Meet Beautiful Celebrity Skin Care Expert - Kát Rudu.  Every day we are introduced to more information about organic skin care lines and the flower power of plants. Kát Rudu's line is pure-biotic, vegan, and cruelty-free. I've been using Kát's products for three months and my skin feels fresh, radiant, and what's not to love about the aroma of the botanical world? Here's a look into Káts love and passion behind her brand and how she creates alongside nature.

I first Met Kát at an event I attended in October. Of course the minute you meet Kát you say....Uhhhhh I'd like my skin to look just like that! I was thrilled to walk away with her incredible products and yes... I do see a difference. Kát's products not only smell delicious but feel amazing on and I've not had one breakout. Kát is passionate about women feeling their best and when you're in her presence the excitment is contagious!  Let's take a look at the passion behind her products and what they deliver.  

From left to right -

1-Hydra-Cell Bright Moisturizer; A natural brightening and oxygenating formula that fades sunspots lightens hyperpigmentation and restores brilliance with Kojic Acid and Licorice Root. Vegan Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Plant Stem Cells deliver protein to the skin at the cellular level. 2- Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Serum; A potent concentrated supplement, the Silk Protein Amino Acid blend improves suppleness, radiance and overall condition resulting in skin that is instantly lifted, plumped and tightened 3- CoCo Honey Papaya Enzymes Cleanser; Blended from regenerative Wild Geranium, pure Aloe Vera and antibacterial Honey, this silky gel purifies, tones and deeply hydrates the skin to reveal a super clean complexion that is not stripped or irritated. 4- Hydra-Cell Vitamin C Serum; A high concentration of botanical Vitamin C and vegan Hyaluronic Acid brightens hyperpigmentation, while it feeds and plumps the skin. 5- Cooling Cucumber Eye Bright Gel; This cooling revitalizing treatment delivers Silk Protein Amino Acids to the delicate eye area, with vegan protein to make it elastic and impervious to fine lines. 

Dewy Botanical Flower Mist - Jewel Oil Serum - Jet Secret Cream (Jet Cream available on website)

This Valentine's Day, we can look forward to two new products from Kát. Her Botanical Flower Mist  (love) and her Jewel Oil Serum.(truly a jewel). The Jet Secret Cream is Fantastic!!  My skin is on the dry side and the Jet Secret Cream leaves you looking refreshed and moisturized. I was lucky enough to try the Botanical Mist and the Jewel Oil Serum before Valentine's Day! The Jewel Oil Serum is made with Tamanu Oil, a remarkable healing agent used in South Asia, Avocado Oil and botanical retinol, Jewel Oil Serum gives a natural, brightening luminous glow.  You can use both day and night, and a few drops go a long way.

You can also find K by Kát Rudu - her sister line for under $30.00 - products at Erewhon Natural Markets - Amazon - Knockout.Beauty  - Is located in New Yor & the Hamptons Ron Robinson - Fred Segal Boutiques. Kát has worked at Vera's in Bel Air, Ole Henriksen & for Dr. Lancer before opening her own studio in Venice, California


If you want to "Light up the room" when you walk in...Book an appointment with Kát. info@katrudu.com. Thank you so much Kát for your gift of beauty! My skin is happy, glowing and grateful. 

Here's a peek into Kát's world for my Fearless Female Segment with Focus TV. You can hear about the power of silk amino acids, and other ingredients on our video. Plants are the most amazing chemists and engineers, It’s really exciting to understand how powerful plants are and from the beginning of time, women have uncovered beauty secrets from around the world with their discoveries from nature.

                  When you grow up doing what you love, what you love grows you....me

                       "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”

My father and mother owned a beauty salon in Bucharest, Romania. My mom was a hairstylist and also a skin specialist. My father was a barber. They worked together, side by side, for many years. As a little girl, I would sometimes go to the salon with them. At six years old I was already talking to clients as I watched my parents perform their art. Remember, in Europe, to become a cosmetologist is like becoming a nurse here. The years of schooling to become a skin expert or a hair stylist in Europe is equivalent to going to a four or five-year college.

The beauty of my mother and her salon is she always had handpicked flowers. She loved sunflowers! They were so fresh from the country fields I would try to sneak and eat some of the seeds. My mom would also have parsley and herbs around that she would preserve in jars filled with water. What I remember most about them working is; clients loved them. It was more like a family than a client relationship, and that is what I strive to bring to my work. So many of clients have become my dearest friends, as one became my made of honor. My mom always said, "Treat every face like it’s your last face." My husband told me one face at a time you will succeed. My right hand Stacey told me to always act with grace. I believe with this combination I can’t lose. 

 I came to the US on my own.  As I became an adult, I considered and even pursued various professions to make my own mark – something different than my background.  I became a SAG actress and a certified Pilates instructor.  But even while I was attempting to make these other dreams come true, my true passion always came back to the skin.

  Kát's motto - Your beauty is my life...

Thank you Kát for your generosity and your friendship...xoxo