Are you looking for your next clutch or tote bag? Last Summer I was on a mission for a clutch bag that would give me that "island feeling" I wanted something fun, lightweight, easy to pack and that went with everything.  When I came across JADEtribe, I was thrilled, I loved the mix of colors and fabrics and when I held it, I literally felt happy...you know, like I'd found "my tribe" 

Meet Kimberly Hartman, the designer and CEO of JADEtribe, and a fellow Texas gal. Kimberly has an impressive fashion background under her belt — having worked in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Paris, and New York. In 2008, she left the Big Apple and embarked on a solo trip to India and South East Asia that ended up transforming her life. While in Laos, she was so captivated by the craftsmanship of the women weavers in this tiny village, she literally employed the village!  They say "it takes a village." These bags have a great energy about them; you feel it when you carry them. Kimberly shares not only her collection with us but her passion for giving back.  Exclusive colors and patterns have become the foundation of the JADEtribe handbag collection.

These travel bags are lined so no need to worry if anything leaks.

 JADEtribe clutch bags and totes are so colorful, you really don't need much else. 

Tropical Inspiration

Toss this tote over your shoulder and feel tribal.

If you are looking for a chic, yet bohemian bag to tote around this summer, look no further than JADEtribe. A few weeks ago, my beautiful "fashionista partner"  Mellisa Meyers and I ventured to downtown Los Angeles for the Brand Assembly trade show and we chatted with founder Kimberly Hartman on our Glow and Grateful Facebook Live show about the inspiration behind this colorful ethically made accessories line. You can see our video below of our interview with Kimberly. 

Thank you, Kimberly, for creating an authentically beautiful collection that empowers the female artisans who contribute to JADEtribe. I'm sending loving vibes to the women & their families in Laos. Women like you make a difference for all women. 

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What's not to Love about Adidas. Feeling casual and a little youthful these days??  If so, then don't forget to grab a pair of Gazelles. The legendary Gazelle from Adidas was introduced way back in 1968... I'm pretty sure I heard that "Everything old is new again"  Go 50's!!

Thank goodness sneakers are here to stay. Now that we all truly crave the comfort of the sole and the soul... Every season brands from way back when keep raising the bar, and Adidas holds steadfast & true so if you missed the "Superstar" or the "Gazelle"  the first time around you'll have a second chance to buy their trusty kicks again.

Adidas Gazelle


Most of the time running around L.A. is a casual experience, so it's fun to have a favorite uniform to throw on for busy errand days. This casual jacket is my favorite all-weather black bomber jacket from Vie Active, and it's on sale right now. I throw it on when I'm headed to my yoga class or when I'm running around day or night. Its scuba-like Vieoprene fabric, so it's made for warmth and comfort.

Adidas makes this skinny cigarette pant.  They have an elastic waistband and hang low on the hips... they are a little baggy and they added their signature "racing stripes" on the side. 

Many times when I'm staring at my clothes, I ask "What do women in Paris wear"...oh yes, black! For a quick out-the-door look when you're running around and on-the-go.

Are you familiar with Cuyana?  I was introduced to Cuyana by a friend and, instantly I was drawn to their soulful vision and this bag. ClareV makes this vibrant green tassle. 

Also at Cuyana you'll find their Leather Travel Case Set.  These also make great gifts for a friend or the man in your life. At $110 you can't beat the price!!  Shop the post below.

I absolutely adore this perfume!

I absolutely adore this perfume!

Lacrème Beaute makes the most amazing products and now Victoria added her Fresh Cut Huile Parfum. You will feel like you've been transported to a rose garden amongst fresh cut flowers.

Just a few of my favorite things for on-the-go and feeling youthful, free & smelling pretty!

                             Be yourself, but always your better self     Karl G. Maeser


Wouldn't it be nice to create a daily practice where we can feel how incredibly wonderful we are by learning how to love ourselves? When we begin to show self-love it's amazing how our lives can improve. We feel better, we're kinder to each other, we get the jobs we want, or even create them. Our relationships improve or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin. It might sound simplistic but don't you find the simplest things are the most profound?  It's time to see you like God sees you. Here are 14 tips for creating space to love and appreciate who you are and appreciate others on February 14th.

1- Speak kind words about yourself

When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say "I love you" speak kind words to yourself, think kind thoughts. What we think on the inside is what our world reflects back to us. When we have self-love, we are able to have love for one another. 

Watch the Sunrise

Watch the Sunrise

2- Watch the Sunrise

Watching the Sunrise in the morning and waking up with the planet reminds you that it's a new beginning. It's the perfect time to say "thank you for today, thank you for letting me begin again"  It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can wake up with the sun and begin a new day. Express your love for the planet and you will begin to feel love right back. 

Signs are everywhere...

Signs are everywhere...

3-  Walk your dog or cuddle with your cat or talk to nature

If you have a dog, walking your dog not only gets you out into the world and connects you with nature, it's showing love to your animal and they're so grateful to spend quality time with you. You never know what you might see along the way, maybe a sign from the Universe to remind you; You are loved...  

Be the girl on a train

Be the girl on a train

4- Take yourself on an Adventure

Even if it's just for the day. When is the last time you took the train? There's something charming about seeing the city by train. When you're looking out the window and watching the world go by you feel nostalgic and be grateful for a little old fashion charm.

Organic, non-toxic, cruelty free, chemical free brands

Organic, non-toxic, cruelty free, chemical free brands

6- Send yourself some Love (Goodly)

Wouldn't it be Lovely to receive a box in the mail from a company that actually promotes self Love? Love Goodly is a bi-monthly subscription luxury box service that introduces you to products that take care of yourself and our planet. You will be introduced to brands from all over that are made with Love. Your health and your wellness are worth it!

Found another sign...

Found another sign...

7-  Take a vision walk

Create your day by walking with a vision. Set out with a purpose and begin by saying; Universe I am aware there are universal forces looking right at me, and I am aware that I am the object of your positive attention. Today all day I will be in conscience awareness that you are right here with me. Loving me, Encouraging me, Inspiring me, Guiding me, Leading me, Laughing with me, Healing me, Uplifting me, Financing me and I am grateful for your continual gaze upon me. Look around at every living thing nature has provided us and recognize the abundance and feel your heart open.

Don't forget to look up

Don't forget to look up

8- Enjoy being by the water

Whether you live by a lake, a river or the ocean, being next to water calms the soul. We can relax, connect with our inner guidance and rejuvenate our cells. After all, our bodies are made up of 65 % water... or just make yourself a nice bubble bath. 

Recreated my meal from Estrella on Sunset Blvd.

Recreated my meal from Estrella on Sunset Blvd.

9 - Make yourself a nice meal

Because you're worth it. There are so many incredible recipes to discover on social media, why not get creative and make something you've never made before. Take yourself to the market and splurge. Create a healthy, beautiful meal for yourself, your family or friends.  *I've linked 5 top apps for healthy meals.

Venice for great murals

Venice for great murals

10- Think Big

Remember; it takes just as much effort to think big as it does to think small. Have a big vision for yourself, you'll find that if you get in the habit of doing that, the Universe will provide the path to get you there.

Tulum Beach

Tulum Beach

11- Write down your dreams

It feels so great to write out your vision, to draw pictures, see the words, feel the emotion, sit back and enjoy the ride. Become inspired by your own words. When your vision moves from thought to paper, you feel alive, you will begin to find ways to make it happen and what the mind sees it wants to achieve.

12- Get together with your friends

Make an evening with your girlfriends for brainstorming, and a few laughs of course. Ask what their goals are, and chances are you'll all find a way to help each other.

13- Stop & Kiss

Yes...just that. Don't forget to take time to Stop & Kiss someone you love.

14- Express your gratitude

 Wake up every day and be grateful. There are endless possibilities when you look at life through the eyes of Love. Having self-love is having the appreciation for the spiritual being you are, and that which created you. Tell someone you love them today, start with yourself. You have so much to offer. 

                                                        HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Linda Rendleman - Women Like Us

Meet Beautiful Linda Rendleman CEO and President of Women Like Us.

I was honored to meet with Linda Rendleman and in awe of her work and most of all the passion in LInda's heart. I am so grateful for women like Linda who tirelessly do the work and lift women just like us up no matter where they are in the world.

Linda was born in the Midwest at a time when women wore white gloves and hats, and for the most part, a woman’s place was in the home, In the 50’s. She grew up appreciating June Cleaver…and Donna Reed. She thought somehow, wearing pearls and high heels around the house with an apron trimmed in lace, and having a family would make her dream complete. When she was a teenager and ready for college, she was told it was best to become a teacher or a nurse. Linda had a voice inside that kept saying "let's go to New York, let's do a little more"  Linda felt she had a different mission, she wanted to see the world and be a bigger part of it.


By the time Linda was married at 19, and a mom by age 21…She held onto the dream of the white picket fence and all that came with it, but circumstances can be life’s teacher.  She quickly realized it was time to dig deep, ask the real questions and move on.

 She had a dream of a foundation to support and help women to exercise their own power, Linda wore many hats along the way, then she was delayed by unexpected news of cancer and placed that dream on hold. Linda envisioned a healthy body would be waiting for her, and soon she would continue her mission. 

And she did! Stronger than ever Linda began to meet the right partners along her journey, and today she is here healthy and cancer free.  Linda is championing women who have the heart, soul, and fortitude to see the work that needs to be done in the world and together they are making that happen. When women work together there are no limits, there are no walls, there is action. You can hear Linda's story on the video with Focus Magazine below.

Linda's motto: I not only want to live the length of my life, I want to live the width of it.

Find out how donating $10.00 can change a life. Join with me in making a difference!  https://secure.squarespace.com/commerce/donate?donatePageId=5696aebbb204d5c21fad0fe

Link to Linda's Book https://www.amazon.com/Women-Like-Us-Illuminating-World/dp/1468555804/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1485974143&sr=8-3&keywords=women+like+us+linda+rendleman

Thank you, Linda, and Women Like Us  to every woman who strives to make a difference and who reaches out to one another.

Please email me for any questions. Women Helping Women


Meet Beautiful Celebrity Skin Care Expert - Kát Rudu.  Every day we are introduced to more information about organic skin care lines and the flower power of plants. Kát Rudu's line is pure-biotic, vegan, and cruelty-free. I've been using Kát's products for three months and my skin feels fresh, radiant, and what's not to love about the aroma of the botanical world? Here's a look into Káts love and passion behind her brand and how she creates alongside nature.

I first Met Kát at an event I attended in October. Of course the minute you meet Kát you say....Uhhhhh I'd like my skin to look just like that! I was thrilled to walk away with her incredible products and yes... I do see a difference. Kát's products not only smell delicious but feel amazing on and I've not had one breakout. Kát is passionate about women feeling their best and when you're in her presence the excitment is contagious!  Let's take a look at the passion behind her products and what they deliver.  

From left to right -

1-Hydra-Cell Bright Moisturizer; A natural brightening and oxygenating formula that fades sunspots lightens hyperpigmentation and restores brilliance with Kojic Acid and Licorice Root. Vegan Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Plant Stem Cells deliver protein to the skin at the cellular level. 2- Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Serum; A potent concentrated supplement, the Silk Protein Amino Acid blend improves suppleness, radiance and overall condition resulting in skin that is instantly lifted, plumped and tightened 3- CoCo Honey Papaya Enzymes Cleanser; Blended from regenerative Wild Geranium, pure Aloe Vera and antibacterial Honey, this silky gel purifies, tones and deeply hydrates the skin to reveal a super clean complexion that is not stripped or irritated. 4- Hydra-Cell Vitamin C Serum; A high concentration of botanical Vitamin C and vegan Hyaluronic Acid brightens hyperpigmentation, while it feeds and plumps the skin. 5- Cooling Cucumber Eye Bright Gel; This cooling revitalizing treatment delivers Silk Protein Amino Acids to the delicate eye area, with vegan protein to make it elastic and impervious to fine lines. 

Dewy Botanical Flower Mist - Jewel Oil Serum - Jet Secret Cream (Jet Cream available on website)

This Valentine's Day, we can look forward to two new products from Kát. Her Botanical Flower Mist  (love) and her Jewel Oil Serum.(truly a jewel). The Jet Secret Cream is Fantastic!!  My skin is on the dry side and the Jet Secret Cream leaves you looking refreshed and moisturized. I was lucky enough to try the Botanical Mist and the Jewel Oil Serum before Valentine's Day! The Jewel Oil Serum is made with Tamanu Oil, a remarkable healing agent used in South Asia, Avocado Oil and botanical retinol, Jewel Oil Serum gives a natural, brightening luminous glow.  You can use both day and night, and a few drops go a long way.

You can also find K by Kát Rudu - her sister line for under $30.00 - products at Erewhon Natural Markets - Amazon - Knockout.Beauty  - Is located in New Yor & the Hamptons Ron Robinson - Fred Segal Boutiques. Kát has worked at Vera's in Bel Air, Ole Henriksen & for Dr. Lancer before opening her own studio in Venice, California


If you want to "Light up the room" when you walk in...Book an appointment with Kát. info@katrudu.com. Thank you so much Kát for your gift of beauty! My skin is happy, glowing and grateful. 

Here's a peek into Kát's world for my Fearless Female Segment with Focus TV. You can hear about the power of silk amino acids, and other ingredients on our video. Plants are the most amazing chemists and engineers, It’s really exciting to understand how powerful plants are and from the beginning of time, women have uncovered beauty secrets from around the world with their discoveries from nature.

                  When you grow up doing what you love, what you love grows you....me

                       "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”

My father and mother owned a beauty salon in Bucharest, Romania. My mom was a hairstylist and also a skin specialist. My father was a barber. They worked together, side by side, for many years. As a little girl, I would sometimes go to the salon with them. At six years old I was already talking to clients as I watched my parents perform their art. Remember, in Europe, to become a cosmetologist is like becoming a nurse here. The years of schooling to become a skin expert or a hair stylist in Europe is equivalent to going to a four or five-year college.

The beauty of my mother and her salon is she always had handpicked flowers. She loved sunflowers! They were so fresh from the country fields I would try to sneak and eat some of the seeds. My mom would also have parsley and herbs around that she would preserve in jars filled with water. What I remember most about them working is; clients loved them. It was more like a family than a client relationship, and that is what I strive to bring to my work. So many of clients have become my dearest friends, as one became my made of honor. My mom always said, "Treat every face like it’s your last face." My husband told me one face at a time you will succeed. My right hand Stacey told me to always act with grace. I believe with this combination I can’t lose. 

 I came to the US on my own.  As I became an adult, I considered and even pursued various professions to make my own mark – something different than my background.  I became a SAG actress and a certified Pilates instructor.  But even while I was attempting to make these other dreams come true, my true passion always came back to the skin.

  Kát's motto - Your beauty is my life...

Thank you Kát for your generosity and your friendship...xoxo




Are you looking for the perfect elixir for your body and hair?  Argan oil, which is often referred to as liquid gold, is believed to have age-defying and restorative properties and, is becoming increasingly sought after in the multi-million dollar beauty industry. One of my goals for 2017 is to take time to moisturize my skin, hair and nails!  I do just fine with caring for my face, but I've been neglecting my body parts...It's time to invest in the overall body and I'm starting with Actually Organic Argan Oil.

Before the holidays Actually Organic reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying their product. I began to read up on Argan Oil, I had heard a little about it, but knew very little. Argan oil is from Morocco... I've traveled there and loved it. The Moroccan people seem to be very passionate about their oils & spices... amongst other beauty secrets. I was intrigued that the oil came from trees located in a village named Argana, in the city of Agadir Morocco, hand picked and made by women only in this specific area. The trees grow wild and Moroccans have been using Argan oil as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner since ancient times. In 1510 African explorer Leo Africanus came across the Argan oil when he was traveling across Morocco. From there, the oil entered Europe where only the rich and wealthy class had access to this expensive, rare and exotic oil.

The Argan Tree produces tasty fruit and the native goats Love the taste! The goats travel up the tree to eat the fruit then leave behind the nut that falls to the ground, later to be gathered by the women. The nuts fall from the tree in May and are collected in June and July. 
Green represents where Argan Trees grow - It's now a protected tree because of high demand

Green represents where Argan Trees grow - It's now a protected tree because of high demand

The team from Actually Organic spent a good amount of time in Morocco meeting with local farmers who grow the Argania tree. Scientist discovered that it is full of rich antioxidants rejuvenating Vitamin E and other nutrients that add glow, youth, and beauty to the hair skin and nails. 

It takes one worker over 40 minutes to crack enough nuts to create 1 - 4oz bottle. There are zero preservatives and chemicals, it's purely natural. You can add this magical oil to your mani-pedi routine, don't forget to take it with you to your manicure appointment, and have your manicurist apply after final coat.

Less known than coconut oil or jojoba oil. Argan oil itself contains more antioxidant and cell regenerative properties than olive oil, grape seed oil, and avocado oil combined. When applied to the skin, it absorbs quickly, and without an oily or greasy film...at all! Your skin is left feeling silky, and smooth satiny.   

Bee -Lieve in Yourself Necklace

Not only do I have dry nails and skin, but after constant us of a curling and flat iron the ends are super dry, After styling my hair I place a bit of the oil in my palms, rub together and run it on the ends of my hair.  It truly helps to restore shine and luster. Things are lookin up!

Don't forget your nails!

Don't forget your nails!

By combining a few drops of the Argan Oil to my favorite body lotion I feel like I have added moisture back to my body! Let's face it... 40 and over the skin becomes incredibly dry, this has brought hope back to having that smooth touch to my legs and arms. 

https://www.instagram.com/recreo.reinspired/ Bee Lieve in Yourself necklace /  Vintage Flannel Shirt The Farmers Daughter Sun Valley Shophttps://www.instagram.com/p/BJyB-iahOWJ/   

We've only begun to hear about the many skincare benefits of argan oil. It seems like new research appears every few months promoting more and more benefits -- For now, I am absolutely loving the overhaul of smoothness. There is a lot of moving parts that take place to reach the final outcome of this little bottle of "gold" It's quite a story and if you love organic, you can't help but appreciate the Argan Oil history.

Thank you Actually Organic, I now have a new and fantastic Oil enriched with history to add to my daily beauty routine, It's been a great experience. Thank you for reaching out to me. 

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty! – Coco Chanel

If you have any questions please email me;  janet@gratefulgardenia.com

1 - I've had zero breakouts from applying directly to my face

2 -  A little goes a long way

3 - It has a tiny smell that goes away in about a minute

4 - It's been a miracle worker on my cuticles & hair

5 - I mix it with my lotion and apply right out of the shower


Hello, World!

Thank You For Your Support!

Just a note to say Thank you so much for your support! 2016 was an incredible journey and I can't wait to see what it's in store for the year ahead. Whatever your desires are for 2017 I would love to help you launch your vision into the New Year.  Take your dreams, see it in your mind's eye, take that feeling of excitement into the future & bring that into your presence and that is the best present you could ever receive.  Have a wonderful Holiday...Blessings to you and your family.... 

What we put out into the world always comes back! 

What we put out into the world always comes back! 

Thank You & 2017 Here We Come!


Do you ever get overwhelmed with shopping? Do you open your closet and say "I have nothing to wear!" Wouldn't it be lovely to have a little assistance with styling? With so many brands and so many trends, It can be hard choosing the right pieces that will both flatter your body and express your personal style. When I first heard about Trunk Club, I was excited to pay a visit to their Culver City location here in Los Angeles.

I was first introduced to Trunk Club from an invitation to an event. I was so impressed with their space in Los Angeles and everyone that works there is incredibly helpful and happy! What a lovely way to shop, to really enjoy your time trying on clothing and exploring different styles. Was it as simple as it seems? The answer is Yes... and there is no fee to join...Seems like a fun club to be a part of so... Welcome to Trunk Club.

Shopping solo is not half as much fun as shopping with your girlfriends. I asked Shalini Vadhera & Michelle Day Gillette to join me for a day of shopping, sipping a little champagne and of course, having fun! Meet my shopping squad; Michelle & Shalini. 

Michelle: Hudson Jeans, Frame Shirt, Rag & Bone Bootie / Janet: Mother Jeans, Joie Blouse, Stuart Weitzman Shoes, Rag & Bone Purse / Shalini: AG Jeans, Frame Blouse, Veda Leather Jacket, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Vince Bootie

I am in love with this dusty rose trench! It's feminine, stylish and works from morning into the evening. Backpacks are a staple in my wardrobe, and this sleek Rebecca Minkoff is perfect for on the go. Trunk Club specializes in women and their busy schedules. Chances are you have a breakfast meeting, lunch, and even dinner...dressing from day to night's not always so easy, their stylist can recommend a stylish wardrobe and accessories for your calendar week.  ALC Trench /  Frame Black jeans / Vince blouse / Rag and Bone bootie / Rebecca Minkoff backpack / Frame black jeans.

Yes...those pink beauties are from Sarah Jessica Parker  / Rebecca Minkoff bag /  Vince Boots 

Michelle:Paige Jeans, Joie Top, Stuart Weitzman Booties, Joie Bomber, REbecca Minkoff Bag / Janet: Rag & Bone Top, AMO Jeans, Vince Booties Vince Sweater, Rebecca Minkoff Bag

Michelle:Paige Jeans, Joie Top, Stuart Weitzman Booties, Joie Bomber, REbecca Minkoff Bag / Janet: Rag & Bone Top, AMO Jeans, Vince Booties Vince Sweater, Rebecca Minkoff Bag

The Trunk Club female customer tends to be thirty to fifty, busy and a professional who wants to look the top of her game but needs to be efficient with her time. Not only are you saving a huge amount of time, you're having a personalized experience. They can also style your whole family. Maybe you're leaving for vacation and would love to have your wardrobe planned so you don't overpack!  Your stylist will also pop over to your home, organize your closet and help you choose what to keep and what to toss...It all starts with a simple phone call. Trunk Club speaks to their clients via email or phone. There are no fees for this and usually, a phone call takes about 30 minutes.  For your first initial meeting, it takes around an hour to an hour and a half.

Holidays - Weddings - Special Occasion - Trunk Club's got you covered.

Holidays - Weddings - Special Occasion - Trunk Club's got you covered.

Holiday party shopping, wedding, or any event, no need to stress about finding the right dress for any occasion. If you visit a Trunk Club location you can leave with your clothing or wait for your trunk to be delivered in the mail. You pay for what you want and send the rest back. There is a $25.00 home try-on fee for trunks, which is charged when the trunk is shipped and applied as a credit towards your purchase. It takes around 5 business days after the trunk has shipped to receive your trunk filled with goodies! There is no charge for shipping and to return just load the items you aren't keeping back into the box, stick the enclosed pre-printed label on the outside of the box. Then, schedule a pick-up via email and the UPS people will come to your house to pick up the return. Easy!                  Michelle: Alice & Olivia Dress, Louboutin Shoes / Janet: Kooples Dress, Jimmy Choo Shoes / Shalini: Alexander Wang Dress, Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes

How pricing works: The brands that Trunk Club carries are aligned with high-end department stores, each item on average is in the $100-$200 dollar range, some of their core brands are: Vince, Joie, Theory, Equipment. I don't know about you, I sometimes find myself dressing the same way, I'm rushing around, and I left zero time to decide what to throw on, so having pieces put together for you from your personal stylist leaves you feeling confident, as your running out the door.   Wearing: Rag & Bone Leather Pants, Vince Bouse, DKNY Blazer, Rag & Bone Bootie, Rebecca Minkoff Clutch.

Rag & Bone / It's easy to buy things you don't need, working with a Trunk Club stylist will help you realize the staple pieces you'll need / Valentio Rock Stud Flats.

MCO Jumpsuit , Jimmy Choo Shoes, Rebecca Minkoff Bag

MCO Jumpsuit , Jimmy Choo Shoes, Rebecca Minkoff Bag

 You'll find  5,000 square feet of space in the Culver City location. You can enjoy different areas to relax while the racks are rolled in for your shopping pleasure. Your personal stylist will suggest brands & styles you wouldn't try on if it was just you shopping. It's so helpful having a different eye, someone who can actually help us get out of our comfort zone, think outside the box..or the Trunk...

Michelle: Alice & Olivia Dress, Louboutin Shoes, / Janet: Kooples Dress, Joie Vest / Shalini: Alexander Wang Dress, Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes

Michelle: Alice & Olivia Dress, Louboutin Shoes, / Janet: Kooples Dress, Joie Vest / Shalini: Alexander Wang Dress, Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes

When women feel great in their clothing, our game is stepped-up. We can walk through the door and nail any meeting and "Get the job done"  Feeling confident in our clothing influences our performance and dressing for success leads to success. 

Always time to carve out a little play time at work. Trunk Club stylist are a blast to be around! They enjoy their job and love working with their clients; it's like being in a giant think tank filled with positive people who love creating a great style just for you!

Cheers Trunk Club! Thank you to CEO & Founder of Passport to Beauty Shalini Vadhera and Life Coach and Founder of Thrive and Fly, Michelle Day Gillette for a fun day of shopping and sharing a few laughs together. Feel Beautiful and Thrive... Shalini can show you how to feel beautiful from the inside out, and Michelle is here to help you thrive in your daily life. Incredible women doing meaningful work in the world. 

How about a gift card for a family member or friend to get them started on a fun journey of having their own personal stylist. And don't forget about yourself!  Personal stylist Rebekah Miller would love to hear from you.

What's in your Trunk?

What's in your Trunk?

Trunk Club locations:  New York  / Charleston / Chicago / Dallas / Los Angeles

Happy Holidays! Thank you to Trunk Club and especially to May Yeung & Rebekah Miller for a day of shopping, personal styling and for creating an exciting shopping experience.

Photo Credit: Dalen Muster



Let's talk about feeling carefree and dry. I was recently introduced to Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant by Simply Stylist and I can honestly say I'm a fan. I'm a mom and blogger on-the-go from sun-up to sundown. We're out the door to school at 7am, walk the family dog, off to workout, headed to events, end the day waiting in the carpool line, then rush home to prepare dinner, so you betcha I need to feel fresh and stay dry all day! Sometimes I am changing clothes 3 -4 times a day. I've tried the gels, the roll-ons and not until now, have I finally found a deodorant that works all day, and for two days! Yes... for 48 hours I no longer think about embarrassing sweat stains on my clothing.  I live in Sunny Los Angeles, yes we love the sunshine, but along with the sun comes the heat, and the need to stay dry all day long. Take a journey with me as I discover a little hidden gem in Culver City called "The Platform".

No matter what you do, whether you're hanging around on or off the job no woman wants to feel sweaty and have an odor. When you're in your 50's you don't want to worry about sweat stains! Going through hot flashes was enough, of course, we feel it, but you don't want it to show on your clothing too! I finally found a deodorant that keeps my armpits dry and odor-free, no matter what's going on around me.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant can is so light weight, I also love the design and it's super light-weight.  You have several scents to choose from Soothing Chamomile, Cool Essentials, Nourished Beauty, Original Clean, Sensitive Skin and Beauty Finish


You don't have to wait a second for your deodorant to dry after you spray it on because it goes on instantly dry  and there is absolutely no residue.  You have a choice of six different fragrances: Nourished Beauty, Cool Essentials, Revive, Beauty Finish, Revive, Skin Renew and Sensitive. Dove.com provides answers to all of our questions along with incredible information and stories of inspiring women doing extraordinary things.

It's so easy to use:

Shake it well. Hold the can 6” away from your underarm and spray. No need to wait for your deodorant to dry...you're ready to go, it goes on instantly dry!  One spray can will last up to 8 weeks. Dove Dry Spray contains 1/4 moisturizers so you get a little TLC for your underarms too

It's worth a try!  We're out there living busy lives, and there's no reason to worry about wet underarms anymore. Shake, Spray and Go.

The mist instantly dries on your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling wet or sticky. You simply shake it twice, spray it on your underarms, get dressed without worrying about white streaks on your clothing. The New Year is right around the corner, why not introduce Dove Deodorant Dry Spray into your daily routine. I'm constantly dashing to meetings and of course, you want to feel fresh when meeting people for the first time. I no longer have any worries about sweating or odor thanks to Dove Dry Deodorant Spray.

Being a #DovePartner is perfect for me because I can remember my grandmother and my Mother using Dove Soap when I was younger, now, three generations later... I'm continuing the tradition for that beautiful feminine feeling...along with beautiful memories.

I love discovering new people, places, and products and I'm excited to have found Dove Deodorant Spray to add to my Hidden gems.


It really is the perfect option for women on-the-go, At the end of the day I never have to worry about feeling fresh or dry, and I know tomorrow I can begin feeling ready to take on the day!

Let's start this day off the right way...Dove Deodorant Dry Antiperspirant Spray. I'm thrilled to call myself a "Dove Woman" Be your best self...with Dove and remember to #ShakeSprayGo.

• Up to 48-hour antiperspirant protection

• Contains ¼ moisturizers for great underarm care

• Goes on instantly dry

• 0% alcohol formula is kind on underarms

• Soothing chamomile fragrance

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Dove and Simply Stylist. Dove is committed to helping inspire women everywhere. #DovePartner #ShakeSprayGo

Slip into a Ukrainian Style with March 11

On MARCH 11 a beautiful, elegant and unique style was born, and I am so happy to be a part of those who discovered their spirit from this Ukrainian tradition.

When March 11 reached out to me a few weeks ago about their collection, I could not have been more excited! After browsing their website many times I immediately fell in love with their bold aesthetic and beautiful Ukrainian inspired pieces and being a huge fan of embroidery, I have such respect for their craftsmanship.

Among their dresses, blouses, and tunics, I chose a gorgeous embroidered linen maxi dress, which I paired with an "oldie but goodie" sandal from TIBI. I loved the billowy navy dress which was flattering yet playful in its design, and honestly, leaves you feeling soooo elegant with a touch of European style.

It's a gorgeous statement dress... The fact you can wear it with heels or sandals is a plus! 

March 11, which was co-founded only last year, by Ukrainian’s Robert Mishchenko, a NY stylist and Svitlana Golovchenko, a former model has impressively already made it to top e-tailers such as Elysee Walker,  Net-a-Porter, Selfridges, and Lyst!  The brand, which has been featured in Vogue, New York Times, Glamour Mag, W, and many more, credits their success to Instagram! The company solely uses the social platform to promote their brand, and see's spikes in sales anytime they post a new photo!

It's no surprise that their designs, which are all crafted and embroidered from yarn and linen, can take up to 14 days to make, the pieces are so intricate and detailed! These garments, which March 11 says are inspired by clothing from around the world, along with traditional Ukrainian costume and embroidery techniques, incorporate over 3000 meters of thread!

Apart from the beautiful designs, I love what March 11 stands for in their mission statement. They claim to create fashion for #MARCH11girls, an amazing group of women of different shape, size and age, who love being the center of attention and embrace their feminine side by wearing pieces that stand out. No more blending in ladies, it's time to shine!

Want to see more of March 11's collection? Check out their website!

Yes... I will say March 11 has left me thirsty for more! 

Join me and let's dress up in becoming a #MARCH11girls. Let me know what you favorite MARCH 11 style is.  

There is no need to be on vacation to wear your beautiful dress, invite your friends to MARCH on over for a night of laughter and dress-up in your home...even your 4-legged ones.

Wake up and think about what brings you JOY...   then spread that joy with others.  We need laughter in our laugh every day. What makes you laugh?  Thank you, MARCH 11...I absolutely love my dress.... 

                  “She was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.” 

Rafael Sabatini, Scaramouche


Fall is in the air and it's my favorite time of the year. The minute there's a hint of chilI in the air and I have a chance to wear a sweater, I'm thrilled! I first saw this sweater on a friend of mine and shortly thereafter Who What Wear wrote, This was the "Must-Have Sweater for Fall" Guess what... It's from ZARA and it's a for sure a winner. 

I'm loving the look of sweaters worn over slip dresses, it's effortless style. I grabbed my favorite Clare V Clutch and YSL vintage earrings. Try wearing a fun color clutch with colorful earrings...plus soft blues (turquoise) and greens...those beautiful jewel tones can be so flattering against your skin. The slipress is a refreshing change, provides nice coverage & It's nice to give my jeans a rest.

You can never go wrong with a classic high-heeled pointed toe Manolo Blahnik. Defenitely worth the investment.

This Trumpet Sleeve Sweater is ribbed, lightweight and soft and it's $36.00...who doesn't love a bargain!         You can shop the post below.

If you haven't checked out Clave V's website be sure to take a look. She's a local designer here in L.A. and her brand is expanding all over the map. You'll  find a large collection of clutch bags, fun totes, and Pom Pom Tassels in pretty colors.

Just enough room for just enough stuff!



Lately, I've been living in these AMO JEANS. I have a go-to look when I'm rushing out the door for meetings or dinner, but it's dependable and always works. Jeans, a great top... here I'm wearing a camisole, which I seem to be throwing on a lot these days. You can find beautiful ones with lace trim, and they look so pretty when the lace is a little exposed. Can't go wrong with a stylish blazer, fun tops, camisoles, and heels. Bright one's and go for the animal print too.

J. Crew is a great fit, and if you're petit they have small sizes that need zero alterations. 

Christian Dior makes this beautiful heel, but there are other brands that have great options.

Pretty Pink Details on the inside.

Pretty Pink Details on the inside.

Flip up the collar for a peek-a-boo of the pink detail along with a tie-inspired lining and contrast piping, plus a handkerchief pocket for stashing things like headphones or your favorite lipstick... for me, it would be reading glasses.

Have you tried a bright color or an animal print with your jeans & blazer?  J. Crew, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Dior make amazing heels in beautiful bright colors. For choosing what works in your 40's or 50's can sometimes be confusing, or you might feel limited. There is no reason to limit ourselves to "rules" yes...there are looks that will never go out of style and I adore those classic favorites, but 50 is the new 40 and why not have fun as you reinvent yourself? Don't forget to have a great attitude when you're choosing your wardrobe, it make's fashion a lot easier to navigate...along with life.


How about a fun sweatshirt with a flowing skirt and heels?   J.Crew has a nice selection of sweatshirts with a little style.

Yes, these beauties are a bit high, but this sexy suede platform gives that added comfort you need in a high heel, and the tie around the ankle gives a nice support. 

And this one...never goes out of style...

    *Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it’s all the same day. –Janis Joplin


Read more: http://stylecaster.com/beauty/strong-women-quotes/#ixzz4OgRt41Qa


Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. How do you begin your morning? Do you instantly look at your phone, check your e-mail... maybe look at Instagram?  Or do you take a moment to be grateful, sit in silence and read a little positive material before you walk outside and take on the day?  It only takes a few minutes each morning to start off on the right track and create your positive energy field. I'd like to share a few of my favorite spiritual reads that can open your heart, inspire you to be the best you can be, help you focus, and laugh along the way. When you dwell in an energy of positivity and power you become a magnet for miracles. Aren't you worth it?

As much as I can't wait to escape with Netflix, I also look forward to sitting with a good inspirational book and becoming motivated to live this amazing life we've all been given. How great is it when you discover books that make you feel like it's speaking right at you! Inspirational books or self-help books can open up a world of possibilities and offer great tools for navigating in our busy world today.                       

Here are 10 benefits of reading: 

1: Mental Stimulation - Keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power.  2: Stress Reduction - While  engaged in reading material you enjoy you're distracted from stress and it keeps you in the present moment. 3: Knowledge - Everything you read fills your head with new information, and who knows when it might be useful. 4: Vocabulary Expansion - The more you read, the bigger the vocabulary becomes, the more conversations you can participate in. 5: Memory Improvement - When you read you have to remember characters, plots, situations...every new memory you create opens up new synapses (brain pathways) and strengthens existing ones. 6: Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills - You begin to put your analytical and important intelligence to work when discussing the book with others... you are able to state your opinions clearly. 7: Improved Focus and Concentration - Living in a world crazed by the computer, our attention is all over the place...I'm beginning to think we are turning into a culture that can no longer focus for more than two minutes!  And when we can't focus we are actually lowering our productivity and welcoming chaos.  When reading a book your attention is focused on the story, we zone in on the information. 8: Better Writing Skills - Following the flow of the material you read, you are an observer of the writing styles of other authors & you learn to enhance your own work.  9: Tranquility - Reading Spiritual text can lower blood pressure and literally melt anxiety and worry away. That's worth it!

Napoleon Hills book THINK & GROW RICH was written in 1937 -  and the information is flawless today. I read parts I've highlighted in this book daily, and If I don't read it in book form, I read the emails I receive from the company every morning . EXCUSE ME YOUR LIFE IS WAITING - Lynn Grabhorn is another great read for motivation and inspiration. Love Warrior - Glennon Doyle Melton - A good "kick in the butt" for getting real in your life & relationships. The goal is is to just keep growing; our world is changing, and we need to move forward and continue our mental growth along with embracing the change around us. Here's a fact about your mind: It's going to control you - or you're going to control it. When you work on your mind, you are improving your quality of life. It's never about "stuff" it's about quality.

Shop my favorite books at the bottom of this post.

Shop my favorite books at the bottom of this post.

Self-improvement, personal development, or simply getting more from life feels good. If you want to expand your mind and your possibilities then I encourage you to find  books that speak to you, make a solid commitment to yourself to read every morning, even if it's 5 minutes, and I promise you will elevate your happiness and feel joy make it's way into your sub-conscience and accomplish a few goals along the way.  One of the best lessons I've learned is you can't do it alone, and why would you...there are so many incredible writers who want to share their wisdom and experiences with you. 

Candle / Shop Pretty Places... I love these candles, they're the perfect size so you can take them anywhere!

Candle / Shop Pretty Places... I love these candles, they're the perfect size so you can take them anywhere!

In the morning find a quiet place to sit, light one of your favorite candles and set the tone for your day ahead. Yes... you might be thrown a zinger or two during the day but you will have grounded yourself for protection before stepping out the door. I have many mantras I've learned over time that I repeat during the day and it can instantly change my energy. Don't let negative people or situations ruin your day. You be in charge, this is your movie, you be the director. Another great lesson I've learned; our thoughts, words, and energy will either connect or disconnect us from The Universe - or your Higher Power - God - Source Energy. When you change your words you change your world. Don't forget; expect wonderful things to happen, and  P.S. Don't sweat the small stuff...   My favorite word I've ever learned...GRATITUDE

 Share with me what your favorite word is...I'd love to hear from you.

               The more I read, the more I learn, and the more I share I transform fear to faith...Me.

Three Fearless Females writing about living life, feeling the fear and moving forward...                                            Gabrielle Bernstein - Glennon Doyle Melton - Maria Shriver



A year and a half ago I began a journey that has led me to a place of happiness that I thought had slipped away. I was asking those questions we all eventually ask. Is this it?  Now what... and not that anything is bad, but you know there is another phase, and what that next phase will be is the question, how can I enter this second part of my life and be the best I can be. I came across an article on Gratitude. I actually began to feel relief just reading it. The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless, and you can do it all day every day. If you're at a place in your life where you are ready for change, healing and...yes that word...HAPPINESS, then I'd like to share with you how my life has changed with one word...  GRATITUDE

I was on my way to Bristol Farms from doing a blog post, and I found this message as I drove by. I had to get out of my car because this message was Loud & Clear.

I was on my way to Bristol Farms from doing a blog post, and I found this message as I drove by. I had to get out of my car because this message was Loud & Clear.

I began every morning setting my alarm for early in the morning. For fifteen minutes I sat quietly, took deep breaths and began to think of  anything and everything I could be grateful for. In that space your mind becomes flooded with things that can be taken for granted of, waking up, your heartbeat, hearing birds chirp, breathing, my bed...and then I began to ask what would you (God, Universe, Higher Power etc..) have me do, I asked for a creative solution for everything... to guide me, help others, show me your way, not my way.  I didn't receive an answer right away but by staying committed to my morning ritual, and you do need to make a commitment, and boy is it worth it. Slowly the habit presented an awareness. A friend suggested I begin a blog.  How could I do that?? I'm not a writer, I don't even read blogs, I can't do that, all of those negative voices came rushing in. Then I thought, wait...I've been asking, it's time to listen. I also begin to feel butterflies and nerves the minute she suggested I do this. Instantly I knew it's exactly what I needed to do. After committing to figuring it out, this "blog thing" I then began to notice hearts everywhere and almost everyday no matter where I was. Because my heart was opening up so was my life. I felt I was on the right path, in that moment I knew the Universe had my back. The photos I'm sharing with you I have photographed all over and every day I continue to see more and more. 

Tahiti Bora Bora

Tahiti Bora Bora

Our family loves to travel and last spring we decided to get certified for scuba diving together. We chose Tahiti and it was a magical vacation in all kinds of ways. On our last day as we were coming up I took this photo with my underwater camera. 

A piece of bark can open your heart.

A piece of bark can open your heart.

Make a game out of noticing new things each day, you will be amazed at what your minds eye will see along your path. The feeling that comes over you fills you up and melts away all fear.

Being excited about the benefits of gratitude can be incredible because it gives us the motivation we need to start making changes. When we can make positive changes, we can then assist others. 

Cheese platter I was making for my friends, and this slid off the knife.

Cheese platter I was making for my friends, and this slid off the knife.

Why not keep a gratitude journal by your bed. It slowly changes the way we perceive situations by adjusting our focus. What we focus on is what we get, so let's focus on the good. Don't forget... worry is a form of meditation, make a conscience decision to not let worry pick up momentum.

It's written in stone.

It's written in stone.

Gratitude is an affirmation of goodness, it allows us to see that there are good things in the world. When things around us can sometimes be unkind and chaotic, having gratitude will encourage us to open our eyes to some amount of goodness in our life.

I saw this on my cutting board while cleaning up after dinner.

I saw this on my cutting board while cleaning up after dinner.

Expressing gratitude allows us to search out where that goodness comes from. Acknowledging that there is something way bigger than ourselves, I think I was about three weeks into my morning ritual and there was literally a lightness that came over my entire body. I had been asleep far too long...meaning I wasn't living to my full potential, I wasn't acknowledging the true gifts life had in store for me.  

When you walk with this guy, your bound to come across multiple signs.

When you walk with this guy, your bound to come across multiple signs.

I can honestly say I experience higher levels of positive emotions - I'm way more alert, I have joy, I wake up energized and I feel alive. Practicing gratitude is literally reprogramming your brain and it's a choice. No...life is never perfect but it's a great choice to get in the habit of looking for the good. 

Heart in Croatia.

Heart in Croatia.

Opening your eyes to more of the world around you can deeply enhance your gratitude practice.  When we're practicing gratitude  we are celebrating the present and we're less likely to take anything for granted. increasing our conscious awareness of gratitude requires that we train ourselves to think differently. We are all programmed from a very young age, good and bad. It's never too late to reprogram ourselves. Our brain and our will are stronger than we will ever know.  

Parking lot in Death Valley

Parking lot in Death Valley

You cannot feel envious and grateful at the same time, they're incompatible feelings. If you’re grateful, you can’t resent someone for having something that you don’t. Remember...you are you, and that's a wonderful thing. You get to create your life, It's a choice to choose gratitude.



There are a number of studies showing that in a time of serious trauma, adversity, and suffering if people have a grateful disposition, they’ll recover more quickly.

Parking meter in Brentwood

Parking meter in Brentwood

Grateful people have a higher sense of self-worth. I think that’s because when you’re grateful, you have the sense that someone else is looking out for you. Let go...

Inside my car after I got in, and I had an ice tea with me and it dripped this heart.

Inside my car after I got in, and I had an ice tea with me and it dripped this heart.

Once you start to recognize the contributions that other people have made to your life—once you realize that other people have seen the value in you—you can transform the way you see yourself. It's important to see yourself in a positive light because that's what is intended for you. When you shine everyone else around you shines too.

Hiking in Utah

Hiking in Utah

You will begin to see the good in people, you will find yourself more forgiving and way less stressful. You will feel empowered and a feeling of certainty guides you through each day.  Not only express gratitude when you feel it, but give thanks especially when you don't feel it. 

Koi pond at the Amangiri 

Koi pond at the Amangiri 

You will sleep better - less stress - you will boost your immune system - you will have more energy - you will improve your leadership skills - you will become more creative.  If you saw the movie "The Secret", you are aware of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you think about or talk about will be drawn into your life.  

Another walk, another sign.

Another walk, another sign.

Gratitude changes the chemistry in our brains, thoughts can actually turn into physiological changes in our body that affect our mental and physical health. Basically, what you think affects how you feel (both emotionally and physically). So if you increase your positive thoughts, like gratitude, you can increase your over-all mental health. When you get in the habit of feeling the gratitude than everything around you changes.

Seek and you shall find, Ask and it is given...Even in Buster's dog food, there are hearts...not surprising.

Saw this heart in the bottom of my coffee cup. Pretty amazing.

Saw this heart in the bottom of my coffee cup. Pretty amazing.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Begin giving your thanks now, there is no better time than right now.  For me hearts were my message and you never know what your message will be, but if you stay present and in conscience awareness and ask, you will receive your own personal signs and when you do you will know. It does take commitment, it takes you believing in what you cannot see, having faith, and self-love. 

On my street

On my street

There are beautiful Jacaranda trees on our streets that bloom twice a year. I shaped the petals into a heart. We can begin to shape our world the moment we choose to focus on gratitude, abundance, our heart, our breath...the universe is just waiting for you to choose, and when you do...watch out.  Goodness comes tumbling in.  All you have to do is take the first step, and you never know what follows from that. Remember; The Universe is on your side.

                   To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kindness that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude. -- Albert Schweitzer

Hiking in Utah with the husband in the background...love

Hiking in Utah with the husband in the background...love


If I can answer any questions please send me an e-mail. I would love to assist in any way I can. Believe in yourself, never give up on a dream, never worry about what anyone will think...

    Thank you, Lindsay, for our conversation one evening in my kitchen. Thank you for opening my mind to an idea I would have never thought of for myself.  I am grateful for you...


Welcome to the AMANGIRI - Located on an expanse of wilderness in Canyon Point, Southern Utah, close to the border with Arizona. If you live in California, you can hop in your car and in eight hours you will arrive in paradise. I'm not a huge fan of road trips, but I must say if you choose to fly instead of drive you will miss spectacular scenery along the way. Our first stop was Death Valley, another incredible experience... then drove through Zion, Lake Powell, and Page Arizona. If you feel like getting a little lost in nature's beauty and unplugging from your busy life, take a drive to Utah and in eight hours...you will feel like a new person.

Amangiri, located on a spectacular 600+ acre site in southern Utah, is an Adrian Zecha-inspired design in collaboration with architects Rick Joy, Marwan Al-Sayed and Wendell Burnett. Together they have created a bold yet enchanting settlement that both honors and celebrates the magic and mystery of southern Utah's magnificent cliffs and rock formations, as well as the region’s ancient Navajo heritage. The architect's goal was to build something that was a contemporary interpretation of native Indian architecture. Not perfectly adapted, but hopefully generating a sense and spirit of it. Also, that it would respect the natural environment. This was the most important aspect of the whole development.”  The resort is surrounded by the Grand Circle of Iconic attractions: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce and Zion National Parks.

I will say it was Love at First Sight as we hiked along the trails. I found this heart shaped rock on our first hike. You'll find you tap into your heart chakra quickly here. Love these Nike hiking shoes, they are comfortable and give great support.



The entry way is designed to work with the scenery, the resort is mixed with natural tones and materials, along with the stone floors and the concrete walls, which feels like you are visiting a contemporary gallery. 

Lobby Area

Lobby Area

Curl up with a good book in the lobby, everywhere you sit you have a view of the gorgeous desert and mountains. You might want to disconnect, but you'll have plenty of wi-fi if and when you need it. You will find yourself getting lost just staring out the window looking at the horizon.

There are 34 rooms perfect rooms you won't want to leave. I sat my alarm so I could enjoy every minute possible.

You have a private seating area in the front and the back of your suite. As the sun sets, the sky and everything around you begin to change color. It was truly a magical experience, comfort, and luxury.

Plenty of space in the dressing area

Plenty of space in the dressing area

Beautiful view while relaxing in a bath

Beautiful view while relaxing in a bath

Seating area at the front door of your room. Jana Feifer Tote   Kimono by:  Everelse Designs

Seating area at the front door of your room. Jana Feifer Tote   Kimono by:  Everelse Designs

Chef Jacob Anaya brings with him more that 15 years of experience. Locally sourced, farm-fresh produce are displayed artistically with every meal which are included, you will be charged for  your alcohol. 

 We looked forward to every meal, wake up and enjoy your breakfast while taking in this fabulous view.

And yes...repeat the view for lunch & dinner.

The focus of the resort is the Pavilion - Living Room, Dining Room, Library and Gallery, and the swimming pool, which wraps around a natural rock escarpment, which is 165 million years old... Pretty powerful.  You have the essential elements of this landscape that bring together the water, rock, and sky. Amangiri is so remote that there's literally nothing else to see here except nature... how refreshing.

Th Aman spa is 25,000 square feet of tranquility. Treatments include Navajo cultural traditions, Yoga, on a platform beside the mountains, Pilates, hiking, and horseback riding are just a few of the activities offered. 

You can find the perfect set-up for a workout. There is also a Teepee on the property along with a private home.

Entry to the spa

Entry to the spa

Every square inch of this property is paradise

Every square inch of this property is paradise

Take a jacuzzi while watching the sun set as everything around you takes on a different tone.

Take a jacuzzi while watching the sun set as everything around you takes on a different tone.

It's highly suggested to set your alarm for sunrise at 5:15, so I did. They're happy to serve you coffee while you sit back and enjoy the view as Mother Earth presents the day.

And then this appeared..so happy I woke up early!

Hiking is a must here, the energy you receive from the mountains and the earth will wake up your soul and get your creative juices flowing.

There is something, mysterious and magical about the property. You wake up clear headed, feeling alive and grateful. Just a reminder of how incredible our planet is, and the possibilities that await us.

Looks like another heart to me...

Looks like another heart to me...

You will experience the elements of the Native American tribes that once settled in the area. Can you imagine the vision of these three architects when they first saw this land?

We can't wait to return Amangiri, Thank you for your hospitality. 

We can't wait to return Amangiri, Thank you for your hospitality. 

What a special property and the staff were amazing. We are huge fans of the Aman resorts and Amangiri is one for the bucket list. As we left, I began to think about our return... Take a drive, feel alive and let nature reboot, reconnect and rejuvenate your soul...       

                           Thank you Mother Nature Thank you Planet Earth


If you haven't already come up with a green coconut smoothie or breakfast bowl made with Hawaiian Spirulina, I'd love to share easy recipes I like with you. It's Green, it's healthy and both are a superfood supplement. When you're on the go and running out the door early in the morning. Wake up and blend up - with a nutritious green machine smoothie in a cup or a bowl.

This took under 10 minutes to make and it's delicious. I blended half of a green coconut packet, water, raspberries, blueberries... sprinkled with spirulina - cinnamon -  topped with a mint leaf...and a lovely pink rose from my garden. The unused green coconut packet will last for three days in the freezer.

You can also use the green coconut packet, thaw it out for about 10 minutes and eat by itself. Sprinkle a little cinnamon, mix with nuts, dates or flax-seed oil. The above drink is made with green coconut - blueberries - flax seed oil - spirulina.

In Tablet or Powder form. Serving size suggested for the powder is 1 teaspoon /6  tablets daily with meals.

In Tablet or Powder form. Serving size suggested for the powder is 1 teaspoon /6  tablets daily with meals.

Recently I attend a luncheon where Elissa Goodman spoke about her new book Cancer Hacks, and one of the products in our goodie bag was Spirulina Pacifica from Pure Hawaiian. I didn't really know much about it...but I do now. Spirulina comes from a blue-green alga named for its shape. It's the original superfood and is one of the most nutritious, concentrated whole foods known to humankind. It's been used as a food source for centuries. Spirulina is made of between 55 and 70 % digestible protein (more than beef, chicken, and soybeans) you'll also find high levels of iron, beta carotene, minerals, and numerous other healthful vitamins including vitamin B12 and phycocyanin, a pigment protein antioxidant found only in blue-green microalgae. You might ask: Why take Spirulina?  It provides long- lasting energy and strengthens the immune system. Its antioxidant power contributes to the entire body operating like a well-oiled machine. For those who aren't a fan of veggies, sneak it in almost anywhere.

Benefits of taking Hawaiian Spirulina - Energy - Immune System - Brain Health (research has shown it has more promising results than blueberries for your brain) Cardiovascular... One 3 gram serving has higher levels of some key antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals compared to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.  You might ask why Hawaiian?  Hawaiian Spirulina goes from pond to powder in less than 30 minutes. it's cultivated in a Biosecure Zone free of pesticides, herbicides and industrial pollutants in Kona, Hawaii, the sunniest coast in the united states. Each pond is fed with 100% potable drinking water from Hawaiian aquifers and infused with pure deep ocean water containing beneficial trace minerals.

Ingredients: Young Green Coconut (1 packet) - Hawaiian Spirulina (1 teaspoon)- Blueberries - (many as you want) Add water to the consistency you prefer and shake in a little cinnamon.

Ingredients: Young Green Coconut (1 packet) - Hawaiian Spirulina (1 teaspoon)- Blueberries - (many as you want) Add water to the consistency you prefer and shake in a little cinnamon.

Coconuts are one of the most nutritious of all fruits, but unfortunately, in the United States, they are also one of the most overlooked. Coconuts are not a traditional part of the American diet but have been a staple food for Asian cultures, for centuries. Why young green coconut?   It's naturally low in sugar, has 0% Cholesterol, 0g Trans Fats, and fewer calories than mature brown coconuts.  I love inner-eco, they puree each individual packet so you can easily mix it up, blend it up or have it alone as a snack. There is no sugar added, Dairy free, Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free, no GMOs

  • A few health benefits of coconuts and coconut oil include:
  • Help you lose weight or maintain your already good weight 
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease 
  • Lower your cholesterol 
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I bought this  Bella Rocket Blender  on Amazon. It's great for quick blending and super easy on the clean-up. After you've made your shake you can flip the cup over, add the lid and now you've got your to-go healthy drink, or make it the night before and keep it cold in the fridge for the following morning.  

Super easy, super quick and Super Healthy!  Tell yourself you are living in a healthy body and the mind will begin to tell the body and so on and so on...

And now you're off and running. Wake up Look Up Get Up Fuel Up.  Express your gratitude and watch your life begin to shift in a positive way....and a four-legged running pal doesn't hurt either.  We are living longer as a society and it's worth the effort to do your research and begin to take care of your mind, body and spirit.

   Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes. Ideas are products of the imagination . Imagine yourself as priceless...because you are.


Our final destination in Croatia was Dubrovnik, a city in Southern Croatia along the Adriatic Sea It's known for its extraordinary Old Town, encompassed with massive stone walls completed in the 16th century, there are about 43,000 people living here amongst massive stone walls that were completed in the 16th century. You will find well-preserved buildings and streets paved with limestone. Once again we had great meals, stunning blue water, and fun experiences in this pedestrian-only Old Town. 

The above photo is the view from our hotel room at The Hotel Excelsior. You can walk out the front door and within a twelve-minute walk, accompanied with a gorgeous view you will enter through the gates of Old Town.

After departing the ferry, you will see plenty of taxi's waiting for your arrival. Forty minutes from the dock and you arrive into town. The first part of the day you might want to spend a little time taking in the view and relaxing by the sea before heading into Old-Town. There is an indoor pool directly behind the sun chairs, but the beauty is under an umbrella, relaxing on the promenade while unwinding with a glass of rosè.

Take a breather from the sun with delicious Mediterranean cuisine. The beach bar, which is in a cave under the hotel, is so mystical with its stalactites and rock formations. The staff is lovely, our waiter was happy to share a little history of Dubrovnik.

Hotel Excelsior sets in a former 1913 royal villa overlooking the Adriatic Sea and Old Town. The rooms are modern, you have free Wi-Fi, minibars, and room service 24/7... be sure to request a room with a balcony. Breakfast is free, there are three sea-view restaurants, you can enjoy your breakfast out on the patio with a view of the sea or indoors. Hotel Excelsior is known for the history of royal and celebrity guests, such as Queen Elizabeth ll, Elizabeth Taylor. There is an old-school feel and when you're there you can truly appreciate the magnificence of the setting. You will experience more than a hundred years of history.

On your way to Old Town, you pass beautiful beaches and charming apartments while wrapping around the Adriatic. 

Behind the ancient walls in Old Town, beautiful music plays day and night. Old Town is a bit small but the huge gothic walls and cobblestone streets give it a grand feeling. 

We were told to head to Mea Culpa for the BEST pizza in the village. Great service, and fun atmosphere.

If you love pizza, here's the place... show up a little early because it's packed! Our meal was yummy and you get a real feel the Croatian life buzzing all around you. Would I go back to Mea Culpa? Thumbs up.

The Assumption Cathedral - Originally built in the 6th or 7th century in the Byzantine style, then rebuilt as a Romanesque church between the 12th and 14th centuries. According to legend, the rebuild was financed by a donation from king Richard the Lionheart after he was shipwrecked and rescued in Dubrovnik. The cathedral was badly damaged in the earthquake of 1667 and rebuilt in the Baroque style by Roman architects Andrea Buffalini and Paolo Andreotti.

Welcome to Cafe Buza...better known as "the hole in the wall" In the old Dubrovnik Buža means "hole" and no kidding... you have to go through the hole-in-the-wall that leads to casual tables with a birds-eye-view of cliff divers, and jumping.  Buza serves wine, beer, potato chips & nuts. Don't blink, or you'll miss the entrance.

Make your way down the narrow stairs and cozy up under an umbrella and enjoy the natural beauty of this unique spot.

Hanging out on the cliffs right above the sea and enjoy the show.

I can never resist a cliff or a diving board. I spent the summer in this VitaminA one piece and I just want to say... I loved it! 

Sea Kayaking Sunset Tour - Paddle beneath city walls until you reach hidden cave beach called Betina where you will have a break for swimming and snorkenling. You will then padle around Lokrum Island and explore its caves. When you return you can watch the sunset on the Elaphite Islands with a glass of the local wine and cheeses.

Our last night we found a charming restaurant Proto Fish Restaurant. Located in the centre of the Old Town since 1886. Proto is renowned for recipes from old traditional recipes of Dubrovnik fishermen.  

I had the seafood risotto, it was absolutely delicious! Our waiter suggested one of his favorite  local red wines. The Croatian people are very proud of their country and passionate about  their food and wine. 

On our walk back to the hotel there was a cover band of The Beatles. They not only looked like The Beatles, but they also sounded like them. Old Town was full of music that night, it was incredibly cool! Modern, old, new, and music from the past that never gets old.

The next morning we took off early for a walk away from town. Stroll along sea-side the whole way so you have a lovely scenic view and you catch a little breeze. 

And found this little slice of heaven. During the day you pretty much live in your bathing suit. 

We found Villa Dubrovnik Hotel.  A boutique hotel that sits on the sea with a spectacular view of the Old City and Island Lokrum. The property is surrounded by pine, orange, and lemon trees. 

Positioned on the cliffs above the Dubrovnik's St. Jacob precinct, newly renovated Villa Dubrovnik is about a 30-minute walk into Old Town or a quick car ride offered by the hotel. 

Dubrovnik is surrounded by stunning beaches, gardens and turquoise waters. You will want to walk the town; There is so much to see and experience.

Dubrovnik's famous city walls

Dubrovnik's famous city walls

You won't want to miss the walk along The city walls that surround Old Town. The walls are 6,365 feet long, and you can walk all the way around them. It takes a little over an hour. If you need to get down, there is a half way mark. You will explore Dubrovnik from an entirely new angle. You can climb the highest point of Old Town and take in amazing views over the city's red roofs. You will see sailboats, kayakers; you pass by Buza Beach, and you will see plenty of souvenir shops along the way offering authentic Croatian souvenirs. Yes, it's a bit Game of Thrones because it's a popular place for filming the t.v. series. There is a whole other world going on from above the city. You will see restaurants on rooftops that you can't see when walking around the town. Don't miss out on this walk; it's worth it.

I look forward to returning to Croatia one day. I found every island to be unique and special in its own way. The Croation people are generous and proud of their history. They look forward to sharing their culture with you. 

Overall Croatia is charming, and I have a feeling we might be reading a little more about this tourist spot along the Adriatic Sea.  Bye for now...but not for long.

     "Traveling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."   Ibn Battuta


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