What's not to Love about Adidas. Feeling casual and a little youthful these days??  If so, then don't forget to grab a pair of Gazelles. The legendary Gazelle from Adidas was introduced way back in 1968... I'm pretty sure I heard that "Everything old is new again"  Go 50's!!

Thank goodness sneakers are here to stay. Now that we all truly crave the comfort of the sole and the soul... Every season brands from way back when keep raising the bar, and Adidas holds steadfast & true so if you missed the "Superstar" or the "Gazelle"  the first time around you'll have a second chance to buy their trusty kicks again.

Adidas Gazelle


Most of the time running around L.A. is a casual experience, so it's fun to have a favorite uniform to throw on for busy errand days. This casual jacket is my favorite all-weather black bomber jacket from Vie Active, and it's on sale right now. I throw it on when I'm headed to my yoga class or when I'm running around day or night. Its scuba-like Vieoprene fabric, so it's made for warmth and comfort.

Adidas makes this skinny cigarette pant.  They have an elastic waistband and hang low on the hips... they are a little baggy and they added their signature "racing stripes" on the side. 

Many times when I'm staring at my clothes, I ask "What do women in Paris wear"...oh yes, black! For a quick out-the-door look when you're running around and on-the-go.

Are you familiar with Cuyana?  I was introduced to Cuyana by a friend and, instantly I was drawn to their soulful vision and this bag. ClareV makes this vibrant green tassle. 

Also at Cuyana you'll find their Leather Travel Case Set.  These also make great gifts for a friend or the man in your life. At $110 you can't beat the price!!  Shop the post below.

I absolutely adore this perfume!

I absolutely adore this perfume!

Lacrème Beaute makes the most amazing products and now Victoria added her Fresh Cut Huile Parfum. You will feel like you've been transported to a rose garden amongst fresh cut flowers.

Just a few of my favorite things for on-the-go and feeling youthful, free & smelling pretty!

                             Be yourself, but always your better self     Karl G. Maeser