Have you had your Vitamin Sea today? Are you ready for a dose of beauty?  The Sea is calling you! On Wednesday, July 26th at 10 am CST  (8 am PST) and 7 pm CST (5 pm PST)  I'll be live on EVINE,  an American cable, satellite, and broadcast television network. I hope you can join me for the premiere launch of Vitamin Sea Beauty, developed by Mark Freeman; from Freeman Cosmetics, Mark is a true native Southern California, born and raised and comes from three generations of beauty professionals. Now Mark brings us these rich & luxurious masks and face scrub.  Vitamin Sea Beauty was created last year while on a family vacation and Mark noticed how fresh and rejuvenated his skin felt, just from being in the sea. He thought, why not take the powers of the Sea and develop the most innovative skin care with the latest technologies and natural ingredients. Vitamin Sea Beauty, promotes that same healthy, youthful skin, just like you are stepping out of the sea. 


The sea’s abundance of natural and pure beauty benefiting resources help revitalize, nourish, and retain moisture in our skin. Sea plants are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids...all things we need for proper body balance & function. These plants provide hydration, healing, detoxifying, and restorative properties, while defending against aging, protecting against UV lights, and helping to prevent acne. Naturally occurring in and around our great bodies of water, the ingredients in our line promote healthy, youthful skin

Who doesn't love the way the skin feels when we're by the Sea? We look and feel hydrated, moisturized and even rejuvenated. I personally long for that feeling all year round. These masks are clean and simple, use three to four times a week for eight to ten minutes a day and you'll begin to see a brightness with your complexion, and you'll feel great for taking time for yourself, and your skin will thank you.

Sea Salt & Coconut Brightening Face Scrub; Sea Salt is a natural exfoliator and the added coconut oil helps to lock in the moisture. I have thin and sometimes sensitive skin, this scrub is not abrasive at all. My teenage son is using this on his face for blackheads and it's working! Plus it's hard to resist the light fragrance of coconuts. Thumbs up review for the men and the teenagers in the home.  

Sea Kelp & Cucumber -Soothing & Smoothing Mask;  Cucumber is a natural toner, just mention cucumbers and I'm daydreaming about the spa. Sea Kelp is loaded with calcium, fluoride, and magnesium, along with being rich in antioxidants. Sea plants are resilient and constantly adapting to our often-changing environment.  Cucumbers are great for reducing those dark circles under the eyes along with reducing swelling and puffiness. Your skin will feel and look hydrated. That's what we lose so much of after we hit forty and over. Having dry skin leads to a dull appearance, and that leads to aging skin.  Masks are a simple and proactive way to get your skin healthy looking again.

Black Sea Mud & Charcoal- Cooling & Antioxidant Face Mask -  Black Sea Mud increases circulation in your skin, helping bring vital nutrients to your cells and you can begin to say "bye-bye" to toxins. Charcoal's natural detoxifying abilities draw out impurities, and mask's high concentration of essential minerals will nourish, soften, and dramatically improve your skin's tone & texture. My husband used this mask and said "his skin looked healthy & clean, along with, he felt good for taking a little time to care for his skin"  This is also a fun gift idea for your girlfriends or teenagers. Give the gift of a return to the Sea. I just love that Vitamin Sea Beauty is for the whole family...families that "masks" together stays together...

Blue Sea Kale & Grapefruit - Deep Pore Exfoliating Mask - If you're more on the oily side you'll love this mask. The first thing I noticed when I rinsed off this mask, my skin was brighter. The Vitamin C from the grapefruit along with Vitamin A, C, K from the Sea Kale is another excellent way to wake up your skin. I also have age spots that appeared a little lighter.  I just love that Vitamin Sea Beauty is for the whole family...families that "masks" together stays together...Or I could just be glowing from the reflection of the family member starring at me...

EVIVE LIVE...Here we come!

EVIVE LIVE...Here we come!

We are so excited for our premier launch here at Evine  this Wednesday, July 26th at 10 am CST (8 am PST) & 7 pm CST (5 pm PST) Please join us and call in! Be one of the FIRST to purchase Vitamin Sea's Mask collection. Here is the link for your local channel or Watch us live right here on Evine Live  

Clare V Leopard Tote - Diane Von Furstenberg Dress

Clare V Leopard Tote - Diane Von Furstenberg Dress

If you're  someone on the go, all you'll need is eight to ten minutes, three times a week, and you will begin to see fine lines diminish, age spots will lighten and your skin will feel rejuvenated and hydrated. Vitamin Sea's not replacing your regular routine, they're  just adding to it. Here's to feeling beautiful and refreshed at any age and bringing the tranquil feeling of the Sea to your own home. Thanks, Vitamin Sea, for bringing us a little closer to paradise.  

" By the Sea By the Sea...By the Beautiful Sea...You & Me, You & Me...Oh, How Happy We'll Be...