This week I wanted to introduce you to my friend and fellow blogger Michelle Gillette. Michelle is passionate about achieving optimal brain health and I wanted to share her recent blog post about Kirtan Kriya with you all!



A well researched 12-minute yogic singing meditation called Kirtan Kriya can have enormously positive health and wellness results:

What studies in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation (ARPF) have found is that this simple 12-minute meditation can have profound benefits for one’s overall health, brain, memory, mood, energy, genes, cells, immune system, sleep, and psychological and spiritual well-being.

Benefits reported include:

  • better blood flow to the brain

  • decrease in depression

  • inflammation decrease

  • decrease in memory loss

  • increase in healthy genes

  • increase in telomerase!


Practiced over an eight week period, improvements on cognitive performance on memory testing improved and changes were detected on the cellular level.  A groundbreaking study at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior’s Longevity Center researched the practice. Their evidence showed that telomerase was increased! Those are enzymes linked to structures at the ends of our chromosomes, which affect how our cells age. In fact, telomerase was increased by 43 percent, the largest increase ever recorded. (Telomeres are protective “caps” on the tips of eukaryotic chromosomes. Telomerase can extend telomeres, which is positive since longer telomeres are associated with longevity where as shorter telomeres are associated with diseases/aging.)

What is Kirtan Kriya?

It is a multi-sensory yogic singing exercise with mudras (hand gestures) reported to enhance brain and mental health, increase longevity, and keep the mind sharp, help people live longer and better and it can help alleviate some chronic illnesses – potentially expanding not just lifespan but healthspan.

If any of you are like me, and you still struggle with mindfulness practices that aim for stillness and an attempt at clearing the mind… this may be a well-suited alternative to try.

The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation has conducted research and discovered health and longevity benefits in conjunction with some of the leading medical schools in America including the University of Pennsylvania, UCLA and University of California-San Francisco, where Dr. Khalsa, medical director of ARPF, did his anesthesiology residency.

From the ARPF Website:

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 7.27.54 PM.png

The Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation has assembled this information on the Kirtan Kriya singing exercise for medical professionals, the public, caregivers, the media, and anyone interested in improving their brain function and improving memory loss.

Kirtan Kriya exercise utilizes the primal sounds – and is meant to be practiced for greater attention, concentration, focus, improved short term memory, and better mood. The primal sounds consist of:

  • Saa Taa Naa Maa

  • The sounds are chanted repeatedly and in order (i.e., Saa Taa Naa Maa). They come from the mantra ‘Sat Nam’, which means ‘my true essence’.


An explanation from Dr. Helen Levretsky from the Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior- UCLA Longevity Center:

Here is an animated YouTube Video Michelle plays on her phone to utilize as a guide to cue her through the multisensory yogic exercise/meditation:

Michelle helps clients reboot and invigorate their lives! She does this by guiding them as they gain clarity on what they truly want in their careers, relationships, lives; by coaching them as they create actionable plans to achieve their goals; and by supporting them as they create sustainable habits that lead to more meaningful, purpose-driven, healthier life! Learn more about her and her coaching on her website HERE!

Over the past few years of knowing Michelle she has become a reliable source for health questions especially when it comes to topics about our brains. She’s hungry for information, she does her research and we love it when she shares it all with us! I hope you will take a minute to go to her website, sign up for her newsletter and stay connected to her and with us. We believe in women helping women, helping others and staying connected and informed leads to a better you and that leads to a better us. Thank you Michelle for your passion and your friendship.

To you and your family I’d like to say Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to you always. I am extremely grateful to you for following me and for your continued support as a blogger. Let’s keep growing together!

“Wake Up Look Up Get Grateful”

xo Janet


Any day I can spend an afternoon with my girlfriends laughing, playing dress-up, and share a little camera time promoting Franne Golde... I'll take it!  


Influencers Clara Lee and Melissa Meyers spent the day downtown L.A. mixing some of our favorite everyday brands from Franne Golde, and we are excited for all of you petites out there, you can shop The Grateful Gardenia Petite Capsule Collection  - Sizes zero to petite 14, now there's something for everyone.

Melissa Meyers wearing  The Grateful Blazer

Melissa Meyers wearing The Grateful Blazer

Clara is wearing the Diane Scoop-neck in floral. White Audrey Crop Pant - Lite in white. 


Janet Tie-Top, Petite Fit

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Clara with her good attitude and feeling comfortable! in her Audrey Crop Pants

Melissa Meyers wearing Petite  Janet Tie-Top in Leopard

Melissa Meyers wearing Petite Janet Tie-Top in Leopard

Petite Button Down  in White & Black

Petite Button Down in White & Black

I absolutely love Franne's Katharine Button-down but the shirt tails and sleeves were just a bit long for my frame. With the petite collection Button-down, it's just the perfect length for a tuck in the front or the back!


Melissa is wearing the perfect ribbed tank in white. Everything you want in a tank. A ballet neck, super soft, stretchy, sustainable and washable. Great for layering- dress up or down! It holds everything in quite nicely. Wear this Madison Paisley top and pant together or separately. 


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Thank you, girlfriends, for making the journey such a joy and filled with love!! 

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 Sizes range from Zero to a Size 14

 Sizes range from Zero to a Size 14

I recently began working with Franne promoting her FG brand and yes I brought along my influencer friends and it's been a blast. Franne's business is not even two years old and already O Magazine  found her along with the daytime show, The View. She's created classic pieces for everyone so you can mix and match her favorites with your favorites, and if you're on the petite side, here it is!  I'm excited to share that we recently launched  The Grateful Gardenia Petite Capsule Collection

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Thank you Franne Golde and your fabulous team for your passion and your laughter! 

xo Janet


Recently my partner and friend Melissa Meyers were invited to an event with Rachel McCord from The McCord List to support entrepreneurs, brands and charities to connect and empower women, especially those who have or are overcoming life's biggest obstacles (like homelessness, abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety or bullying) I was so touched by the Imani Collective I felt it was important to share with you. I hope you can take a minute to read about Jenny Nuccio, and her motivation to get moving and make a difference.

My companion was handmade by Grace Keya & she sits with Buster and I

My companion was handmade by Grace Keya & she sits with Buster and I

Imani Collective is a "community of dreamers + shakers who aren’t afraid to ask “why not?” Passionately pursuing a holistic approach to empowerment, they believe that once we realize what we’re made of, we can own what we’re made for. Convinced that we aren’t just better together — we’re our best together." 

The Imani Collective was started by Jenny Nuccio, who was new to the Mtepeni Village in Kenya. was new to Mtepeni Village, Kenya. She came straight from college with a vision to create meaningful employment and opportunities for the women there, but had a hard time getting her own water and would wheelbarrow thirty pounds of water every day. The other women in the village eventually helped her and they all became good friends. Jenny taught them how to sew and sixteen women started Imani Collective and yes, it takes a village.

Now, the Imani Collective has over fifty men and women in the Mtepeni Village as well as half a dozen women stateside. 

Melissa Meyers / Rachel McCord

Melissa Meyers / Rachel McCord

Rachel McCord is steadfast in creating her village and I'm so grateful to learn about Imani Collective and other wonderful brands who came together on this day to contribute. 



Thank you, Rachel, for a wonderful event and touching our hearts with your generosity and inviting us to join your village!

xo Janet

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Imani Collective (www.imanicollective.com):
Imani Collective ethically creates sustainable pieces for children and their moms. All of their products are handmade with no toxins. The Imani Collective is empowered to help, providing jobs for unemployed individuals living in Kenya. The company now employs over fifty Kenyan men + women in the Mtepeni Village and Mombosa, along with half a dozen women stateside. Imani Collective was developed to help and provide for its community of dreamers + shakers who aren’t afraid to ask “why not?” Follow us on Instagram at @imanicollective.

Mott and Prince (www.mottandprince.com):
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