Tea For Two

The days of tea and roses are just beginning. I have been a fan of American Tea Room since 2003, Join me in a cup of Victoria Black Rose Tea.  If you feel like cooling down, or warming your heart, American Tea Room will quench your thirst with their lovely aromatic flavors and leave you feeling "un peu French and a bit British"

The American Tea Room is located in the heart of Beverly Hills.  American Tea Room sources teas and teaware from around the world. Here I have one of my favorites, Victoria Organic Black Tea.  This Chinese black tea is a bouquet of bergamot , rose petals, and vanilla beans.  Not only is it lovely to look at, it's elegant in taste.  Think of a rose-scented  Earl Grey with a hint of vanilla, and delicate pink petals mixed in.

The Eva Solo glass tea pot, with the black cover, zips off for easy cleaning, and it looks great on your table.  Anthropologie Bowl.  Pink Canister from American Tea Room.

Victoria Organic Black Tea / My other favorite black tea is Earl Grey Shanghai / A classic bergamot aroma, with undertones of tobacco and cocoa.  

Nippon Hand-Painted Rose Cups

Borsalino Panama Hat /  Calypso Shirt / Hermes Silver Bracelet  Dog / Priceless...

Tea in the morning or the afternoon is always a charming gesture.  If you're solo, with a two legged or four legged friend, enjoy your cup of tea and treasure the little things. Have a beautiful day.      American Tea Room will be opening September in Downtown Los Angeles - Arts District.