The holidays are a great time to put your creativity into action. Whatever beauty your mind sees, you can display onto your table settings. Meals are a meaningful way to bring people together, and reconnect with our friends and family. Your guest will appreciate the time you invested creating your beautiful setting, and you'll feel thankful to share the joy!

*Proper Breakfast Setting / Plate / Philippe Deshoulieres  (left to right) Dinner Fork / Dinner Knife / Place Spoon / Tea Spoon / Juice Glass / Cup & Saucer/ Ornaments from Crate&Barrel / Juice Glass - Anthropologie / Bird from Z gallery / Napkins (purchased in the Dominican Republic) Wicker Place Mat from Crate&Barrel / Flatware & Juice Pitcher / Christofle / CHANEL -Fragrance / Perfect to start your day (citrus, floral, spicy) 

Mix & Match / Just create the feeling, mix and match patterns, shapes and sizes. You don't have to use traditional plates, bowls, etc. for a beautiful table.. using your own creative ideas with your unique style will be an absolute inspiration for your guest. Christofle / Flatware

*Let's do Lunch / Salad Fork / Dinner Fork / Plate / Knife / Tea Spoon / Dessert Spoon / Wine Glass / Santa Baby Coffee Cup-Napkin - Placemat / Christmas China & Pine cone ornaments - Crate&Barrel/ Hermès Rose Ikebana Fragrence, perfect for the middle of the day, a contrast between rose petals & crisp rhubarb.  

*Dinner Place Setting Hermès Mosaique China Dinner Place Setting / Flatware / Christolfe / Salad Fork/ Dinner Fork / Dessert Fork & Spoon (above plate) Knife / Soup Spoon / Glasses on the right- Water- White Wine- Red Wine- Champagne / Baccarat Stemware ( yellow)  Napkins / Table Art / Crate&Barrel ornament as a napkin holder / Christophe /  Water Pitcher / Feminine  Fragrance /Hermès Jour d'hermes Gardenia - Eau de perfume 

Crate&Barrel Pinecone Ornament / You can use your ornaments for napkin rings, this sweet pinecone lends a little extra sparkle on your table. /  Linen Napkins Table Art

Your home is your castle. Be the Queen, The Princess, The Leader...Creating a sacred space in your environment is like giving ourselves a caring gift from the Universe. It's loving yourself and your space and letting everything divine flow through you. It's not important where you live, it's important how you live. You can make the simplest everyday things meaningful. First of all... we have the knowledge and the ability to feed our body and mind with healthy choices.  Everyday is a gift and we can choose to do better. Create the magic in your life, and everything else begins to change around you for the better...           

            * Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it...  William Arthur Ward