I’d love to introduce you to a friend of mine, Shannon de Laat. We met about two years ago and I’ve had the pleasure of watching her create a community that I personally am so proud to be a part of through the PR Net. Throughout her career there has been an underlying desire to apply her talents and expertise to impact positive change, and it is with this spirit that Shannon moves to realize a venture that brings together her skills to change the world and help others do the same.

Shannon is the founder of The Virtue Project - building targeted strategies for organizations and cause-related brands. Read all about The Virtue Project below and I hope you can share this information with others. It really does take a village!

Janet Gunn + Shannon de Laat
Janet Gunn + Shannon de Laat

Tell us what The Virtue Project is / does?

After 17 years working in consumer marketing, I made the huge leap to shift my professional focus to reflect what I feel in my heart and to embody my personal values. In short, my mission with The Virtue Project is simple: to lend strategic expertise in order to help non-profits and cause-oriented brands translate their mission-driven messages into compelling stories that will inspire and engage key audiences. In today’s digitally saturated environment, it is more important than ever to create a story — the bridge between the data and people’s hearts, to inspire action and build a movement for change.

You can think of us as sort of a social good-focused version of a McKinsey Consultant. We take an overarching look at a brand or organization’s mission and develop the strategy that is best going to engage audiences with that mission, in a profound and resonant way.

Janet Gunn + Shannon de Laat

This is a huge leap, indeed!
What brought you to make this decision?

For me, it is personal. I’ve had a strong sense of duty instilled in me from a very young age. Our family home was always a revolving door to hosting children from the Friends of Chernobyl charity, to the Fresh Air Fund and many more. It is in my DNA to share the responsibility, to see a need and respond. I think perhaps I was destined for this work, it just took me a little while to figure out how to bring it to life.

Janet Gunn + Shannon de Laat

What would you say has been a key to the success of making this happen?

Community! As you know, having a strong tribe of empowering and highly-engaged individuals that surround you is invaluable. I’ve managed to align with some incredible experts and talented social entrepreneurs who believe in what I’m doing and embrace our efforts. I like this quote from Seth Godin: “It is so much easier to aim for the smallest possible audience, not the largest, to build long-term value amongst a trusted, delighted tribe, to create work that matters and stands the test of time.”

Here with Aaniyah - a young foster youth she mentors through the   Alliance of Moms.

Here with Aaniyah - a young foster youth she mentors through the Alliance of Moms.

To learn more →
Follow them on Instagram → @thevirtueproject

Vir~tue (noun):
 behavior showing high moral standards, the general quality of being morally good.

Thank you Shannon! The world is a better place thanks to humans (spiritual beings) like you. Hugo will be so proud of his mama and the change she’s created for others.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! Moms of kids, moms of pets, god-mother’s, mother-in-laws, stepmother’s and Mother Earth!

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Entering motherhood later in life was a blessing for me, I know for a fact the timing was meant to be. Finding love and happiness and entering motherhood saved my soul! Our boy Luca, which means bringer of light was just that, a bright light and a heart opening journey. I have so many wonderful memories from the day he was born, I feel so blessed every single day and also grateful to still have my mom. It’s a wonderful gift being a mother, because you have the chance to revisit all these wonderful experiences and see the world through the eyes of a child… I guess you could say, I now see things in a whole new light.

Here’s a few gift ideas for the mom’s in your life and may your day be filled with love & light.

candle.jpeg roses janet gunn
fragrance.jpeg janet gunn

Is your mom a homebody? Having a beautiful fragrance lingering in your home can be a mood changer, and it’s a great way to calm your mind and relax.


Low maintenance and long living - Lula’s Garden Can’t go wrong with succulents.

janet gunn
janet gunn mother's day

This a must have for your travels. Never worry about misplacing your phone with this stylish accessory.

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long champ mother's day

To-do-list - Take mom on a tropical trip - with Heys / When I travel my favorite elegant carry-on is from Longchamp.

mother's day gift guide

Hit the ground in comfort in these Nike Classic Cortez sneakers / I’m always in search of a versatile travel coat and this one goes with everything.

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mother's day gift guide
mother's day gift guide

The cozier the better with Paradise Bound PJ’s / Pretty Pouf Slippers

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bib and sola
mother's day gift guide
IMG_9035.jpg mothers day gift guide

Make every space beautiful with Bib&Sola Carafe/ Your home, office and I’m all for less plastic!

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mother's day

Don’t forget to breathe! Two of my dear friends just released their books and it’s valuable information for everyone. Weather you’re male or female, on land or under water both Sandy and Michelle have done an excellent job in sharing their effective teaching methods. Way to go ladies!

Wait…. just one more photo, really just one more!

Wait…. just one more photo, really just one more!

There he goes!

There he goes!

Shop The Post

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Thank you husband, it’s been a wonderful life raising our boy and thank you Luca, it’s been a blessing to be your mom…I am truly Grateful.



Here’s to my other son that shines bright, Buster…

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“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is. It’s what the consumer tells each other it is.”

Meet Susana Yee - Founder of Digital Everything Consulting.


It’s a digital world out there and personally I find it fascinating. Read how founder Susana Yee lays out this “digital roadmap” to understand and learn a new way of marketing.

The company's online course bridges the gap between brands seeking to boost their social media and digital presence, and the often-untapped marketing power of influencers with uniquely creative voices that speak directly to their built-in audiences
Digital Everything Consulting can be used in place of an agency or maybe you want to learn a new skill and become a consultant, either way this is a program that works and I experienced it while working with Susana on a campaign she hired me for, Tru Niagen . Below you can watch our full interview on EverTalk TV / Focus TV.

influencer marketing

Susana and I met a year ago when she reached out to me for Tru Niagen. Working with brands and understanding their message and goals is #1. Yes the brand comes to you because they were a fan of your overall message but there is an overall goal and that is a successful campaign.

Susana is an expert in navigating those waters and because of her experience she was able to strengthen my relationship with Tru Niagen so the conversation continues and there is room for discovery. As an influencer when you’re passionate about a product you’d like to continue that working relationship, which tells your audience “yes I believe in and stand by this product” I like to compare it to a director and their talent, for a successful film you need solid communication and that’s exactly what Susana is so fantastic with, solid communication and execution. This program works!

Janet Gunn

Susana finds the balance for both the brand and the creative, and that’s key for the overall goal of the campaign. There’s always a way to get a brands message and an authentic voice on the same page.

If you have a brand or know someone who is looking to hire authentic voices then please pass this blog post along.

The Influencer Marketing Roadmap Digital Everything's four-module online course covers everything from digital campaign strategy design, to locating and partnering with ideal influencers, to getting the most out of every campaign every time - no more guesswork or wasted research efforts!  

Additionally, the company offers one-on-one consulting services such as social media campaign management, Facebook and Twitter paid ads management, Google AdWords management, content creation, ROI campaign analysis, affiliate marketing management, and retargeting campaigns.  Did I mention you’ll be saving thousands of dollars?

Digital Everything breaks it all down into actionable steps and empowers brands to launch efficient and successful campaigns in-house, and often at a fraction of their traditional marketing budgets. The future of marketing is digital campaigns, and Digital Everything provides brands the tools they need to shape and create their own tomorrow.

Thank you Susana! I value all you do and for the services you provide with growing successful working relationships! I look forward to future campaigns

Clients include; Guess, Tru Niagen, and O.N.E. Coconut Water along with others.

Thank you for reading,

xo Janet