Fall is in the air and it's my favorite time of the year. The minute there's a hint of chilI in the air and I have a chance to wear a sweater, I'm thrilled! I first saw this sweater on a friend of mine and shortly thereafter Who What Wear wrote, This was the "Must-Have Sweater for Fall" Guess what... It's from ZARA and it's a for sure a winner. 

I'm loving the look of sweaters worn over slip dresses, it's effortless style. I grabbed my favorite Clare V Clutch and YSL vintage earrings. Try wearing a fun color clutch with colorful soft blues (turquoise) and greens...those beautiful jewel tones can be so flattering against your skin. The slipress is a refreshing change, provides nice coverage & It's nice to give my jeans a rest.

You can never go wrong with a classic high-heeled pointed toe Manolo Blahnik. Defenitely worth the investment.

This Trumpet Sleeve Sweater is ribbed, lightweight and soft and it's $36.00...who doesn't love a bargain!         You can shop the post below.

If you haven't checked out Clave V's website be sure to take a look. She's a local designer here in L.A. and her brand is expanding all over the map. You'll  find a large collection of clutch bags, fun totes, and Pom Pom Tassels in pretty colors.

Just enough room for just enough stuff!



Lately, I've been living in these AMO JEANS. I have a go-to look when I'm rushing out the door for meetings or dinner, but it's dependable and always works. Jeans, a great top... here I'm wearing a camisole, which I seem to be throwing on a lot these days. You can find beautiful ones with lace trim, and they look so pretty when the lace is a little exposed. Can't go wrong with a stylish blazer, fun tops, camisoles, and heels. Bright one's and go for the animal print too.

J. Crew is a great fit, and if you're petit they have small sizes that need zero alterations. 

Christian Dior makes this beautiful heel, but there are other brands that have great options.

Pretty Pink Details on the inside.

Pretty Pink Details on the inside.

Flip up the collar for a peek-a-boo of the pink detail along with a tie-inspired lining and contrast piping, plus a handkerchief pocket for stashing things like headphones or your favorite lipstick... for me, it would be reading glasses.

Have you tried a bright color or an animal print with your jeans & blazer?  J. Crew, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Dior make amazing heels in beautiful bright colors. For choosing what works in your 40's or 50's can sometimes be confusing, or you might feel limited. There is no reason to limit ourselves to "rules" yes...there are looks that will never go out of style and I adore those classic favorites, but 50 is the new 40 and why not have fun as you reinvent yourself? Don't forget to have a great attitude when you're choosing your wardrobe, it make's fashion a lot easier to navigate...along with life.


How about a fun sweatshirt with a flowing skirt and heels?   J.Crew has a nice selection of sweatshirts with a little style.

Yes, these beauties are a bit high, but this sexy suede platform gives that added comfort you need in a high heel, and the tie around the ankle gives a nice support. 

And this one...never goes out of style...

    *Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it’s all the same day. –Janis Joplin


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