Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. How do you begin your morning? Do you instantly look at your phone, check your e-mail... maybe look at Instagram?  Or do you take a moment to be grateful, sit in silence and read a little positive material before you walk outside and take on the day?  It only takes a few minutes each morning to start off on the right track and create your positive energy field. I'd like to share a few of my favorite spiritual reads that can open your heart, inspire you to be the best you can be, help you focus, and laugh along the way. When you dwell in an energy of positivity and power you become a magnet for miracles. Aren't you worth it?

As much as I can't wait to escape with Netflix, I also look forward to sitting with a good inspirational book and becoming motivated to live this amazing life we've all been given. How great is it when you discover books that make you feel like it's speaking right at you! Inspirational books or self-help books can open up a world of possibilities and offer great tools for navigating in our busy world today.                       

Here are 10 benefits of reading: 

1: Mental Stimulation - Keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power.  2: Stress Reduction - While  engaged in reading material you enjoy you're distracted from stress and it keeps you in the present moment. 3: Knowledge - Everything you read fills your head with new information, and who knows when it might be useful. 4: Vocabulary Expansion - The more you read, the bigger the vocabulary becomes, the more conversations you can participate in. 5: Memory Improvement - When you read you have to remember characters, plots, situations...every new memory you create opens up new synapses (brain pathways) and strengthens existing ones. 6: Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills - You begin to put your analytical and important intelligence to work when discussing the book with others... you are able to state your opinions clearly. 7: Improved Focus and Concentration - Living in a world crazed by the computer, our attention is all over the place...I'm beginning to think we are turning into a culture that can no longer focus for more than two minutes!  And when we can't focus we are actually lowering our productivity and welcoming chaos.  When reading a book your attention is focused on the story, we zone in on the information. 8: Better Writing Skills - Following the flow of the material you read, you are an observer of the writing styles of other authors & you learn to enhance your own work.  9: Tranquility - Reading Spiritual text can lower blood pressure and literally melt anxiety and worry away. That's worth it!

Napoleon Hills book THINK & GROW RICH was written in 1937 -  and the information is flawless today. I read parts I've highlighted in this book daily, and If I don't read it in book form, I read the emails I receive from the company every morning . EXCUSE ME YOUR LIFE IS WAITING - Lynn Grabhorn is another great read for motivation and inspiration. Love Warrior - Glennon Doyle Melton - A good "kick in the butt" for getting real in your life & relationships. The goal is is to just keep growing; our world is changing, and we need to move forward and continue our mental growth along with embracing the change around us. Here's a fact about your mind: It's going to control you - or you're going to control it. When you work on your mind, you are improving your quality of life. It's never about "stuff" it's about quality.

Shop my favorite books at the bottom of this post.

Shop my favorite books at the bottom of this post.

Self-improvement, personal development, or simply getting more from life feels good. If you want to expand your mind and your possibilities then I encourage you to find  books that speak to you, make a solid commitment to yourself to read every morning, even if it's 5 minutes, and I promise you will elevate your happiness and feel joy make it's way into your sub-conscience and accomplish a few goals along the way.  One of the best lessons I've learned is you can't do it alone, and why would you...there are so many incredible writers who want to share their wisdom and experiences with you. 

Candle / Shop Pretty Places... I love these candles, they're the perfect size so you can take them anywhere!

Candle / Shop Pretty Places... I love these candles, they're the perfect size so you can take them anywhere!

In the morning find a quiet place to sit, light one of your favorite candles and set the tone for your day ahead. Yes... you might be thrown a zinger or two during the day but you will have grounded yourself for protection before stepping out the door. I have many mantras I've learned over time that I repeat during the day and it can instantly change my energy. Don't let negative people or situations ruin your day. You be in charge, this is your movie, you be the director. Another great lesson I've learned; our thoughts, words, and energy will either connect or disconnect us from The Universe - or your Higher Power - God - Source Energy. When you change your words you change your world. Don't forget; expect wonderful things to happen, and  P.S. Don't sweat the small stuff...   My favorite word I've ever learned...GRATITUDE

 Share with me what your favorite word is...I'd love to hear from you.

               The more I read, the more I learn, and the more I share I transform fear to faith...Me.

Three Fearless Females writing about living life, feeling the fear and moving forward...                                            Gabrielle Bernstein - Glennon Doyle Melton - Maria Shriver



A year and a half ago I began a journey that has led me to a place of happiness that I thought had slipped away. I was asking those questions we all eventually ask. Is this it?  Now what... and not that anything is bad, but you know there is another phase, and what that next phase will be is the question, how can I enter this second part of my life and be the best I can be. I came across an article on Gratitude. I actually began to feel relief just reading it. The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless, and you can do it all day every day. If you're at a place in your life where you are ready for change, healing and...yes that word...HAPPINESS, then I'd like to share with you how my life has changed with one word...  GRATITUDE

I was on my way to Bristol Farms from doing a blog post, and I found this message as I drove by. I had to get out of my car because this message was Loud & Clear.

I was on my way to Bristol Farms from doing a blog post, and I found this message as I drove by. I had to get out of my car because this message was Loud & Clear.

I began every morning setting my alarm for early in the morning. For fifteen minutes I sat quietly, took deep breaths and began to think of  anything and everything I could be grateful for. In that space your mind becomes flooded with things that can be taken for granted of, waking up, your heartbeat, hearing birds chirp, breathing, my bed...and then I began to ask what would you (God, Universe, Higher Power etc..) have me do, I asked for a creative solution for everything... to guide me, help others, show me your way, not my way.  I didn't receive an answer right away but by staying committed to my morning ritual, and you do need to make a commitment, and boy is it worth it. Slowly the habit presented an awareness. A friend suggested I begin a blog.  How could I do that?? I'm not a writer, I don't even read blogs, I can't do that, all of those negative voices came rushing in. Then I thought, wait...I've been asking, it's time to listen. I also begin to feel butterflies and nerves the minute she suggested I do this. Instantly I knew it's exactly what I needed to do. After committing to figuring it out, this "blog thing" I then began to notice hearts everywhere and almost everyday no matter where I was. Because my heart was opening up so was my life. I felt I was on the right path, in that moment I knew the Universe had my back. The photos I'm sharing with you I have photographed all over and every day I continue to see more and more. 

Tahiti Bora Bora

Tahiti Bora Bora

Our family loves to travel and last spring we decided to get certified for scuba diving together. We chose Tahiti and it was a magical vacation in all kinds of ways. On our last day as we were coming up I took this photo with my underwater camera. 

A piece of bark can open your heart.

A piece of bark can open your heart.

Make a game out of noticing new things each day, you will be amazed at what your minds eye will see along your path. The feeling that comes over you fills you up and melts away all fear.

Being excited about the benefits of gratitude can be incredible because it gives us the motivation we need to start making changes. When we can make positive changes, we can then assist others. 

Cheese platter I was making for my friends, and this slid off the knife.

Cheese platter I was making for my friends, and this slid off the knife.

Why not keep a gratitude journal by your bed. It slowly changes the way we perceive situations by adjusting our focus. What we focus on is what we get, so let's focus on the good. Don't forget... worry is a form of meditation, make a conscience decision to not let worry pick up momentum.

It's written in stone.

It's written in stone.

Gratitude is an affirmation of goodness, it allows us to see that there are good things in the world. When things around us can sometimes be unkind and chaotic, having gratitude will encourage us to open our eyes to some amount of goodness in our life.

I saw this on my cutting board while cleaning up after dinner.

I saw this on my cutting board while cleaning up after dinner.

Expressing gratitude allows us to search out where that goodness comes from. Acknowledging that there is something way bigger than ourselves, I think I was about three weeks into my morning ritual and there was literally a lightness that came over my entire body. I had been asleep far too long...meaning I wasn't living to my full potential, I wasn't acknowledging the true gifts life had in store for me.  

When you walk with this guy, your bound to come across multiple signs.

When you walk with this guy, your bound to come across multiple signs.

I can honestly say I experience higher levels of positive emotions - I'm way more alert, I have joy, I wake up energized and I feel alive. Practicing gratitude is literally reprogramming your brain and it's a choice. No...life is never perfect but it's a great choice to get in the habit of looking for the good. 

Heart in Croatia.

Heart in Croatia.

Opening your eyes to more of the world around you can deeply enhance your gratitude practice.  When we're practicing gratitude  we are celebrating the present and we're less likely to take anything for granted. increasing our conscious awareness of gratitude requires that we train ourselves to think differently. We are all programmed from a very young age, good and bad. It's never too late to reprogram ourselves. Our brain and our will are stronger than we will ever know.  

Parking lot in Death Valley

Parking lot in Death Valley

You cannot feel envious and grateful at the same time, they're incompatible feelings. If you’re grateful, you can’t resent someone for having something that you don’t. Remember...you are you, and that's a wonderful thing. You get to create your life, It's a choice to choose gratitude.



There are a number of studies showing that in a time of serious trauma, adversity, and suffering if people have a grateful disposition, they’ll recover more quickly.

Parking meter in Brentwood

Parking meter in Brentwood

Grateful people have a higher sense of self-worth. I think that’s because when you’re grateful, you have the sense that someone else is looking out for you. Let go...

Inside my car after I got in, and I had an ice tea with me and it dripped this heart.

Inside my car after I got in, and I had an ice tea with me and it dripped this heart.

Once you start to recognize the contributions that other people have made to your life—once you realize that other people have seen the value in you—you can transform the way you see yourself. It's important to see yourself in a positive light because that's what is intended for you. When you shine everyone else around you shines too.

Hiking in Utah

Hiking in Utah

You will begin to see the good in people, you will find yourself more forgiving and way less stressful. You will feel empowered and a feeling of certainty guides you through each day.  Not only express gratitude when you feel it, but give thanks especially when you don't feel it. 

Koi pond at the Amangiri 

Koi pond at the Amangiri 

You will sleep better - less stress - you will boost your immune system - you will have more energy - you will improve your leadership skills - you will become more creative.  If you saw the movie "The Secret", you are aware of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you think about or talk about will be drawn into your life.  

Another walk, another sign.

Another walk, another sign.

Gratitude changes the chemistry in our brains, thoughts can actually turn into physiological changes in our body that affect our mental and physical health. Basically, what you think affects how you feel (both emotionally and physically). So if you increase your positive thoughts, like gratitude, you can increase your over-all mental health. When you get in the habit of feeling the gratitude than everything around you changes.

Seek and you shall find, Ask and it is given...Even in Buster's dog food, there are hearts...not surprising.

Saw this heart in the bottom of my coffee cup. Pretty amazing.

Saw this heart in the bottom of my coffee cup. Pretty amazing.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Begin giving your thanks now, there is no better time than right now.  For me hearts were my message and you never know what your message will be, but if you stay present and in conscience awareness and ask, you will receive your own personal signs and when you do you will know. It does take commitment, it takes you believing in what you cannot see, having faith, and self-love. 

On my street

On my street

There are beautiful Jacaranda trees on our streets that bloom twice a year. I shaped the petals into a heart. We can begin to shape our world the moment we choose to focus on gratitude, abundance, our heart, our breath...the universe is just waiting for you to choose, and when you do...watch out.  Goodness comes tumbling in.  All you have to do is take the first step, and you never know what follows from that. Remember; The Universe is on your side.

                   To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kindness that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude. -- Albert Schweitzer

Hiking in Utah with the husband in the background...love

Hiking in Utah with the husband in the background...love


If I can answer any questions please send me an e-mail. I would love to assist in any way I can. Believe in yourself, never give up on a dream, never worry about what anyone will think...

    Thank you, Lindsay, for our conversation one evening in my kitchen. Thank you for opening my mind to an idea I would have never thought of for myself.  I am grateful for you...


Welcome to the AMANGIRI - Located on an expanse of wilderness in Canyon Point, Southern Utah, close to the border with Arizona. If you live in California, you can hop in your car and in eight hours you will arrive in paradise. I'm not a huge fan of road trips, but I must say if you choose to fly instead of drive you will miss spectacular scenery along the way. Our first stop was Death Valley, another incredible experience... then drove through Zion, Lake Powell, and Page Arizona. If you feel like getting a little lost in nature's beauty and unplugging from your busy life, take a drive to Utah and in eight hours...you will feel like a new person.

Amangiri, located on a spectacular 600+ acre site in southern Utah, is an Adrian Zecha-inspired design in collaboration with architects Rick Joy, Marwan Al-Sayed and Wendell Burnett. Together they have created a bold yet enchanting settlement that both honors and celebrates the magic and mystery of southern Utah's magnificent cliffs and rock formations, as well as the region’s ancient Navajo heritage. The architect's goal was to build something that was a contemporary interpretation of native Indian architecture. Not perfectly adapted, but hopefully generating a sense and spirit of it. Also, that it would respect the natural environment. This was the most important aspect of the whole development.”  The resort is surrounded by the Grand Circle of Iconic attractions: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce and Zion National Parks.

I will say it was Love at First Sight as we hiked along the trails. I found this heart shaped rock on our first hike. You'll find you tap into your heart chakra quickly here. Love these Nike hiking shoes, they are comfortable and give great support.



The entry way is designed to work with the scenery, the resort is mixed with natural tones and materials, along with the stone floors and the concrete walls, which feels like you are visiting a contemporary gallery. 

Lobby Area

Lobby Area

Curl up with a good book in the lobby, everywhere you sit you have a view of the gorgeous desert and mountains. You might want to disconnect, but you'll have plenty of wi-fi if and when you need it. You will find yourself getting lost just staring out the window looking at the horizon.

There are 34 rooms perfect rooms you won't want to leave. I sat my alarm so I could enjoy every minute possible.

You have a private seating area in the front and the back of your suite. As the sun sets, the sky and everything around you begin to change color. It was truly a magical experience, comfort, and luxury.

Plenty of space in the dressing area

Plenty of space in the dressing area

Beautiful view while relaxing in a bath

Beautiful view while relaxing in a bath

Seating area at the front door of your room. Jana Feifer Tote   Kimono by:  Everelse Designs

Seating area at the front door of your room. Jana Feifer Tote   Kimono by:  Everelse Designs

Chef Jacob Anaya brings with him more that 15 years of experience. Locally sourced, farm-fresh produce are displayed artistically with every meal which are included, you will be charged for  your alcohol. 

 We looked forward to every meal, wake up and enjoy your breakfast while taking in this fabulous view.

And yes...repeat the view for lunch & dinner.

The focus of the resort is the Pavilion - Living Room, Dining Room, Library and Gallery, and the swimming pool, which wraps around a natural rock escarpment, which is 165 million years old... Pretty powerful.  You have the essential elements of this landscape that bring together the water, rock, and sky. Amangiri is so remote that there's literally nothing else to see here except nature... how refreshing.

Th Aman spa is 25,000 square feet of tranquility. Treatments include Navajo cultural traditions, Yoga, on a platform beside the mountains, Pilates, hiking, and horseback riding are just a few of the activities offered. 

You can find the perfect set-up for a workout. There is also a Teepee on the property along with a private home.

Entry to the spa

Entry to the spa

Every square inch of this property is paradise

Every square inch of this property is paradise

Take a jacuzzi while watching the sun set as everything around you takes on a different tone.

Take a jacuzzi while watching the sun set as everything around you takes on a different tone.

It's highly suggested to set your alarm for sunrise at 5:15, so I did. They're happy to serve you coffee while you sit back and enjoy the view as Mother Earth presents the day.

And then this appeared..so happy I woke up early!

Hiking is a must here, the energy you receive from the mountains and the earth will wake up your soul and get your creative juices flowing.

There is something, mysterious and magical about the property. You wake up clear headed, feeling alive and grateful. Just a reminder of how incredible our planet is, and the possibilities that await us.

Looks like another heart to me...

Looks like another heart to me...

You will experience the elements of the Native American tribes that once settled in the area. Can you imagine the vision of these three architects when they first saw this land?

We can't wait to return Amangiri, Thank you for your hospitality. 

We can't wait to return Amangiri, Thank you for your hospitality. 

What a special property and the staff were amazing. We are huge fans of the Aman resorts and Amangiri is one for the bucket list. As we left, I began to think about our return... Take a drive, feel alive and let nature reboot, reconnect and rejuvenate your soul...       

                           Thank you Mother Nature Thank you Planet Earth


If you haven't already come up with a green coconut smoothie or breakfast bowl made with Hawaiian Spirulina, I'd love to share easy recipes I like with you. It's Green, it's healthy and both are a superfood supplement. When you're on the go and running out the door early in the morning. Wake up and blend up - with a nutritious green machine smoothie in a cup or a bowl.

This took under 10 minutes to make and it's delicious. I blended half of a green coconut packet, water, raspberries, blueberries... sprinkled with spirulina - cinnamon -  topped with a mint leaf...and a lovely pink rose from my garden. The unused green coconut packet will last for three days in the freezer.

You can also use the green coconut packet, thaw it out for about 10 minutes and eat by itself. Sprinkle a little cinnamon, mix with nuts, dates or flax-seed oil. The above drink is made with green coconut - blueberries - flax seed oil - spirulina.

In Tablet or Powder form. Serving size suggested for the powder is 1 teaspoon /6  tablets daily with meals.

In Tablet or Powder form. Serving size suggested for the powder is 1 teaspoon /6  tablets daily with meals.

Recently I attend a luncheon where Elissa Goodman spoke about her new book Cancer Hacks, and one of the products in our goodie bag was Spirulina Pacifica from Pure Hawaiian. I didn't really know much about it...but I do now. Spirulina comes from a blue-green alga named for its shape. It's the original superfood and is one of the most nutritious, concentrated whole foods known to humankind. It's been used as a food source for centuries. Spirulina is made of between 55 and 70 % digestible protein (more than beef, chicken, and soybeans) you'll also find high levels of iron, beta carotene, minerals, and numerous other healthful vitamins including vitamin B12 and phycocyanin, a pigment protein antioxidant found only in blue-green microalgae. You might ask: Why take Spirulina?  It provides long- lasting energy and strengthens the immune system. Its antioxidant power contributes to the entire body operating like a well-oiled machine. For those who aren't a fan of veggies, sneak it in almost anywhere.

Benefits of taking Hawaiian Spirulina - Energy - Immune System - Brain Health (research has shown it has more promising results than blueberries for your brain) Cardiovascular... One 3 gram serving has higher levels of some key antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals compared to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.  You might ask why Hawaiian?  Hawaiian Spirulina goes from pond to powder in less than 30 minutes. it's cultivated in a Biosecure Zone free of pesticides, herbicides and industrial pollutants in Kona, Hawaii, the sunniest coast in the united states. Each pond is fed with 100% potable drinking water from Hawaiian aquifers and infused with pure deep ocean water containing beneficial trace minerals.

Ingredients: Young Green Coconut (1 packet) - Hawaiian Spirulina (1 teaspoon)- Blueberries - (many as you want) Add water to the consistency you prefer and shake in a little cinnamon.

Ingredients: Young Green Coconut (1 packet) - Hawaiian Spirulina (1 teaspoon)- Blueberries - (many as you want) Add water to the consistency you prefer and shake in a little cinnamon.

Coconuts are one of the most nutritious of all fruits, but unfortunately, in the United States, they are also one of the most overlooked. Coconuts are not a traditional part of the American diet but have been a staple food for Asian cultures, for centuries. Why young green coconut?   It's naturally low in sugar, has 0% Cholesterol, 0g Trans Fats, and fewer calories than mature brown coconuts.  I love inner-eco, they puree each individual packet so you can easily mix it up, blend it up or have it alone as a snack. There is no sugar added, Dairy free, Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free, no GMOs

  • A few health benefits of coconuts and coconut oil include:
  • Help you lose weight or maintain your already good weight 
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease 
  • Lower your cholesterol 
  • Improve conditions in those with diabetes and chronic fatigue 
  • Improve Crohn's, IBS, and other digestive disorders 
  • Prevent other disease and routine illness with its powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents 
  • Increase metabolism and promotes healthy thyroid function 
  • Boost your daily energy 
  • Rejuvenate your skin and prevent wrinkles

I bought this  Bella Rocket Blender  on Amazon. It's great for quick blending and super easy on the clean-up. After you've made your shake you can flip the cup over, add the lid and now you've got your to-go healthy drink, or make it the night before and keep it cold in the fridge for the following morning.  

Super easy, super quick and Super Healthy!  Tell yourself you are living in a healthy body and the mind will begin to tell the body and so on and so on...

And now you're off and running. Wake up Look Up Get Up Fuel Up.  Express your gratitude and watch your life begin to shift in a positive way....and a four-legged running pal doesn't hurt either.  We are living longer as a society and it's worth the effort to do your research and begin to take care of your mind, body and spirit.

   Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes. Ideas are products of the imagination . Imagine yourself as priceless...because you are.


Our final destination in Croatia was Dubrovnik, a city in Southern Croatia along the Adriatic Sea It's known for its extraordinary Old Town, encompassed with massive stone walls completed in the 16th century, there are about 43,000 people living here amongst massive stone walls that were completed in the 16th century. You will find well-preserved buildings and streets paved with limestone. Once again we had great meals, stunning blue water, and fun experiences in this pedestrian-only Old Town. 

The above photo is the view from our hotel room at The Hotel Excelsior. You can walk out the front door and within a twelve-minute walk, accompanied with a gorgeous view you will enter through the gates of Old Town.

After departing the ferry, you will see plenty of taxi's waiting for your arrival. Forty minutes from the dock and you arrive into town. The first part of the day you might want to spend a little time taking in the view and relaxing by the sea before heading into Old-Town. There is an indoor pool directly behind the sun chairs, but the beauty is under an umbrella, relaxing on the promenade while unwinding with a glass of rosè.

Take a breather from the sun with delicious Mediterranean cuisine. The beach bar, which is in a cave under the hotel, is so mystical with its stalactites and rock formations. The staff is lovely, our waiter was happy to share a little history of Dubrovnik.

Hotel Excelsior sets in a former 1913 royal villa overlooking the Adriatic Sea and Old Town. The rooms are modern, you have free Wi-Fi, minibars, and room service 24/7... be sure to request a room with a balcony. Breakfast is free, there are three sea-view restaurants, you can enjoy your breakfast out on the patio with a view of the sea or indoors. Hotel Excelsior is known for the history of royal and celebrity guests, such as Queen Elizabeth ll, Elizabeth Taylor. There is an old-school feel and when you're there you can truly appreciate the magnificence of the setting. You will experience more than a hundred years of history.

On your way to Old Town, you pass beautiful beaches and charming apartments while wrapping around the Adriatic. 

Behind the ancient walls in Old Town, beautiful music plays day and night. Old Town is a bit small but the huge gothic walls and cobblestone streets give it a grand feeling. 

We were told to head to Mea Culpa for the BEST pizza in the village. Great service, and fun atmosphere.

If you love pizza, here's the place... show up a little early because it's packed! Our meal was yummy and you get a real feel the Croatian life buzzing all around you. Would I go back to Mea Culpa? Thumbs up.

The Assumption Cathedral - Originally built in the 6th or 7th century in the Byzantine style, then rebuilt as a Romanesque church between the 12th and 14th centuries. According to legend, the rebuild was financed by a donation from king Richard the Lionheart after he was shipwrecked and rescued in Dubrovnik. The cathedral was badly damaged in the earthquake of 1667 and rebuilt in the Baroque style by Roman architects Andrea Buffalini and Paolo Andreotti.

Welcome to Cafe Buza...better known as "the hole in the wall" In the old Dubrovnik Buža means "hole" and no kidding... you have to go through the hole-in-the-wall that leads to casual tables with a birds-eye-view of cliff divers, and jumping.  Buza serves wine, beer, potato chips & nuts. Don't blink, or you'll miss the entrance.

Make your way down the narrow stairs and cozy up under an umbrella and enjoy the natural beauty of this unique spot.

Hanging out on the cliffs right above the sea and enjoy the show.

I can never resist a cliff or a diving board. I spent the summer in this VitaminA one piece and I just want to say... I loved it! 

Sea Kayaking Sunset Tour - Paddle beneath city walls until you reach hidden cave beach called Betina where you will have a break for swimming and snorkenling. You will then padle around Lokrum Island and explore its caves. When you return you can watch the sunset on the Elaphite Islands with a glass of the local wine and cheeses.

Our last night we found a charming restaurant Proto Fish Restaurant. Located in the centre of the Old Town since 1886. Proto is renowned for recipes from old traditional recipes of Dubrovnik fishermen.  

I had the seafood risotto, it was absolutely delicious! Our waiter suggested one of his favorite  local red wines. The Croatian people are very proud of their country and passionate about  their food and wine. 

On our walk back to the hotel there was a cover band of The Beatles. They not only looked like The Beatles, but they also sounded like them. Old Town was full of music that night, it was incredibly cool! Modern, old, new, and music from the past that never gets old.

The next morning we took off early for a walk away from town. Stroll along sea-side the whole way so you have a lovely scenic view and you catch a little breeze. 

And found this little slice of heaven. During the day you pretty much live in your bathing suit. 

We found Villa Dubrovnik Hotel.  A boutique hotel that sits on the sea with a spectacular view of the Old City and Island Lokrum. The property is surrounded by pine, orange, and lemon trees. 

Positioned on the cliffs above the Dubrovnik's St. Jacob precinct, newly renovated Villa Dubrovnik is about a 30-minute walk into Old Town or a quick car ride offered by the hotel. 

Dubrovnik is surrounded by stunning beaches, gardens and turquoise waters. You will want to walk the town; There is so much to see and experience.

Dubrovnik's famous city walls

Dubrovnik's famous city walls

You won't want to miss the walk along The city walls that surround Old Town. The walls are 6,365 feet long, and you can walk all the way around them. It takes a little over an hour. If you need to get down, there is a half way mark. You will explore Dubrovnik from an entirely new angle. You can climb the highest point of Old Town and take in amazing views over the city's red roofs. You will see sailboats, kayakers; you pass by Buza Beach, and you will see plenty of souvenir shops along the way offering authentic Croatian souvenirs. Yes, it's a bit Game of Thrones because it's a popular place for filming the t.v. series. There is a whole other world going on from above the city. You will see restaurants on rooftops that you can't see when walking around the town. Don't miss out on this walk; it's worth it.

I look forward to returning to Croatia one day. I found every island to be unique and special in its own way. The Croation people are generous and proud of their history. They look forward to sharing their culture with you. 

Overall Croatia is charming, and I have a feeling we might be reading a little more about this tourist spot along the Adriatic Sea.  Bye for now...but not for long.

     "Traveling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."   Ibn Battuta


I'd like you to meet beautiful and magical Sterling, creator of AOM The Art Of Manifestation; Get Your Life Now. Sterling has over twenty years of experience in the fields of life coaching, psychology, spiritualism, and Laws Of Attraction. Throughout her illustrious career, Sterling has taught her methods to countless students through workshops and partnerships with esteemed clients such as Google, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Hyatt, and Hilton. In addition, her unique skills have landed her in the pages of People magazine, and afforded her the opportunity to work one-on-one with many celebrity clients. Though Sterling insists, the method works the same way for everyone--if they are willing to put in the work. Whether you're familiar with The Laws Of Attraction, or you're new to the teachings, Sterling is passionate about teaching you how to create your life and attract the blessings that await you every day. If you knew you could actually live the life you dream of, wouldn't it be worth a try? (I can assure you, the answer is YES!!)

I first met Sterling here in Los Angeles through (who else?) our dogs. After chatting a bit we, of course, realized we had a lot in common and were both attracted to the magic this world offers. After Sterling shared with me what she did, I couldn't wait to learn about her unique program that guides her clients through the necessary steps to create an incredible life. I have been studying Law Of Attraction for many years, and after meeting with Sterling and following the steps listed in her program materials, I can honestly say I felt a big shift after the first twenty-four hours.  In your first session, you will meet with Sterling and receive a booklet that guides you through your daily exercises...that you create. You will continue to follow-up on the phone, online, or Skype. Once you see changes begin to happen exciting feelings begin to occur. You will become motivated and amazed at the joy you begin to feel. Your attitude changes, your focus, and true excitement flows in. 

When reading Sterling's website, it is overflowing with helpful information.  I found the article she wrote; Tips for Getting your Dream Job was incredibly helpful -  Sterling lists five steps in creating a transformation... here's a great piece of advice: Be sure to choose your own adventure. Don't allow your family and friends to influence your choices with their wildly varied perceptions. Discover your true calling by clarifying who you are - on the most fundamental level. Sterling is helpful in guiding you in the direction of finding your true self and having an honest relationship with who you truly are, and there you will find authentic happiness and honestly enjoy what you're doing!  Here are just a few of many of Sterling's clients who are living their dream jobs. Contact Sterling 

Sterling with actress Kimberly Elise

Sterling with actress Kimberly Elise

Sterling with Lauren Lapkus of Orange Is The New Black

Sterling with Lauren Lapkus of Orange Is The New Black

Sterling zeros into the root of whatever your concern is, and quick. You will have clarity and find yourself no longer getting stuck in these old familiar patterns we all collect along the way.  Most of all you can use these tools forever, everyday, wherever you are. You will begin to get excited about waking up and watching life unfold because you are creating it to do so. Having wonderful teachers and coaches in life is a blessing. If you read about some of the most successful and happy people you will find they all have teachers or coaches... or both. It's invaluable when we can learn to "get out of our own way" Sterling's coaching gives you a kick-start to jump into your life right now and when you begin to see results you will appreciate the momentum that begins to take place in your beautiful life...you were meant to live. 

Thank you, Sterling, for being passionate about life, your clients and opening doors for personal growth.  Be sure to check out Sterlings blog @ - www.getyourlifenow.com/blog

1) How were you first introduced to The Law Of Attraction? 

It was really through experience. One of the first things I remember manifesting was a steady boyfriend at the age of 18. I had declared to myself that I was ready for a real boyfriend to share my life with. Within 2 weeks I had begun a serious relationship with a handsome, fun, sweet man which lasted several years. We've remained friends since then. It was a great experience. The other extraordinary time was when I had manifested award-winning actor Gary Oldman in my studio apartment when I first moved to L.A. to pursue acting. I truly desired to have an opportunity to talk with him about the acting process and voila, like magic, he solely comes to my apartment and we had a wonderful day talking about the craft. He even said he couldn't believe he was there with me for this was something he never could imagine himself doing, yet he felt compelled to oblige my request. Right then I knew that there was a certain combination of "things" that had to come together to produce a miraculous result such as this and I set out to figure out what has to come together to master manifesting in life. If I could discover that "secret recipe," a step-by-step process to manifest in life one could have access to manifesting at will, anytime and all the time.

2) What was the first book you read on the subject of manifestation and the law of attraction and who was your first teacher? 

The first book I read on the subject of manifestation was Maxwell Maltz's "Psycho-Cybernetics." It was given to me at the age of 15 by my Aunt. I was inspired by the reading and got the message that one could live a life where anything was possible. The stories shared in the book really struck a chord with me but I couldn't ascertain how to apply it to my life personally. I knew there was truth in what Dr. Maltz was sharing with the world so I continued my search, reading everything I could, to understand this fascinating phenomena. 

3) What made you decide to be a Life Coach and create your personal format - The Art Of Manifestation?

Life coaching was not something I set out to do as a profession. I had studied, like a scientist, the manifestation process for many years keeping logs, experimenting, using my life as the subject to determine the fastest, clearest, easiest way to master the process of manifestation. From there, I shared it with friends, family and even put together a group called Lexicon of Dreams Fulfilled comprised of 15 friends to explore my unique manifestation process. It was a huge success! At the end of 12 months, participants experienced 90% completion of everything they wanted to manifest for that year and let me tell you, these people played big. If you had read what their intentions were for that year it would look like most people's life long list of achievements.

4) How long have you been a student of this work?

27 years to date.

5) What are you trying to achieve with your students through your teaching?  

I am 110% committed to my participants of the AOM system mastering the manifestation process easily, quickly and powerfully. I stand for people reaching beyond what their perceived limitations, constrictions or restrictions are redefining who they know themselves to be, their relationships and the world they live in. The results are absolutely outstanding and incredible beyond belief! It works for everyone and every time. 

6) Why do you use these particular teaching strategies as opposed to others that are usually suggested within the Law of Attraction?

I have found that there are an enormous number of books, teachers, seminars on the subject of manifestation, or as others call it Law of Attraction, but surprisingly there are some very crucial elements that are missing that limit the accessibility to truly gain access to one's personal power and abilities. Without these crucial pieces to the puzzle, one's ability to access true power is limited, at best. There are solid answers as to why people who study these phenomena fail at their greatest efforts

7) Describe the best teaching experience you have had as a leader in the field of the manifestation process/Law of Attraction?

All of my experiences as a leader have been incredibly profound! All of the people I have worked with have incredible breakthroughs and transformations in all areas of their lives in just 30 days! Nearly everything they have invented for themselves have manifested anywhere between 30 days and 3 months. That is incredible yet true! I just spoke to one of my participants today who has received unexpected bonuses at work, started her own company, moved into her dream home at the price she wanted to pay, strengthened her relationships and expanded them too, she also bought a brand new BMW, found the love of her life and has just been cleared of an incurable disease by her doctor all within 2 months, yet her story is not unique amongst my clients. They all have fascinating and similar stories to share. It is truly remarkable!

8) How long have you been teaching?

Although I have been studying the manifestation process all of my adult life I would say sharing it with others publicly was in 2002 with the group mentioned before, Lexicon of Dreams Fulfilled. 

9) What is the best part about your job?

Being a part of transforming people's lives! There is nothing more joyous to me than giving people their lives through the Art of Manifestation system. It is a thrill beyond belief hearing from my client's about their breakthrough's, shifts and total transformations.

10) Might we see a book from you in the near future?

I am working on a book at the moment. The working title is "The Art of Manifestation: Living a Life of Magic and Miracles". It is an expansion of the booklet that all my clients receive when they work with me as a life coach. I am very excited to expand onto the next level and share this incredible work with the world. Everyone, no matter what can live the life they dream of and what's more they can access it easily, quickly and enjoy every minute of the process with total fulfillment. Really... what could be better.

                                                 “If not now, when?”     Steve Backley


With over a thousand Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar is the island that is most popular and voted as one of the best of the best. If you're longing for peace, gourmet food, fun in the sun and zipping along the sea, you can satisfy all of life's little treasures right here in Hvar.

Hvar (pronounced hwahr) has been a popular resort destination for over a century. Croatia is a member of the European Union, and my guess is...you'll begin to see and hear a lot more about the charm of Croatia. As you make your way into town you'll pass the harbor and enjoy the crystal clear water filled with charming vessels.

Hvar has a mild Mediterranean climate and alluring beaches of pebble, smooth sun-bleached stone and white sand. It's one of the sunniest spots in Europe, with sunshine averaging about 2,720 hours a year.

Hvar has a mild Mediterranean climate and alluring beaches of pebble, smooth sun-bleached stone and white sand. It's one of the sunniest spots in Europe, with sunshine averaging about 2,720 hours a year.

The main piazza - St. Stephen's Cathedral

The main piazza - St. Stephen's Cathedral

Hvar Town has one of Dalmatia's largest town squares, a large 17th-century building that later became a Renaissance theatre, and the Cathedral of St Stjepan, a splendid example of the Dalmatian Renaissance with a four-level bell tower. 

Everywhere you walk the cobblestone streets and winding pathways change color as the sun begins to set. 

We stayed at the Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort which includes the Bonj Les Bains beach club, a 1930's white stone colonnade and the island's most glamorous spot for soaking up the rays.

The Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort offers a wide range of water activities, a smooth sandy beach, paddle boards, snorkeling and if you have a chance you'll want to rent a boat. We rented one for 6 hours and it was a blast, we had so much fun exploring the islands, tossing you anchor anywhere you want, diving in and swimming in crystal clear water.

Benedictine Convent and Church of St. Anthony the Abbot, 17th-18th cent.

Benedictine Convent and Church of St. Anthony the Abbot, 17th-18th cent.

The Benedictine Convent has been located here since 1664, originally in the residential complex of the poet Hanibal Lucić's family (1485-1553), which was left by his daughter-in-law Julija in her will to the Benedictines in 1591. Next to the convent is the Baroque church of st. Anthony the Abbot and John the Baptist from the 17th cent.

We found GIAXA on our first night in town. Their stunning light fixture instantly caught our attention. In the 15th century, during the Venetian rule, Hvar became the major port on the east coast of the Adriatic. The city walls were completed in 1450 and the Franciscan Monastery is under construction (1461). By the end of the century, a noble family called Jakša built a family palace of Late Gothic style. After five hundred years of upgrades and changes, you will find GIAXA (Venetian name for Jakša). Beautiful setting, a true culinary experience from chef Marko Krolo. (credit cards accepted).

BACCHUS - By far our favorite lunch experience. Bacchus Palmizana (on the Pakleni islands) You will need a boat to enjoy Bacchus and it's worth it!

Wrapped in an oasis of tranquility, enjoy an amazing view and loose yourself in the shade of an olive grove. The service was exceptional and the food was incredibly satisfying...so we returned the following day .(Bacchus takes credit cards).

Fresh off the boat, nice catch!

Fresh off the boat, nice catch!

Favorite dishes were the grilled calamari, garlic spinach, grilled fish, and you can't beat the view. We loved it so much we returned the next day for lunch. Try to get a table by the water, but everywhere you sit is a great experience. The olive trees are magical and provide excellent shade for a sunny day.

Bacchus is a family run restaurant, located in their own olive grove, the restaurant offers a natural, tranquil atmosphere along with a specific method of cooking in a traditional bread oven. Overall it was a terrific experience. 

There is plenty of spaces available to anchor a boat, large or small. It all flows effortlessly. 

After a tasty lunch, head back to your boat for a refreshing swim. The water temperature is just the right amount of chill and feels exhilarating when you take the plunge.

After spending the day on the sea, I had my family drop me off in the harbor for a little afternoon shopping. Easy in, easy out.

I found YUYU to be the best boutique on the island. You can find everything you need to remember your trip from here. The overall dress-code is casual, a kaftan, shorts sandals...it's really all you'll need.

Bathing suite, shoes, clutches, jewelry, and adorable kaftans.

We found MACONDO on the second night of our trip and returned the following night for a repeat performance. The owner is there on hand, along with an attentive staff and the food was fresh and excellent.  Be sure to sit outside on the walkway, which makes for a fun people watching experience. Many of the customers are locals, and that's usually a good sign.

I had fish every night while we were in Croatia. The food is simple, fresh and delicious.  It's also really well priced. Here you will need Cash.

Amfora Grand Beach Resort - Most rooms have a birds eye view. If you stay here you will have access to the private beach club Bonj les bains and it's about a 5-minute walk along the sea into town.

The Bonj 'les bains' beach club offers lounge chairs, towels, umbrellas and private pontoons for all-day shade. 

When you're ready to head to your next island you will want to take the ferry; it was a delightful, smooth, easy and relaxing ride. I suggest your tickets a day or two before you depart.

Hotel Adriana is located in town with this amazing view of the harbour. The Amfora and the Adriana are the main hotels. I noticed several apartments when strolling along inside the town that looked charming, I think that's worthy of looking into.



Don't forget your swim goggles, it's absolutely dreamy under here!  Next stop...Dubrovnik.

     “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.” – e.e. Cummings


We always look forward to our Summer excursions, especially when we are about to journey to an unknown territory. We had read several articles on the beauty of Croatia, so we got busy with a little research, and off we went...and so happy we decided to explore this seafront promenade.

First stop: Split

First stop: Split

Split, Croatia is the second-largest city of Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, centered on the Roman Palace of Emperor Diocletian. Surrounded by mountains and sea, Split has it all: Roman ruins, shops, and fantastic restaurants! 

Stroll along the promenade and you'll find plenty of areas to relax and appreciate the history along with a breth-taking view.

 Watching the city wake up on my morning run.

Every stone-paved path you turn on is more exciting than the next. We followed the voices and stumbled on this courtyard of incredible singers.

It's magical, mystical and you feel as if you're on the back lot of a movie set. The stone changes color as the sun begins to set, you will find an abundance of little restaurants at every turn, every corner. It's hard to decide where to park yourself for a meal. We found the places on the inside were the best, always look for a few locals and you can usually find an authentic experience, and fewer tourist. 

 Croatia grows an abundance of Lavander. Oils, lotions, and potions were available everywhere, and we found scarves...(my favorite) and their Olive Oil was incredible!  Make sure you wear a shoe that has a rubber sole. The first time I stepped out in my flat sandals, I almost had a close encounter with the stone floor! All of Croatia is paved with these stones, so FYI wear rubber soles. It's fairly casual so you can save your favorite heels for another location. The shoes I'm wearing in the photo, I purchesad in Capri. They are perfect for walking around day or night. They're no too high, and very comfy. Most importantly...no slipping! You can find them on Amazon. Made by Toni Pons.  (you can shop the post below)


Diocletian's Palace, a Unesco World Heritage site dating back to A.D. 295, and a recent film location for "Game of Thrones"  The "palace" is a mini-city of its own. There are more that 200 buildings and 3,000 residents within an eight-acre enclosed space. At night you can listen to beautiful music as you wander the streets.

Welcome to BOKERIA - The best restaurant in Split.

BOKERIA was recommended to us from a friend. The owner and manager and yes, you might find him in the kitchen... is Luka. He's from Split, attended UCLA, played water-polo and moved back to open up the BEST restaurant in Split. We had several meals there and a water and coffee break. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A favorite for the locals.

The interior is stunning. Bokeria was inspired by the La Boqueira market in Barcelona. It's modern and classy design, shelves lined with beautiful wine bottles and liquor. The flowers change daily, thanks to the daily market up the way, and you can experience a great vibe plus the service was excellent.

The interior is stunning. Bokeria was inspired by the La Boqueira market in Barcelona. It's modern and classy design, shelves lined with beautiful wine bottles and liquor. The flowers change daily, thanks to the daily market up the way, and you can experience a great vibe plus the service was excellent.

A large chandelier hangs from a chain in the middle of the room and extends over two floors. You'll have the choice of Mediterranean meals and the menu is decided based on the season and the fresh, organic vegetables available. It's right in the center, just ask anyone "where is Bokeria" and you'll be sent through the city maze and land upon a real gem! Be sure to make a reservation, It's the most popular spot in Split. (+385-21) 35 55 77) Ask for Luka, tell him your friends from Los Angeles sent you...the other Luca (Norton)

A large chandelier hangs from a chain in the middle of the room and extends over two floors. You'll have the choice of Mediterranean meals and the menu is decided based on the season and the fresh, organic vegetables available. It's right in the center, just ask anyone "where is Bokeria" and you'll be sent through the city maze and land upon a real gem! Be sure to make a reservation, It's the most popular spot in Split. (+385-21) 35 55 77) Ask for Luka, tell him your friends from Los Angeles sent you...the other Luca (Norton)


One of our favorite activities when traveling is renting a boat. We love cruising along, making stops along the way, and of course jumping in. What makes this city so charming is not just it's beaches and rocky coves of nearby islands, but it's the breathtaking tranquil blue sea. 

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

You can see all the way to the bottom, it's the same temperature as the South of France, so it's a bit chilly and it feels perfect the minute you take the plunge. 

Don't forget to bring your own goggles or purchase some. You're swimming in the salty sea, besides it's exciting to see every little creature under the sea. Vitamin A Swimwear  / Cressi Goggles (click on links below for shopping)

 Restaurant - DVOR  overlooking the sea. A popular game called Picigin - It's a traditional ball game from Split, that is played on the beach. It's an amateur sport played in shallow water consisting of players keeping a tiny ball from touching the water, and you must wear a Speedo.

DVOR - Another popular restaurant on the water, located outside of the village. It's about a 25-minute walk or a 5-minute taxi ride. We decided to stay in the village for our meals, but it's worth the walk to relax on the patio and observe in the guys playing Picigin.

DVOR - Another popular restaurant on the water, located outside of the village. It's about a 25-minute walk or a 5-minute taxi ride. We decided to stay in the village for our meals, but it's worth the walk to relax on the patio and observe in the guys playing Picigin.

 Outside Patio at DVOR while watching a game of Picigin (and they get CRAZY playing this game) it's so fun to watch.

 Outside Patio at DVOR while watching a game of Picigin (and they get CRAZY playing this game) it's so fun to watch.

As you're strolling around town and the sun is setting you can hear music and singing everywhere you go. Split comes alive at night, the sun sets around 9 pm. and it's a late crowd as most European towns are.

Expertly baked breads and wraps.

Expertly baked breads and wraps.

Caught a great moment with a local nun walking by the statue Grgur Ninski - a  medieval Croatian bishop of Nin who strongly opposed the Pope and official circles of the Church. He introduced the national language in the religious services after the Great Assembly in 926, according to traditional Croatian history. Until that time, services were held only in Latin (being under the jurisdiction of Roman influences before the Great Schism), not being understandable to a majority of the population. Not only was this important for Croatian language and culture, but it also made Christianity stronger within the Croation kingdom.

Waking up for a morning run and finding this along the way was an inspiration to swing by on my way back. The berries, peaches, and the plums were incredible!  The market is only a minute walk past the hotel.  Nike / Alo 

Seven days a week you'll find fresh food, fruit, flowers and yes...

Sardines!  I ate sardines almost every day in Croatia. The fish was "fresh off the boat"  I do believe the fish here was the best I've ever had. 

Make sure to exchange your money before you go. Croatian money is called kuna, 20 kuna is about $3 -50 kuna -$7.40 100 kuna is about $15. Take plenty of cash, not all places take credit cards. Almost everyone speaks English and they're lovely people.

Next stop is Hvar. The hotel takes you to the Ferry, it's about a 5 minute golf cart ride - Buy your ferry tickets the day before because it sells out.

Riding the ferries from island to island is simple and enjoyable, it's a scenic route the entire way along the sea.

Map of Split. No wonder the Roman Emperor Diocletian chose this spot in Croatia to build his lavish retirement palace in AD295. 

We departed Rome on Vueling Airlines, a quick 2-hour flight, easy baggage claim and the hotel is there to greet you. It's about a 45-minute drive into Split, with a nice scenic route.

We stayed at the CORNARO HOTEL, very clean, with a helpful staff. They have wi-fi, and you will need your adapters for charging. There are several hotels to choose from, The Cornaro was a 2 minute walk into the village.

If you decide to take a vacation to Croatia and you have any questions, send me an e-mail I'd love to help if I can. Our stay was for two days and we were on the go and experience a lot in a short amount of time. I think having three days might give you a little more time for sightseeing in the village, the museums, and having another night for dinner, but you won't want to miss the other two islands, so it all depends on what you enjoy doing. We spent three nights in Hvar and two in Dubrovnik.  I look forward to returning one day. Split is so charming and It was truly some of the best food I've ever had. If you've traveld to Croatia let me know what your favorite place was.   Next stop...Hvar! 

                                        Fun Fact: The neck tie was invented in Croatia

         Since achieving their independence in 1992, the people of Croatia have built a democratic society based on the rule of law, respect for human rights, and a free market economy. Elton Gallegly


There's something to be said about looking stylish and being organized when heading to the airport. It's great to be in charge of your own comfort, and you feel good when the inside of your luggage is organized as well as the outside. 

The outfit you wear on the plane will be your outfit when you arrive at your destination. Choose your wardrobe that feels cozy in your seat and also works for your arrival. Vince Sweater / Adidas Superstars /  CJ Drawstring Pants / Rimowa Carry-on / J.Crew T / Emi-Jay hair ties / Ray-Ban Sunglasses / J.Crew Grey Scarf / Gucci Backpack

Welcome to FLIGHT 001 - The one stop shop for your travel treasures.

FLIGHT 001 / 8321 West 3rd. Street, Los Angeles CA. (323) 966-0001

FLIGHT 001 / 8321 West 3rd. Street, Los Angeles CA. (323) 966-0001

So you're feeling great about your travel wear, let's take a look at a few ideas for perfect packing every time. One of my favorite things to do, before we leave for our vacation, is seek out any new inventory at FLIGHT 001.  It's like a candy shop for travelers. I've been shopping here for several years and look forward to seeing just how organized I can get. Here you will find all the necessities you need for a flawless journey. You can find great travel-related items with a little fun and fashion to make packing a lot less painful.  experience, everyone working is helpful and patient.  Travel on over to FLIGHT 001 for a one-way first-class experience and excellent customer service. Be sure to ask for Digby, he's incredibly helpful and great to work with.

When you're on a long flight and if you're in a tight space (the middle) it helps to be organized, and it's much more enjoyable if you have all of your own personal items. It seems like the AC is always blasting so why not snuggle up with your own blanket and neck pillow. I have all three items pictured above, and  I never travel without them. I look forward to using this soft and lightweight padded eye mask. It's pressure free and smudge free, so it won't leave a mark on your face!  

I'm not sure how many cute pouches I have...I've definitely lost count. But it always puts a smile on my face when I'm lurking around in my carry-on and read a positive phrase. I always take a photo of what's inside my bag; it's a great way to stay organized. I keep my vitamins, l'occitane hand lotion, eye drops, face serum, Kiehl's lip balm, and a tiny mirror inside the pink plastic bag. I have all of my charging cables, plugs and ear buds in another pouch.  All airline regulated. If you like to be an organized traveller and want great looking items, this is the place for you.


We started using these spacepak bags three years ago and I can't say how efficient they are. I pack a lot less when using spacepak bags and it helps they're colorful and labeled.

Don't forget your adapters. This 4-in-1 universal adapter is all you will ever need. I purchased this for my travels last year, and it's a smart & easy way to stay charged, it's color coated to make it easy-breezy . I use the toiletry spacepak bag for all of my lotions and potions and it holds up to 30 bottles. It's a perfect size and when you're unpacking; just unzip... it unfolds neatly and you'll find a small hook if you need to create a little more counter space.

Neck pillow / TSA pop quart  bag / Passport Cover (love having a bright color  / Money and Passport Holders for under your clothing - I just bought one for our son who is on a school trip, makes it safe and easy to be hands-free and on-the-go.

Bring a little fun to your bag tags.

Bring a little fun to your bag tags.

Don't leave home without your stretch bands. Sometimes it's fun to workout in your room and enjoy the view at the same time. While you're working out why not download a language app and learn a few phrases if you're visiting a foreign country.

Here are the other necessities packed away in one of my pouches. Handy wipes are a must. I wipe down everything...headrest, seatbelt, arms, tray table, window, and air vents. I find the heat patches work well if you're on a long flight and need to relax your muscles. Boost your immune system with Airborne tablets, put Aquaphor on your feet and then slip on your socks. SEA-BANDS if you feel a little nauseous, or your stomach is a little upset.

Steam Fast Steamer / Packs easy and works like a charm. Some hotels are equipped with an iron and ironing board, but not always. I prefer having what I need when I need it.

SKYROAM / WIFI all the time. If your flight gets delayed and you need to catch up on a little work or some on-line shopping, here's your answer. A secure service to keep you caught up. The cost is $99.99 for the initial cost and $10.00 a day for (8) hours. You can link up to 5 devices for the $10.00-day charge. It last for 10 hours, it's a little smaller than an iPhone 6; It does not work on a plane. When you're traveling around and need a connection, here's the solution.  Set up time is about 5 minutes.  We had a two hour drive today, and oh boy am I happy I had this!  We were lost, but now found thanks to the SKYROAM.  I whipped it out of my bag and off we safely went. Thank You Skyroam!!  You really do work.


No matter where you're headed be grateful for the journey. It's that time when we step out of our routines and make some new discoveries. It's a chance to reconnect with our family, friends and ourselves...meet new people and embrace different cultures. Sometimes when we discover the unknown all things seem possible.

        “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

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 Rosé is a signal that the most pleasant, most enjoyable & carefree time of the year has arrived... Summer.  How can you resist that rose petal pink color? It's a huge part of what makes drinking it so special. Rosé is a lifestyle, It's the kind of wine that inspires you to relax, enjoy and be in the moment. Kick off your summer with a glass of Rosé and  good friends and say goodbye to summer the same way.

Our dear friends we've shared amazing wines and travels with. Great friends + beautiful wines + fun vacations = Good memories and happiness to last a life time.

Our dear friends we've shared amazing wines and travels with. Great friends + beautiful wines + fun vacations = Good memories and happiness to last a life time.

Cote des roses -  The rose-shaped bottle was designed by a young student; Mélitine Courvoisier of the Ecole Boulle.  It comes in red, rosé and white. It's suggested to present the bottle by the neck and display the bottom of the bottle so the wine reflects through the specially cut glass, it looks like you are handing them a flower - a pink rose of course. Cote des Roses is the name of the coastal area near the village of Gruissan. Whispering Angel - Chateau d'Esclans is located on an extraordinary site, on elevated land near the Gorges de Pennafort, between St. Tropez and Cannes, and has become universal in popular hot spots such as South Beach, Nantucket, and the -Hamptons...speaking of, remember when there was a rosé shortage in the Hamptons last summr...well, they're bracing for another.  

 Here are a few excellent suggestions from Du Vin, owned by René located in West Hollywood and Heritage Wines, owned by Jordane Andrieu located in Beverly Hills.  Everything's Coming Up Roses!

Welcome to Heritage Fine Wines. Located on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. Life is always buzzing here on Cañon, and there's no shortage of yummy food and of course great wines.

Jordane is holding his favorite Rosé - Château Vannieres 2015

Jordane is holding his favorite Rosé - Château Vannieres 2015

Meet owner Jordane Andrieu - Born in Paris, he moved to Burgundy a few years ago to take over his father's vineyard. Jordane transformed a small domaine into a well-known organic estate in Auxey-Duresses, next to Meursault. With both an MBA and a degree in oenology, he is the current manager of Clos du Moulin aux Moines, one of the oldest vineyards in Côte d'Or. Opening Heritage in Beverly Hills inspired Jordane to create a tasting and modern retail experience by offering a curated selection of French labels ranging from modest wines to elegant and rare wines. Jordane has brought a touch of France to us here in Beverly Hills and we're loving it... Merci beaucoup.

Leoube - This bottle of Rosé - Secret de Léoube. Is wrapped in elegant script writing. I love this bottle!  an instant conversation starter.    * Winemaker's note:  The color is clear and delicate.  A blend of exotic fruits with light spice flavors. The palate is supple and elegant.  Chateau Rosé De Loube- The nose fresh: a blend of exotic fruits with light spice flavors.

Heritage is a perfect venue in Beverly Hills to organize networking events, holiday or birthday parties. Every Saturday at 3pm come enjoy wine tastings inside or on the patio. You can join the wine club and once a month and learn from sommeliers who curate two delicious and original French wines - one white and one red.   Jordane's childhood friend, Apollonia Poilâne, from the Poilane Bakery in St Germain-des-Prés in Paris, flies in her sourdough country loaf several times a week for The Heritage clientele. French wine, cheese and fresh French bread...let's go!

Heritage is sophisticated, quiet, and serving only fine French wines. You can order a delicious cheese board, from the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, (a personal favorite) unwind and appreciate the little things.  Awwww a little bit of Pairieee in Beverly Hills.  Héritage is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm, Sundays from noon to 5 pm.  

Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc / South of France / One of our favorite vacation getaways. 

Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc / South of France / One of our favorite vacation getaways. 

Rosé is the official summer beverage of the Côte d'Azur. I say "Let's make it the official beverage here on the West Coast."  

 Here are a few excellent suggestions from Du Vin, owned by René Averseng and located in West Hollywood you'll find Du Vin, a quaint bungalow tucked away in a small vine-covered courtyard. 

Photo: Rene Robert

Photo: Rene Robert

For thirty-six years René has offered his expertise in finding the perfect wine solution for any occasion. Averseng was born in Grasse in the south of France and raised in Avignon near the vineyards of the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape. René has experience as a wine steward and consultant to top restaurants and hotels in Europe. We're lucky to live in an inspiring neighborhood, Every day we are surrounded by art, boutiques, and fantastic restaurants. Du Vin and Heritage Wines are two of those special venues that offer personal hospitality and years of experience.

René's top four suggestions : Petale de Rose $14.99 / Commanderie de la Bargemone $18.99 / Chateau Barbeyrolles $26.99 / Clos Beylesse (René's personal favorite) $26.99 

René's top four suggestions : Petale de Rose $14.99 / Commanderie de la Bargemone $18.99 / Chateau Barbeyrolles $26.99 / Clos Beylesse (René's personal favorite) $26.99 

Pétale de Rose - The vineyards are worked by hand, using natural animal fertilizers and treating the soil with sulphur and copper only from 3 generations. There are no chemical weed killers used. You can't go wrong sipping this light Rosé.

Leoube -  Cotes de Provence  $19.00 / The taste is supple and expresses an elegant blend of mixed red& exotic fruits with a very pleasant level of acidity. With a delightful lively and soft finish, Léoube rosé offers a balanced and medium-bodied wine that will please everybody’s taste.

Du Vin in West Hollywood - 540 North San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood.

René & Jordane are two intelligent men with a passion for wine, who take joy in educating their customers with knowledge and to truly appreciate the experience. 

                     "Wine is the most civilized thing in the world." --- Ernest Hemingway.


Before heading off for vacation, I enjoy planning healthy meals a month in advance. It can be fun to set a goal and get yourself into your "fighting weight", so when you're packing your bags, you become excited to wear your pretty little dresses and your bathing suits. Who wants to think about calories or carbohydrates, when you're traveling about and looking at the breakfast buffet...not me! I look forward to every meal. I get so excited about sitting down for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So before you go here are a few of my favorite kick starter meals to get you on your way

I've always loved a good turkey burger, and I enjoy making my own. All you need is some ground lean turkey meat, which can be mixed with spices and season to make it taste just oh so yummy for you. Bun or no Bun? That is the question. Want a good ole hardy burger, keep the bun... feel like being a little lean because summer is on its way, go for lettuce wraps.  Whether your dressed or undressed, you'll feel great when you make healthy choices.

I buy my turkey meat and veggies from Whole Foods Market. I mix a little olive oil, Italian Herbs and truffle salt. What's a burger without fries!  I heat a large skillet and cook on medium for about 4-5 minutes on each side. Garnish with a little mustard, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese then finish off with a gluten free Bun from Glutenfree Bakehouse Products / 356 Whole Foods Brand organic ketchup / ALEXIA - all natural roasted crinkle cut fries (0g trans fat) 

Dress it up - Dress it down...here is the lean version of a turkey burger, and by the way...very tasty. I did leave off the swiss cheese, and passed on the fries, but I promise it still taste great. No bun needed. 

I cook with Herbs of Italy quite a bit - Oregano, thyme, basil, garlic, black peppers, tarragon, red bell pepper, chives. California Olive Oil - and just a little truffle salt.

ALEXIA fries are my son's favorite fries. 

I use Herbs of Italy to season the fries, just the right amount of flavor. Garnish your burger with any little topping. Here I have added a baby heirloom tomato...so cute 

Vegetable Butter lettuce tacos. 

Super simple to make/  broccolini and broccoli (I love them both) -cauliflower rice - radishes - avocado - carrots- spicy red pepper - lemon - garlic oil.  Heat the oven to 400 degrees - chop your veggies to your liking (leave out the red pepper if you choose) - heat on a baking sheet for 15 minutes - Place in the butter lettuce and garnish with your avocado, radishes - sprinkle the garlic oil on top. I don't find you need any dressing. The garlic oil has a nice flavor and the crunchiness of the cauliflower rice (love the texture) with the radish is so satisfying. Radishes are full of fiber, riboflavin, and potassium, as well as good amounts of copper, vitamin B6, and magnesium. Radishes are a natural cleansing agent for the digestive system, helping to break down stagnant food and toxins that build up over time. They are a staple in my kitchen.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Detoxing Salad - I've been a fan of apple cider vinegar for a few years and I thought this would be a different way to enjoy the benefits, instead of mixing it with water and knocking it back. I love the red cabbage ( pretty pink color...livens up the meal) and once again really easy to make and SO healthy for you. Apple cider vinegar helps with health concerns including diabetes, cancer, heart problems, and high cholesterol. It contains pectin (a naturally occurring substance found in the skin and the core of  berries, apples, and other raw fruit) It's also know to cure hiccups and soothe a sore throat.  Plenty of reasons to keep in hand in the kitchen pantry.

You will need Red Cabbage - Sea Salt - Red Onion- Olive Oil - Apple Cider Vinegar - Black Pepper - Parsley. Did you know parsley is rich in many vital Vitamins, including Vitamin C, B12, K and A. This means parsley keeps your immune system strong, tones your bones and heals the nervous system too.

What you will need - 1/2 bunch of parsley  / 1/2 medium red onion / 1 small red head of cabbage / sea salt & black pepper to taste / 1/4 cup of olive oil ( or less) 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar. Chop the cabbage and the onion in a food processor. 

Season with salt and pepper, and add in the chopped parsley. sprinkle olive oil and apple cider vinegar / mix together and serve fresh or cover the bowl -place in the fridge and enjoy for 3 days. Below are 3 different ways to mix in your healthy detox salad.

1) Baked Salmon on a bed of lettuce, grilled peppers & cauliflower 2) Baked Salmon on shredded cabbage salad 3) Baked Chicken with Cesar Salad, and grilled Broccolini.

I'd love for you to share with me some of your favorite healthy salads, and any recipes you've come up with. Let's stay healthy by educating ourselves and stay out of the doctors office!

Lemon Italian Sparkling Mineral Water.

                                “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”                                                                                                                                            W.C. Fields

Take care of your mind body and spirit, it wants to see your dreams come true.  xo janet                                                      


 Luxe crocodile handbag designer Reyna Icaza wants to put an explanation point on your outfit. The stylish Nicaraguan-born beauty says her bespoke line of custom purses, clutches, and shoulder bags is distinguished, yet practical enough for everyday living, and can help women punctuate their own unique stories with classic "aspirational, yet attainable" elegance

A childhood spent steeped in the rich natural and cultural wonders of her Central American homeland developed Icaza's eye for refined detail. These early days of creative inspiration would prove more short-lived and impactful on the young designer-in-the-making than anyone could have predicted. In Late December of 1972, while Reyna and her family were visiting relatives in Los Angeles, a magnitude 6.2 Earthquake devasted their hometown of Managua. "Our home, my school: everything crumbled," she recalls, "My parents made the decision for us to stay in Los Angeles since there was nothing to go back to."  Our entire family had to start our new lives in L.A. I had to learn English, enroll in school, adapt to a new country and proudly became a citizen of the U.S. - my new country -which I love"  Fortunately for the fashion world, Reyna's sartorial - centric upbringing in Nicaragua led to an early career working with product development for luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren and William-Sonoma. 

Thirty-five years later Reyna returned to Managua, the cit's landscape had changed dramatically. I discovered a new city that I didn't even recognize, after returning I decided I wanted a change from the corporate world and I wanted to dive into something that would afford me more personal contact with both my creations and my clients. In Re-exploring my native country, I discovered that Nicaragua had access to incredibly beautiful crocodile skins. That planted a seed in my mind. I could source both the crocodile skins and manufacturing in Nicaragua. 

Reyna has a great eye for developing those perfect jewel tones. 

The process of building her business has been a family affair. Acquiring the sustainable crocodile skins and working with local craftspeople were just two of the challenges she said were greatly simplified by having roots there. Reyna's mother was very instrumental in helping her network and makes her dust-bags. Her first year in Nicaragua was spent learning about the skins, working with the craftsmen, and establishing her standards." Her husband Dane was vital in designing her logo and website, which were both major steps to launching practical operations. 

Look who else is part of the family business. Matisse oversees all of Reyna's packing for her travels...mostly figuring out how to go with her... 

Reyna enjoys doing trunk shows in her friend's homes. She enjoys the creative process and taking her time while working one-on-one. 

Classy Snake Skin Clutch Bags.

 You can also choose cuff bracelets, belts, wallets and passport covers... a great gift idea for men.

I love working with my clients, In many cases they come up with stunning ideas and color combos. Seen here with Kelly Preston.


These one-of-a-kind pieces give any look instant "WOW"  I absolutely love my red bag. The red is a perfect red. It's nice to be hands-free. This bag is great for traveling, and for evenings you can remove the strap for a dressier look. Cuff bracelet.

Reyna has found one of the most multi-faceted obstacles of being a handbag maven is to understand the ever-changing landscape of social media and to strategize how to leverage it to help build her brand. "It's a whole new way of doing business, so I'm pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and embrace it."  Reyna is right where she belongs; thoughtfully stitching together pieces of the two countries she calls home. "I love facing every new day," she says. "Since it's just me running my business, I get to wear many different hats. Depending on the time of year, I may be developing and designing new handbags, sourcing, and buying hardware, preparing for a trunk show, or boxing and shipping handbag. I do spend a lot of time following up on production and talking with my team in Nicaragua. It's amazing how you can run a business with an IPhone."...  We're so grateful she does.

  Reyna is available for trunk shows. Her information is on her website or you can email me, or write in the comment box here on the blog with any questions. It was an absolute pleasure spending the day with Reyna and having lovely women enjoying a little shopping and sharing a few laughs.


      Money doesn't buy elegance. You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray              shoes, and a wonderful bag, and it will always be elegant. Carolina Herrera

Grateful Gardenia: As a businesswoman, what are some challenges you have faced in the beginning stages, and how did you overcome them?  

Reyna: The beginning stages of my business were actually very exciting. The first challenge was to find the right factory to work with in Nicaragua that could make my handbags. Being from Nicaragua and having family there made the process a little easier. My mother was very instrumental in helping me network. I spent a lot of time in Nicaragua my first year learning about the skins, working with the craftsmen, and establishing my standards. The other challenge was developing my brand and setting up my business.  My husband Dane, designed my logo, helped me set up everything operationally, and most importantly developed my initial my website. I was amazed how my identity, brand logo set the tone for my vision. After that, I was on my way.  Most challenging for me was understanding the never changing landscape of social media, and how to leverage it to help build my business.  It’s a whole new way of doing business, so I’m pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and embrace it. Thanks to your help too, I’m on my way.

Grateful Gardenia:  Briefly describes a day in your life as an entrepreneur. From the time you wake up -

Reyna: I wake up with lots of love: hugs and kisses from Matisse - our mini dachshund - every morning (sorry honey).  I love facing every new day. Since it’s just I running my business, I get to wear many different hats. Depending on the time of year, I may be developing and designing new handbags, sourcing, and buying hardware, following up on production, preparing for a trunk show, and boxing and shipping handbags.  I do spend a lot of time talking with Nicaragua since all my production is done there. It’s amazing how you can run a business with an iPhone.

Grateful Gardenia: What motivates you in your job and your personal life?

Reyna: Oh wow, so many things…In life I think “love and faith” are the key ingredients, that seem to make everything fall into place. It feels so good to love!! I love my husband, my family, Matisse, my friends, and my home. I also love food, eating and cooking, mixed with travel and exploration. Having family in New York, California and Nicaragua pretty much ensures that I’m always exposed to a lot of amazing places, people, and ideas. It’s easy to be motivated when you have positive energy and know how to be happy in life. I feel very blessed. I’m doing business with my native country, in my native tongue.  I never dreamed that I would return to my roots and start a business. The support of my husband, family and friends keep me going. In my job, I receive enormous motivation and encouragement from all the women I meet, from fellow entrepreneurs to my customers.  Women truly motivate and help one another, and want other women to succeed.  I spent many years in the corporate world, and I can tell you that it’s very different dealing with women outside the corporate world. There are so many entrepreneurial women doing great things and succeeding. This inspires me. It’s also amazing that in the short time that I’ve been in business, I’ve developed a very loyal clientele. I receive dozens of handwritten cards from my clients, telling me how much they love their handbags. These notes come from the heart and they are priceless to me. It’s such a wonderful feeling; I can’t help but stay motivated. Thank you to all the women that are reading this, you know who you are, and I’m so appreciative for all your support.

Grateful Gardenia: What are your three favorite beauty or clothing products you simply can’t live without?

Reyna:  Hmmm…Yoga is essential, and no red meat.  I’m scared of the “new” beauty treatments.  In clothing, I have a fetish for white blouses and black dresses for every occasion. I love combining navy and black. White jeans are essential for summer, and of course handbags, preferably a Reyna Icaza handbag. :)

Grateful Gardenia:  How do the ideas to consistently grow your business come to you?

Reyna: I’ve been in the fashion industry my whole life.  In my early years I spent many years in product development, merchandising and design, and later in retail management at Ralph Lauren. The interesting part is that what I’m doing now is totally new to me. I’ve been introduced to private trunk shows, and I’m enjoying them so much.  Direct contact with all my customers is priceless; I’m constantly listening to feedback and growing. I’ve been in the fashion industry my whole life.  In my early years I spent many years in product development, merchandising and design, and later in retail management at Ralph Lauren. The interesting part is that what I’m doing now is totally new to me. I’ve been introduced to private trunk shows, and I’m enjoying them so much.  Direct contact with all my customers is priceless; I’m constantly listening to feedback and growing.



The Adidas Originals Superstar has been celebrating a bit of a comeback since early last year. For Spring 2016 the iconic sneaker with the shelltoe makes a return with a real 'kick.'  When you're running around and on the go, why not slip into a pair of super-popular Adidas Superstars, and bring out the "Superstar" in you. Here are five ways to wear your favorite sneakers. 

 This season your sneakers will be the star of your outfit. / J.Crew Hat / Sincerely Jules T / Novemb3r Trousers / Adidas Superstars /

 Sincerely Jules is a website with fun a different twist on graphic T's

The Adidas's have a soft cushy inside, that's easy to remove and wash. For Mother's Day, I got the Apple Watch, and I'm really enjoying it. My favorite thing is when it alerts me to 'Stand Up and get moving'  Motivation is always a positve thing.

Women's feet are weeping for joy thanks to the fashion world embracing sneakers. Welcome to the world of real flat-on-the-ground, high-top, low-top, lace-up, slip-on, sneaks. The best part...you can wear them with absolutely everything, including skirts and dresses. J.Crew T / Vince Skirt / Hermès Twilly / Adidas / Chanel Purse / GIgi Clozeau Necklace /

During your summer travels, look and feel chic in sneakers, shorts, scarf, stylish glasses, and your favorite bag. J.Crew White Shorts / Uniqlo Black Top / Hermès Scarf / J.Crew Hat / Chanel Sunglasses / Chanel Bag

When you're traveling around and it's a little hot and humid outside, most times when you step into a restaurant you'll get a nice blast of AC... I like to take off my scarf (belt) and wrap it around my neck. Instant warmth while enjoying your Rosé.  Adidas / J.Crew Shorts / Hat / Uniqlo top/  Chanel Bag /

Price-wise, you can't go wrong with J.Crew shorts, a fedora and Uniqlo classic button down top. Uniqlo has great linen tops, a smart staple for your wardrobe.

Lately, my go-to outfit for running around, especially when traveling is my favorite leopard print dress from Equipment and my Adidas's. Sneakers are ageless and comfy. Urban chic, tres chic, comfort chic... YSL Clutch

Check out Lyn Slater, of Accidental Icon,  and you can read about this fashionable 62-year-old woman rocking her sneakers and inspiring you with her style and wisdom.

Companies like Adidas, Chanel, Lego, and Burberry have lived through many phases. Each of these brands is rich in history, memories, experiences and have always stayed Innovated. The past can always be a source of inspiration, whether in business or personal it has the potential to add value.  

Give an edgy look to your leather pants by adding Hermés Scarf, and Alice & Olivia Black Jacket, grab your clutch and your ready to go. Alice and Olivia Jacket / Hermès Scarf  / Valentino Clutch / Helmut Lang Leather Pant /

The great plus of stylish sneakers is a comfort,  sophisticated look, and relaxed chic vibe... I see my friend here is an admirer of sneakers too. Valentino Clutch 

Hermès Scarf / Valentino Clutch

Classic Adidas sneakers and trainers are back into the world of fashion. I think it's needless to say; you need to head out the door and get yourself a pair immediately. Have fun with your wardrobe; I was a bit skeptical about sneakers with a dress...not anymore. My feet are happy, and these sneakers are keepers. Ciao for now

Adidas / Reyna Icaza Black Croc Clutch  - Fantastic Prices @ Reyna Icaza / J.Crew Hat / Hermès Twilly /  Chanel Sunglasses /

   “I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes -- it's about all kinds of change”                                                                                                                     Karl Lagerfeld



Our family always enjoys vacationing in Mexico, we love the weather, food, and the culture. Rosewood Mayakoba is just one more reason to say "Vive le Mexico"  Here at the Rosewood Mayakoba on the Riviera Maya... a chic alternative to a resort, you can explore 1,600 acres of  jungle, lagoons, and white-sand beaches. Mayakoba opened it's doors in 2008 and sits along the mile-long arc of Caribbean white sand, just north of the town Playa Del Carmen. You can choose from 130 luxury suites with private plunge pools, rooftop decks, an outdoor shower, a private dock and bicycles to take you touring around the property. 

Upon arrival,  you will step onto a charming water taxi and drift along the peaceful canal making  your way to your private sanctuary for the time being. Leave the big city hustle & bustle behind...time to be in the moment and appreciate your surroundings.

Welcome to paradise.

Welcome aboard the Rosewood Mayakoba Loveboat. A charming little boat that will guide you through the canals to your own private oasis. Step onto your private dock, right into your own private plunge pool...nice. Yes, I do mean private.

At night you will be invited into your cozy sheets with a different color hibiscus flower. 

Inviting tub and an outdoor shower, located behind the shower is a staircase to the rooftop deck where you can look up and see a star covered sky.

Spacious bathrooms and fantastic closet space. Welcome to you home away from home, M&M's / fresh fruit / oreo's & lemonade and margarita mixers.

Enjoy your own bike while traveling around the property, and you will need it. There is a lot of ground to cover. Take an afternoon bike ride and watch the palms begin to change color as the sun sets.  Melissa Odabash Bathingsuit coverup.

By the sea / Punta Bonita for lunch or dinner, inside or outside on the terrace.

Here at the Punta Bonita, by the Caribbean Sea you can enjoy a relaxing venue for a light lunch or an authentic tapa style dinner. 

You can choose indoors or the outdoor terrace for a beautiful beachside experience. This was my favorite snack...Jicama, Mango, Cucumber with chili flakes / Fresh chips & salsa / shrimp cocktail with homemade verde sause.

Sense Spa has 12 treatment pavilions arranged around a cenote, (spring-fed pool), and a huge locker room with saunas, steam baths, and rainfall showers. Don't miss out on pampering yourself while you're here at Sense, enjoy the pool, zen garden, steam shower and true quiet time.

Sense is equipped with a full gym. Try the Detox Enzyme wrap,, beginning with a refreshing papaya and pineapple exfoliating scrub.

Hop on your bike, grab a book or catch a cat-nap in Sense's tranquil waiting room. 

Every area of the property is carefully thought out to blend in with the natural landscape. Don't blink or you'll miss a stairway to a Yucatán treasure.  Eres swimwear.

Located behind Sense, you'll find several private pathways leading to peaceful areas. Every day I journeyed out I found a different area to sit down,  meditate and appreciate the beauty of my surroundings.  There are two hibiscus gardens on the property and you'll see the hotel staff taking their time in finding the perfect flower for the special areas in your suite. I have so much appreciation for the staff,  you are always greeted with genuine smiles, they are proud of their culture and their environment.  Natalie Martin Dress / Alvaro Gonzalez Sandals.

Enjoy meals made with fresh herbs grown on the hotel property.  This area is available to rent for celebrations and functions. Once a week you have an opportunity to enjoy dining with a pre-set menu.

While you are enjoying your walk and the aromas of the herb and hibiscus  gardens... don't miss out on the hammock tucked away under the tropical trees.  Enza Costa Ribbed Tank Dress / Bonjour Tote; Jolie / Slippers provided from The Mayakoba.

Enter your suite to Clase Azul Tequila. Compliments of Mayakoba / Step into your personal pool and Enjoy!

 In the lobby next to the Casa Del Lago restaurant,  Watch how cigars are made and hear a little history.

Casa Del Lago features Italian inspired meals with a Mexicana flavor. Enjoy a fantastic breakfast, lunch and dinner. They offer a unique wine list and a cocktail menu.

Whitefish sashimi with fresh herbs and fruit was my favorite appetizer.

After dinner one evening, we came home to this stunning hand-carved chocolate dessert plate and fresh fruit. Mayakoba is overflowing with special touches, and this is one of many.

We were so thrilled to wake up each day and head to the coffee and juice bar. My husband and I would take our computers or Ipads around 7am, hop on the bikes and off we went.  What a great way to start the day.

Breakfast from Casa Del Lago / Waffles, fresh berries / If you're a doughnut lover...this is a good spot.

Huevos Divorciados was my daily breakfast along with ice café.  A Mexican breakfast of eggs separated by a line of refried beans or chilaquiles...and of course topped with fresh herbs and radishes.  Yummy.  / Specs by Oliver Peoples

Poolside by the main pool near the lobby.

Another clever presentation of Jicama, cucumbers, carrots, mango, radishes and chili flakes. I so looked forward to my lunch each day.

Another clever presentation of Jicama, cucumbers, carrots, mango, radishes and chili flakes. I so looked forward to my lunch each day.

Grab your bike and go...ten minutes on a bike trail and you can walk a few steps under the earth to visit the Cenote (A natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath) located on the property. You can also see the bats flying above you...It's actually very interesting, don't miss out on a little journey underground. Dries Van Noten Dress.

Located a few minutes before the cenote you'll find a quaint new village with boutiques, restaurants, and a charming church. A great activity for the day is a bike ride along the path and to visit the local tourist spots on the property.

Before sunset enjoys authentic music and evening at the tequila tastings, mingle with other additional hotel guests, and get to know the history from the Mayakoba executive Staff. 

 I absolutely loved walking out the door and hoping on a bike like you hop in your car.  It's a great way to wake up your soul and experience a sense of freedom. It's always a good idea to step out of your regular routine and do a little something different. We had a relaxing and fun vacation at The Rosewood Mayakoba. Every element of the property was unique...the food, service and the overall experience was just what we needed. If you have younger children, and you're searching for a full kid-friendly hotel, you'll be pleased. There are plenty of activities to occupy your time no matter how old you are. The pools are quiet a distance from one another, so if you need a little quiet time, you'll be sure to find that too.

Thank you Punta Bonita, for a great week, tasty meals and amazing service. Look forward to seeing you soon.  Gracias Por un gran comidas sabrosas semana y un servicio impresionate. Espero verte pronto!

Thank you, Mayakoba... Until we meet again...Gracias, hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo  / Nike shorts & Nike shirt & Nike shoes

                              “To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye


Welcome to the Virginia Robinson Gardens 28th Annual Garden Tour. This year's event  De Colores is a perfect fit for the Robinson Estate.  The Virginia Robinson Gardens was the first luxury estate built in Beverly Hills and was the opulent private residence of retail moguls Virginia and Harry Robinson—of Robinsons Department Store fame. Constructed in 1911 by Virginia’s father, architect Nathaniel Dryden, the palatial estate and gardens once played host to lavish Hollywood parties that courted the legendary likes of Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin, and Sophia Loren. While feted for her hostessing prowess, Mrs. Robinson was equally renowned for her philanthropic endeavors. The Hollywood Bowl was a purported particular favorite, and in her role as Benefactress, Mrs. Robinson frequently hosted the orchestra on the estate’s Great Lawn.


Dana Reston Lyons’ roots with the Virginia Robinson Gardens run deep. The Co-Chair of this year’s 28th Annual Garden Tour says her passion for the unique blend of horticulture, art, and design that the historic estate in Beverly Hills offers began with her childhood visits to the botanical wonderland. This photo says it all...when you enter the property, you can't help but feel the desire to surround yourself in a field of flowers. Join us this Saturday, May 14th - tickets are available on-line.  Dana is wearing a top from Etro / jeans J.Crew /Necklace VanClef & Arpel /


Envision yourself on six acres of what life might be like in the countryside of Italy, but in the heart of Beverly Hils...just two blocks North of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Behind the gates, you will find an orchestra of flowers and an oasis of beauty.  Open for tours only by appointment a few hours a week, It is worth the visit to see the history and feel the magic.

“My parents always took me on excursions to see beautiful gardens, grand estates and great art on our weekend outings and family vacations,” says Reston Lyons, whose mother, Felice, volunteered with the Friends of Virginia Robinson Gardens in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Her mother’s example planted the seeds for Reston Lyons’ passion for the organization that has raised millions of dollars toward the restoration and preservation of the uniquely historic Robinson Estate. Final touches for the entryway are in progress before the doors open this Saturday, May 14th.


This years Annual Garden Tour will take place Saturday, May 14th and it's not too late to purchase tickets. May 14th marks the only day of the year the Virginia Robinson Mansion is open to the public, and also serves as the primary benefit fundraiser to preserve this well-manicured piece of Angeleno cultural history for generations to come. 

Virginia and Harry Robinson / Robinson Estate 1911

Harry and Virginia met in Los Angeles when they were children. Their parents were friends and in the same social circle. Harry's family sent him to Europe when he was fifteen years old to further his education in culture and fashion. When he returned to the states, he reconnected with Virginia and shared their love for gardening and fashion. Over time, Virginia fell in love with fashion and eventually had a full-time seamstress living on the property. All the top designers from Europe would send over their latest patterns, to assure Virginia would continue to be the true fashionista.  One afternoon Harry visited a pet store in downtown Los Angeles, and he noticed these monkeys in a cage, it was incredibly hot, and Harry felt they deserved a better environment than a pet store, so that day he left with the primates, and three generations later the rescued monkeys continued to enjoy the Robinson grounds.  Harry graduated from Throop College...now know as Cal Tech. He passed away in 1932. After his passing Virginia opened Robinson Department store in Beverly Hills...Robinsons, in the heart of the city. She was known as the first lady of Beverly Hills. In 1977, Virginia passed away at 100 years old. Harry and Virgina left behind an incredible legacy and gift to the city and it continues to keep on giving. 

Dana & her mom Felice in Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver Canada 1969 / Dana & Felice at a garden party 1968.  

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Photo: Robinson Gardens

The floral affair will offer attendees fresh glimpses of themed landscapes, cocktails and lunch on the tented Great Lawn, an IRO Paris fashion show, and a bountiful boutique featuring Jo Malone’s latest line of herbal and floral scents, as well as offerings from Sugarfina, Ted Baker, Lorna Jane, Michael Stars, and many more.    Photo: Robinson Gardens

Gorgeous centerpiece.   Photo: Robinson Gardens

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Floral dress designed by: Angira Patel of Beverly Flower Gallery

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Dress comfortably with walking shoes when visiting the gardens. Enjoy a beautiful lunch catered by The Kitchen For Exploring Foods

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Photo: Robinson Gardens

Interior bathroom of Robinson Estate

Jo Malone /  The Herb Garden

Jo Malone /  The Herb Garden

Jo Malone's newest collection: The Herb Garden -  Inspired scents from London's breath-taking gardens.  From London to Beverly Hills... A perfect collection for this year's event.

Surrounded by  beautiful roses,  Dana appreciates the history of the Robinson Estate. Dana is wearing / J.Crew Jeans / IRO Jacket / Gucci Tian Princetown Slipper / Van Clef & Arpel Alhambra Necklace

Gucci's new floral designs make a perfect fit for this years De Colores theme. Gucci Tote / Gucci Moccasin 


The greenhouse filled with elegant orchids is an extension of the Robinson home. Appreciate nature, be in the moment and enjoy your experience being surrounded in the orchid blooms J.Crew Jeans / Etro Top / Jimmy Choo Sneakers

In addition to maintaining the gardens, the Friends of Robinson Gardens also sponsor a very active outreach program with volunteers hosting an annual spring tour and science education program for underserved youth in Southern California. The Children’s Programs educate participants about organic farming, sustainability, and healthy eating. Students also interact with plants growing in a vegetable garden, and they get to explore gigantic King Palm trees that tower 60 feet above them. Student field trips are led by trained docents who strive to keep the kids curious and engaged. The session lasts about two hours and ends with a souvenir of their own King Palm seedling so they can plant and observe it's growth over time.  Virginia Robinson Gardens is listed as an approved field trip for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

For Reston Lyons, this aspect of her Co-Chair position represents the fruit of her volunteer efforts, "I love growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs in my own garden. Imagine being from the inner city and never having been able to run around in a garden." This years Co- Chairs / Kathy Choi - Dana Reston Lyons - Nicole Antoine - Diane Jenkins 

 Virginia Robinson Garden Tours can continue to live on because of passionate people like Dana who want to preserve the history for generations to come.

After fourteen years of friendship, I am so proud of Dana. She continues to give of her time and resources and is incredibly passionate about the city she grew up in. She believes in educating us on the history of those who paved the way and shared their dreams....Thank you, Dana, for your vibrant contagious spirit and your graciousness. You too are a part of this city's history.  I am looking forward to this Saturday, strolling the gardens, enjoying the food, the fashion show and of course the shopping. I am wearing J.Crew Cropped pant / Cyn Jun Top /  Superga Sneakers /  

   Virginia Robinson Garden Tour is this SATURDAY, May 14th from 10-4.  Tickets can be purchased online at: www.RobinsonGardens.org or by phone from 9-4 M-F at 310-550-550-2068 .  They accept all major credit cards.  It's not too late to purchase your ticket.

     MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the Virginia Robinson Gardens is to preserve and promote the historically significant first estate of Beverly Hills for the education and enjoyment of the general public.

Welcome to the Virginia Robinson Garden Estate / Please Join us this Saturday, May 14th for a day of true beauty, an organic experience and an education of Virginia and Harry whose vision was to make the world a better place.    Photo: Robinson Gardens          *A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches        industry and thrift; above all, it teaches entire trust. Gertrude Jekyll

Welcome to the Virginia Robinson Garden Estate / Please Join us this Saturday, May 14th for a day of true beauty, an organic experience and an education of Virginia and Harry whose vision was to make the world a better place.    Photo: Robinson Gardens

         *A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches        industry and thrift; above all, it teaches entire trust. Gertrude Jekyll


Lately, I've heard and read more about Sardines than I ever had before. Of course, the allure of these small guys and their health benefits, are indeed intriguing, and people who eat them seem to experience a long healthy life, and that peaks my interest. Sardines are named after Sardinia, the Italian island where large schools of these fish were once found. While sardines are usually enjoyed fresh, they are most commonly found canned, since they are so perishable. With growing concern over the health of the seas, people are turning to sardines since they are at the bottom of the aquatic food chain, feeding solely on plankton, and therefore do not absorb heavy metals, such as mercury, and contaminants as do some other fish.

1-Cardiovascular / 2-Bone & Joint Health /3 -Cancer Prevention / 4-Eye&Hair /5-Skin&Health /6- Protein

While there are six different types of species of sardines belonging to the Clupeidae family, more than 20 varieties of fish are sold as sardines throughout the world. What these fish share in common is that they are small, saltwater, oily-rich, silvery fish that are soft-boned. In the United States, sardines actually refers to a small herring, and adult sardines are known as pilchards, a name that is commonly used in other parts of the world. Sardines are abundant in the seas of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean with Spain, Portugal, France, and Norway being the leading producers of canned sardines.

No one is certain when sardines came onto the scene, but in 1795 Napoleon Bonaparte needed to feed his men, he helped popularize these little guys, (no pun intended)… by initiating the canning of sardines. They were the first fish to be canned in order to feed his army and the citizens of the land which he controlled. It took hundreds of years for the positive results to be discovered. But now with people living to be well in their 100's... and I'm talking healthy peeps. They all have something in common…Sardines

Acciaroli Italy

Acciaroli Italy

Residents of Acciaroli, a costal village nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, consume a diet rich in wine, rosemary and anchovies. Let's take a look at the lovely rosemary herb.

Rosemary is not only fragrant, it's a good source of iron, calcium, and vitaminB6. Rosemary was traditionally used to help alleviate muscle pain, improve memory, boost the immune and circulatory system, and promote hair growth. Just one more reason to add or increase rosemary into our diets.


Over the weekend I decided to get creative with a few sardine recipes. 

Avocado toast with chives / cherry tomatoes / olive oil  / No need to add salt. Sardines are already naturally salty. Hermès China.  Sardines are one of the highest sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids on the planet, along with other important minerals and vitamins.

Always looking for a moment to mentally escape to Italy. Pizza with basil / cherry tomatoes / chives / Bela Sardines. Why not add a little Rosè for your Italian get-away lunch.

Here's a healthy quick, and light dinner -  Arugula salad with green asparagus, poached in water (or grilled) for 1-2 minutes /  anchovy filets in olive oil and lemon /  Parmesan cheese with fresh lemon and olive oil mixed with chives / slices of toast for dipping in your olive oil /  Of course we continue to hear more and  more about the benefits of Red Wine. Maybe we don't live in Italy, but we sure have a lot to learn from the healthy Mediterranean. We are living longer so why not live it in good health. 

Creating a healthy path for ourselves is not only important it's fun. There is so much to learn about the benefits of healthy eating. When you begin to educate yourself on food, herbs and your body, it will change your life...for the better of course. You can then walk a little further for a little longer with a lot of joy. There's still so much to see in this big beautiful world...

                                  "Ecco a vostra buona salute"... here's to your good health

                 “If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”  ~Unknown


Welcome to the southern tip of the Riviera Maya.  Surround yourself in Mexico's most stylish and fashionable beaches and just BE... At Hotel Be Tulum, any stress you flew in with begins to  melt away. Say hola to this charming native environment and BE swept away by luxury and nature.  Be/ verb - present    Welcome to Be Tulum where you can simply...Be



Carved out of the jungle less that 50 years ago, Tulum thrives in a bubble all on its own.  Tulum locals take great pride in their town, and it's organic lifestyle. There is a commitment to the environment that takes high priority.  After googling around and a few recommendations from friends, BeTulum kept popping up. A boutique hotel with 20 incredible rooms, with an outdoor shower that blends you into the environment. Any senses that have been shut down, instantly come alive in this tropical forest. Picture yourself in a glass treehouse surrounded in a jungle with amazing birds.  From sunrise to sunset, you have fantastic meals, service and staff that make you teary-eyed when you checkout. Tulum has been on our travel list for awhile, we can now check that box... and we can't wait to return next year.  Don't miss the Mayan temples, where you can loose yourself in ruins from 1000 years ago. You will leave a little more conscience than when you arrived. I have fallen head over pineapples with Tulum.

The minute you enter you'll find signs in the trees hanging throughout the property. Just a reminder of the simple gifts in life that are best not to be taken advantage of. You can't help but crack a smile every time you stroll past this message. Smile

Your tropical oasis awaits you... Early in the morning, you can hear the birds begin to share their message. You experience a true peace of mind.  

Sebastian Sass - Is the architect of Be Tulum - In Tulum, the structures remain shorter than the tallest palm tree.   

There are three suites to choose from - Jungle Suite - Arena Suite - Ocean Suite. In two minutes you step out of your suite and into white sand and warm turquoise water. Take a minute to connect with the hotel staff. Everyone is so generous and incredibly interesting.  Enjoy your in-room jacuzzi and an outdoor shower. Tap into that Jungle Fever.


Everyday you can enjoy fresh organic fruit and amazing meals. 

Here's to the cutest beach shack ever...Don't miss out on the spicy margarita. Your room key is accompanied by a flashlight.  No need for unnecessary lighting when the moon is in your back pocket.

The fruit plate is presented differently every day/ Poached eggs with fresh salsa and avocado / The fish tacos are a must and chances are they were caught two hours before your request  / The hot sauce is just the right amount of spice, served with homemade chips. 

Grab a bike and feel the freedom as you cruise your way thru the town of Tulum. Every shop and restaurant is a walk or bike ride away. Taxis are as easy as Uber and for $4-$8 dollars you'll arrive where you need to be.  Every day I rode my bike to pay a visit to Sophia at KM33.  Super stylish boutique where I purchased a few bags and enjoyed our travel and fashion conversations. The Tulum locals come from all over and they genuinely love their paradise.

We are huge fans of anything Italian...no matter where we are. Posada Margherita was Incredible, authentic and oh so yummy... The owner Ale, from Genova Italy, delivers Italian  meals that will have you returning for more. You will fill like you are Italy, the food is bello!  If you're gluten-free, not a problem... you'll find it here. It's cash only.

You get a complimentary bread/cheese/veggie plate for lunch and dinner. The different bread choices are covered in amazing spices, dried tomatoes & onions on top... Delicious. The margaritas are made with fresh lime and tequila. Posada Margherita is a must!

In the Hotel/restaurant, you will find Ale's wife Daria and her eco-chic boutique - LOL. Daria carries everything you need to feel effortlessly stylish. She has a European flair, so all of her dresses, bathing suits, hats, Kaftans, and her jewelry designers are unique. I purchased gorgeous necklaces by Gigi Clozeau, and a kaftan by Laura Marks, who also works in the boutique. On my right is Noe  a graphic designer from Argentina, who also works in LOL.  You can also find her adorable greeting cards in the boutique. La Flaca Pretini

You'll also find hotel and boutique Coqui Coqui while you're strolling along in town. They have a lovely collection of perfumes that remind you of a natural tropical sense. There are 13 fragrances to choose from along with bath oils, room scents and candles.

You must go to Hartwood. It's buzzing with stylish peeps from everywhere. Be Tulum team will organize a taxi to stand in line for you for $40. And...trust me it's worth it. The line begins at 2 pm, and they don't start taking reservations until 3 pm.  I promise you won't regret the $40. Chefs Eric Werner and Mya Henry work their magic in cutoffs and an apron, and every meal looked incredible as they passed by, and the salads were scrumptious. My husband and I had fish, salads, and our son had the Filete De Coronado. The nearest electrical lines are miles away; solar panels power the lights, the only kitchen appliance (a blender), and the music that comes from Werner’s iPod. After dinner, you can enjoy your walk thru town before returning to your tropical tree house. Cash Only.

Simplicity and nature are the new luxury. There was a tropical rainstorm for a few hours and it was incredibly peaceful. 

  Lose yourself in ruins from 1000 years ago. if you have a rental car, drive five minutes north of downtown  & you can take in the civilization that thrived in the 13 & 15th centuries. Rent a car for $17 a day from Fox rental car - drive into town {75 miles}. even if you have a car, the best way to navigate Tulum is on foot or by by bike. Be Tulum has complimentary bikes, and there are plenty to go around.

Strolling down the beach you'll find incredible places along the way, Casa Malca is located near Be Tulum. This was the grandest swing I've come upon. Inside you can view incredible contemporary works of art.

FullSizeRender (29).jpg

Upon arrival and departure, you will be greeted by "The Dream Team" Thank you so much for everything. You truly made our Be Tulum experience magical. 

No matter where you go in life the people place and experience become a part of who you are. Travel can invigorate your soul and bring back the passion in your heart. 

Derek and I are early birds, we enjoy our coffee talk and taking in all of the beauty wherever we go. Thank you, husband, for another wonderful memory. Thank you to our sweet boy Luca for helping with the photos and your endless patience when photographing your food. I love you both... 

Visiting Tulum is truly a BREATH of fresh air. Just a reminder amongst the trees to connect with your breath,  revive your spirit and to relax and let go. 

Wherever we go we share who we are. It's important to leave a positive and joyous footprint. We look forward to returning to the treehouse in the jungle. Be Tulum will forever be one of my "happy places"  It's all a journey...

                    “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Unknown


A few years ago I would pop into my favorite dance class with my favorite teacher...Samantha Rabon, and I'd workout with my favorite group of women. I became friends with Moana Dixon, and over time, we'd follow Samantha wherever she taught. One morning after Sam's class the three of us were chatting about life, dreams, our goals and I discovered Moana had a company called The Hunted Fox. She invited me over to her studio, and it was overflowing with the most beautiful pillows, rugs, and throws... I instantly went to pillow heaven.  I needed personal Thank You gift for an editor here in town, and she informed me of a special bee-spoke touch she likes to add. She engraves the name on a piece of leather that is placed on the back, then you write out your personalized message and her laser printer displays it on a thin sheet of wood. It looks incredible. When I delivered my Thank You gift it was a big hit. You can read more about Moana in the May issue of C Magazine. Take a peek at the beautiful Moana and her dreamy designs. Mother's Day is around the corner so if you're looking for a special gift to add a little comfort and beauty in someone's life... or yourself, check out The Hunted Fox - located right here in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Miranda North

The beautiful, down-to-earth and talented Moana Dixon.

Feel like you're away at your favorite resort in your own home with this vibe.

California is the perfect place for outdoor living. These throws look fabulous amongst our sunshie.

The kitchen seems to be the favorite spot in the house and why wouldn't it be with this cozy rug.

Catch all of your beautiful dreams with The Hunted Fox Dream Catchers.

Instantly relax and escape while resting on these tropical blue pillows while dreaming about your favorite vacation.  Photo credit: Miranda North

Bring any room in the house alive with these multicolored pillows.

Moana is always reaching to be her best. She's passionate about design, color and would love to help you create your own personal Oasis.  Photo Credit: The Hunted Fox

Beautiful Shearling Throw

Moana made this supportive Lumbar Pillow for a thank you gift, along with a personalized card.

Thank you Moana for making me this Lumbar Pillow. When I work on my blog I always have this as my inspirational support. I do believe it brings me good luck, and it's soooo pretty. I love supporting my women friends. When you meet people who are passionate about life and out there making their dreams and desires come true, you want to get the word out and spread the love. Thank you Moana for making the world a prettier place...and my pillow.

                         * When women support each other, incredible things happen.    

Bring The Bands

Spring is in the air; Summer's on the way and so are short sleeves, swimsuits and your tone arms. Here are a few exercises that go where you go. Traveling with this one little band can help keep your arms nice and tone. I know I've said it before, but as we age we need to become a bit more aggressive when it comes to our triceps and biceps. 

Achieving toned arms come as a result of making changes to your diet, and we need to exercise all the major muscle groups in our arms and shoulders. It's never too late to start our quest for strong and beautiful arms. I promise you'll be happy you did.

All we need is a band. I like to tie a knot on one end for a better grip. Place one hand on your hip / begin to stretch your working arm at an angle in a slow and steady pace.  You will feel your muscle begin to quiver...that's a good sign / Do 20 for 2 reps / Change arms and repeat.

Wrap the band around your hand and now we are going to stretch out to the side / Have a slight bend in your knees / Add an isolated movement with your waste / you'll feel this in your bicep and tricep  / 20 on each side for 2 repetitions.

Sit on the band as if you were sitting on a swing / Grip both ends of the band / tuck your elbows in / Slowly begin to lift up and down / This is a small movement and you will feel the burn /  40 to 50 lifts, or whatever is best for you.

Your body is your temple. You and only you can make the choice to treat it in a loving way. There are many people who love and care about you and want you around for a long time. Take care of yourself...you're worth it.

                The best project you'll ever work on is you...