I'm Janet - a Texas gal, born and raised, currently soaking up the sun in Southern California and day dreaming of life in Italy. I love jazz, scarves, Diane Keaton movies, fitness, flowers and creating in my kitchen. 

Am I grateful? You bet'cha! I have an amazing family, an adorable dog and a lifetime of experiences - from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader to flight attendant to actress to jewelry designer - that makes me smile. I've always enjoyed a healthy, active lifestyle and I want to share that journey as I transition into my 50s. The Grateful Gardenia is here to add a splash of creativity, a little inspiration and a healthy dose of style to your day (and mine). We are all created for greatness.  Let's set our minds for victory and success, and enlarge our vision. Wake up, look up, and be grateful for at least one thing and I promise that  you will see doors opening to all the magic around you.  Your life follows your thoughts.


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