DRESSED, MOGUL TRULY IS HIGH FASHION FOR YOUR HOME.” THANK YOU to owners of Mogul, Thomas Piscitello and Neal Wagner. Follow us on Instagram @mogul_design.

High Heel Hero (
High Heel Hero stops the inflammation to stop the pinch. This pure CBD ointment is lightly scented with lavender and eucalyptus. They also sell adorable pouches for makeup and jewelry, as well as other sassy accessories! Follow us on Instagram at @high_heel_hero.

Copper + Crane (
Copper + Crane is The world’s luxury spa, bath and skin care indulgence. Carefully crafted with the modern woman in mind. They have an exclusive collection of luxury bath, body and fragrance items. The vision is to create a voyage and community that brings a mesmerizing realm home to your bath sanctuary. Copper + Crane is about soothing and rejuvenating your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Follow us on Instagram at @copperandcrane.


Imani Collective (
Imani Collective ethically creates sustainable pieces for children and their moms. All of their products are handmade with no toxins. The Imani Collective is empowered to help, providing jobs for unemployed individuals living in Kenya. The company now employs over fifty Kenyan men + women in the Mtepeni Village and Mombosa, along with half a dozen women stateside. Imani Collective was developed to help and provide for its community of dreamers + shakers who aren’t afraid to ask “why not?” Follow us on Instagram at @imanicollective.

Mott and Prince (
Mott and Prince is a place for women to feel inspired and empowered through their style, experiences, and culture. They want to give women an amazing shopping experience, but most importantly a place for them to learn and connect with others with honest experiences and life happenings that we can all relate to. The passion behind Mott and Prince is to give women strength to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Mott and Prince is offering all The McCord List influencers 20% off their purchases! Use code: RachelMcCord20  to redeem your discount on Follow us on Instagram at @MottandPrince.


Thinking about what it is that makes me so happy when I'm driving my Fiat500 has led me to believe this was my "mid life crisis car" who need a fancy sports car when you can have a Fiat!  Zipping around in my Fiat500 gives me that feeling of being in Italy. There's just something nostalgic, carefree and flat out fun and at this stage in my life I'm all for finding the joy! Come destress with me at LACMA and maybe consider a simple new ride in your driveway.

LACMA Is one of my favorite places to go in Los Angeles as there are so many things to do and see there. 

Admission is affordable. For adults it is free for members and $20 for adults if you live in L.A. County. Children 17 & Under have free admission and it is also free admission after 3 pm Mon-Fri.  If you don't live in L.A. County, it is free for members, $25 for adults and still free for children 17 & Under. 

Here's a great idea for an L.A. Friday night, how about enjoying a different Jazz Artist every Friday starting at 6 pm. 

What goes with a Fiat? Borsalino and Gucci... va tutto bene!

All photos by: Steffanie Marie


Just keep putting it out there, be your own artist and create, paint sculpt your life. It's all a journey, and it's your journey to express.

xo Janet

Stunning sight to see here at LACMA - LEVITATED MASS

Levitated Mass

ArtistMichael Heizer


TypeLarge-scale sculpture

LocationLos Angeles County Museum of ArtLos Angeles, California, United States

Levitated Mass is a 2012 large-scale sculpture by Michael Heizer on the campus of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The installation consists of a 340-ton boulder affixed above a concrete trench through which visitors may walk. The nature, expense and scale of the installation made it an instant topic of discussion within the art world.


Here's to all the "big daddy's" out there!  It's always fun shopping for the men in your life. I pulled together a few fun items to help make your Father's Day shopping a little easier. 


In honor of Father's Day, we're honoring this guy!  Nobody likes an ocean breeze more than our man of the house. We're always excited when we get to celebrate Father's Day in a fabulous location like this one. Last year we were in St. Barts at The Le Toiny. 


Heys Luggage - Roll with style with this lightweight brushed metal luggage - wheels allow for effortless motion in different terrains.


I've now traveled with this Skyroam device for a few years and I highly recommend this much needed product If you're planning to mix a little business with pleasure, know your information is secure and dependable 24/7. If you're driving you can activate the Skyroam and no worries with getting lost.  We love traveling with these bags, keeps everything nice and organized.


Happy Father's Day husband! Thanks for always planning such amazing travels for our family memories. Father's Day always looks good on you and we're grateful for all you do!


Derek makes sure we never leave home without our traveling backgammon set. It really does make for some lovely and fun family downtime. 


Have a wonderful Father's Day Celebration. It's those little moments that will always mean the most. 

xo Janet


The minute we begin to plan our summer vacation I begin to go on the hunt for stylish dresses that effortlessly pack. It's not always so easy to find dresses that cover up all the right places, but this little number worked for me.


I came across this blue dress from Planet Blue  I'm always a fan of their flowy dresses perfect for summer and especially an Italian holiday! 

With this dress, all you need is a pair of  simple sandals and your favorite crossbody and of course add a pretty wedge sandal for the evening.


My number one travel necklace from Mala by Love


Perfect for walking around while sightseeing, it's a great length, and lightweight. 


Don't forget to have a little fun this summer!


I'd love to know where your summer travels are taking you, or if you're ready for a staycation.

             “Be strong. Be confident. Be the star of your own life.” Estee Lauder


I am teaming up with India Hicks and The Ready Mom to raise #100kin100days. I thrilled to help raise money for Project Angel Food and 25% of all purchases made through this Link will go to providing food and nutrition services to those with life-threatening illnesses!   India Hicks and Project Angel Food know a thing or two about giving back. I'm so grateful her team reached out to me to get involved and  I'm able to choose Project Angel Food to give back to. 

 Don't let the day get away without this Fortune Pouch!

Don't let the day get away without this Fortune Pouch!

I chose this Fortune Pouch because you can wear it as a clutch or toss it in your larger bag to keep your favorite items organized.  The Fortune Pouch is adorned with little assorted good luck guys and a double tassel.


 Literally, every beautiful bug on here has a special meaning...especially the Lady Bug!  Do click on the link because there is something for everyone - bags, beauty, jewelry, accessories and more! 


These lovely Eau De Parfum's are light & feminine fragrances, just picture yourself walking through a proper English garden. Fit's perfect into my Fortune Pouch! Wake up your tired skin with this Uber Mist. Yes, it's as fresh as it looks.

INSTA STORY 2jpg.jpg

Whether it's you receiving India Hicks in the mail or you're sending someone a gift, her gifts and packaging will not disappoint. I hope you can find something you fall in love with and help me give 25% to Project Angel Food. Thank you for shopping to make a difference, It means so much to so man people.  Let's make this the Summer for Giving.

Thank you, India Hicks and The Ready Mom for partnering with me to give these families the food they need to restore their health.

Project Angel Food cooks and delivers more than 500,000 nutritious meals each year, free of charge, to the homes of men, women, and children affected by life-threatening illnesses.  I'd be so grateful if you could help me raise money for Project Angel Food by shopping this link and 25% of your purchase will go to continuing to provide food to those that need it. 

Blessings and Gratitude!!

xo Janet


Sweaty Betty always creates inspirational patterns and designs that make you wanna get up and move!


Founder and creative director Tamera Hill-Norton is a globe-trotting motivator. Her brand creations are inspired by her travels and her desire to just keep moving. Not only does Sweaty Betty inspire you to design your life around her styles... she does me anyway, but her fabric is top-notch. It's soft, it drys super fast and looks damn good when you're traveling in your favorite destinations. Here are a few of my favorites that keep me " Movin & Groovin" 


What I love about the Apple I watch; When I'm sitting at my desk for too long, it reminds me it's time to get up and move. The overall health benefits are worth the watch, and worth watching.


This oversized T is just the right amount of see-through. Wear as seen here or over your bathing suit or shorts. It's just one of those tops that really works for your fitness or your fun.

IMG_0671_Facetune_27-05-2018-13-51-46 2.JPG

Now's the time to get motivated and get back to a healthy and energized you. I know it's not always so easy, but you're worth it! You'll feel so great once you get moving and now we have these fabulous brands that keep us looking fabulous while we're becoming the best we can be!

Thank you for reading, you're body is your temple, it can do amazing things.


"Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom."                                        Jack LaLane


To shave or not to shave...


Meet DERMAFLASH 2.0: This sleek device does the trick for exfoliation while removing peach fuzz, dead skin cells, and built-up debris. Dermaflash also evens out your skin tone and allows makeup to set evenly on your face. Your skin feels smoother and you're left with a healthy glow. It's super easy to use and takes about 5-10 minutes, so if you're someone always on the go and can't quite take the time for an office visit, this product will happily meet your needs. I've personally been shaving my face for years, I was never a fan of peach fuzz or dry skin so when Dermaflash developed this patented, safe and hygienic at-home device, needless to say, I was thrilled to receive it and now experience it first hand. 


1. Cleanse your skin with the PREFLASH cleanser and pat dry.

2. Insert a new Edge into your DERMAFLASH and start the treatment right in front of your ear, at the top of your cheekbone.

3. With your other hand, hold your skin tight and use short, feathery strokes. Glide the DERMAFLASH inward towards your nose over the contours of your cheek and the entire side of your face.

4. Avoid the eyelid, eyebrows, hairline, and sides of the nose and lips. 

5. Don't go over any facial area more than once. 

6. After - apply a thin layer of the POSTFLASH hydrator or one of my favorites Instytutum's Serum or lifting cream over your face and enjoy your glow!

7. Once a week is all you need - your peach fuzz will not grow in thicker!

 Small enough to travel with

Small enough to travel with

 Dermaflash comes with: blades/cleanser & hydrator / charger / Make sure to remove the plastic covering inside the charger before using. Remove the blade before placing into the charger. Dermaflash was invented by a woman for women so thank you, Dara Levy, for giving women an option to safely and happily get rid of unwanted facial hair and exfoliate dry skin at home.

 Instytutum Products I use with Dermaflash / Use Discount Code BEFLAWLESS

Instytutum Products I use with Dermaflash / Use Discount Code BEFLAWLESS


 Pull your skin tight and use short, feathery strokes. Glide the DERMAFLASH inward towards your nose over the contours of your cheek and the entire side of your face. Be sure to skip over any cuts or pimples. Enjoy the look of your smooth skin after you apply your makeup.

 Buster - Always Curious...

Buster - Always Curious...

Dispense your used blade with the push of a button. It's that easy, that safe. Send me an email if you have any questions. 

                         “Confidence breeds beauty.” Estee Lauder

Thank you for reading.. xo janet


Countdown to summer has officially begun and COOLA'S got you covered! I've also added a few of my favorite sun screens that I never leave home without.


Thanks to COOLA'S organic sunless mousse you can feel great about bronzing your bod. This tanning mouse is cruelty-free, no GMO'S, vegan. and very little fragrance. I suggest you apply once to see how you like the color then darken from there. It works fast, I recommend you apply with a damp sponge to get inside the creases. I ended up with a beautiful color after two applications. I was able to maintain my bronze color for a good two weeks after my spray tan. 


Thanks to COOLA'S organic sunless mousse you can feel great about bronzing your bod. This tanning mouse is cruelty-free, no GMO'S, vegan. and very little fragrance. I suggest you apply once to see how you like the color then darken from there. It works fast, I recommend you apply with a damp sponge to get inside the creases. I ended up with a beautiful color after two applications. The BB Cream is a must too. 70% Organic, it creates a light luminance to your skin, gives you a pretty glow.

 COOLA SPORT spf 50 Sunscreen Spray

COOLA SPORT spf 50 Sunscreen Spray

Before every vacation, I do get a spray tan. Mainly because it evens out my skin and It looks like I've been enjoying the sunshine and not baking in it. Spray tans of course fade after a few days so to keep that glow going I used Coola, not only for the beautiful color but for protection from the sun. This Broad Spectrum unscented spray sunscreen is fantastic. It's water-resistant, unscented and certified organic, and super convienent for the family.


SuperGoop setting powder SPF 45 - CC Cream Sunscreen SPF 35 - Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 - I used these for ten days during our trip to Hawaii while surfing, sunning and running and our faces never burned. The powder is so easy to use, great to keep that in your bag for quick touch ups.


Another dependable brand is Colorscience - whipped mineral sunscreen and Broad Spectrum SPF 50 brush-on-sunscreen. These products are non-chemical, protective and water resistant (40 minutes.) They're easy to apply and leave a beautiful finish to your complexion. This also is great if you're out sight-seeing it's so creamy and light, it gives you a flawless finish.


If you wondering what self-tanners and sunscreens for you and your family this summer; I  highly recommend COOLA - Supergoop  and Colorscience. While you're in the sun your skin will be shaded.


I'd love to know what your favorite self-tanners are and your favorite sun protectors.

Thanks for reading, have fun in the sun and stay safe! 

xo Janet


Are you familiar with Veronica Beard? Veronica & fun is that... this sisters-in-law duo are double the fabulous fashion and they just opened their doors here in L.A. on Melrose Place and have quickly turned into the hottest boutique.


I don't have a lot of red in my closet, but I sure love these red boots. I'm getting more wear out of them than I thought I would.  This gray cropped cashmere is from White + Warren


The perfect blushing bag from Mansur Gavriel - Mini Lady Bag


Calling all jean jacket lovers... from Veronica Beard - The Cara Jean Jacket  is a season-less wardrobe staple. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 8.40.46 AM.png

Add these Veronica Beard Flor Sandals to your summer collection.

“There’s a shade of red for every woman.” —Audrey Hepburn
xo janet


If you're a mother you know this look!! And I'll take it any-day. Who knew being a mom would bring so much joy... Trust me, I am holding on tight...but honestly I let go daily. I had this handsome boy late in the game and beyond grateful to be a mother. My husband and I have raised an independent thinker, traveler and blessed to be part of his journey. To all of you mothers out there... and yes to the moms of our special 4-legged beings. Have a fabulous day. To my mom... I love you, thank you for being a stron female and always letting me go to experience my journey. 


Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Are you still deciding what to get your mom, grandma, sister or friend? I know there's a lot of lovely and inspiring women in my life that I enjoy celebrating on this day and every day. I've put together a list of a few items that will hopefully spark an idea for your shopping list.

ANTHROPOLOGIE HOME GOODS: Anthropologie has unique and fun home goods right now that include pretty plates, cheese boards, glasses and more.

 Give your Mom a big KISS with this  Boca Mug

Give your Mom a big KISS with this Boca Mug

DISH TOWELS: Lighten up the kitchen.

FUN SHOES: Who doesn't enjoy shoes...glorious shoes.

APPLE WATCH: I use mine every day and have become attached to it. It's great to receive incoming calls and texts on, as well as tracking your workouts and fitness stats. My favorite highlight of the Apple Watch - It tells me when to stand up and reminds me to take deep breaths.  

COZY PJS: One of my favorite items to gift and receive is a comfy pair of PJs.


WORKOUT WEAR: Can't go wrong with the Sweaty Betty lifestyle and fitness brand. Their new collection launched at Nordstrom this month.

NEW PURSE: Time for a new bag? 

HAT ATTACK: What's better to enjoy the beach or pool with than a stylish hat? Protect your skin, while looking fab.

Who doesn't love or need a good soak in the tub! Osmia Organic Tea Bath

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 7.13.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.07.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.08.26 PM.png

Can't leave out the gifts from your 4-legger. Love this Capri Collection - Collar & Leash 

 Coming Soon!  Franne Golde  - The Grateful Gardenia Petite Capsule Collection 

Coming Soon! Franne Golde - The Grateful Gardenia Petite Capsule Collection 

FRANNE GOLDE:  I have teamed up with Franne Golde to bring our readers The Grateful Gardenia Petite Capsule Collection. Our sizes run up to a petite size 12. You can sign up on Franne's website to be notified when they arrive! We're so excited to bring to you our passion for fashion and that "easy breezy" style along with Franne's "magic pants."   

                    "I've never met a leopard print I didn't like"     Diana Vreeland           Have a wonderful Mother's Day, I hope it's full of love. Thank you, Derek, for our beautiful son. xxo Janet



If you're in the the mood for shopping and saving, Intermix is having up to 75% sale, and adding new items everyday. I've added my favorite find, this Amelia Bow Tie Floral Top. Have fun shopping, there's a lot of great finds!  


Yes.. these boots are comfortable and a fun burst of color. This Gucci bag is about 15 years old, it's always a good idea to invest in those pieces that really never go out of style, so if you have a few hiding in your closet...bust them out! 


Earrings from Encircle NYC


Ciao for now! 

xoxo Janet