Downtown Los Angeles... Full of art, fashion, top chefs and their stylish restaurants. We love culture in this city, and it's important to support, and be a part of our growing community. We spend most of our time in our cars here in L.A. Just watch Saturday Night Live, there's an ongoing skit on navigating our lovely freeways. Let's dodge the freeway...Take the side streets and end up in downtown L.A.

Twister was HUGE when I was a kid. Our weekend entertainment was devoted to Twister parties. When you visit The Springs on Mateo St. peek your head out the back and take in the giant Twister wall and have a laugh... or two.  Gucci Loafers / Genetic Jeans / EQUIPMENT black silk shirt / Hermès Twilly Scarf / Chanel Sunglasses / 

When you step into The Springs Urban Oasis you will be greeted by their vibrant gift shop full of handmade products. It's colorful, organic and creative.  /  Longchamp Bag  / Kelly Wrestler ring

Be sure and take a seat at the organic cold pressed juice bar. Try the Evergreen - cucumber, celery, romaine spinach, kale, parsley... Soooo Good

Make your way to the back of The Springs and you'll find yoga rooms and fun "coolio" clothing to  match your experience.

The sign says it all...Eco Friendly - Clothing that feels good, is good and has a happy feeling.

My friend  and fellow blogger Jesica Ryzenberg had the best time being inspired walking downtown and soaking up the artistic vibe.

POKETO / Founded in 2003 by husband-and-wife team Ted & Angie. It's a lifestyle brand to inspire the artist in you and your everyday life. POKETO  collaborates with over 200 international artist.

I bought my son a wallet designed by Yeji Yun - Korean Artist, made of vinyl.  A new spin on wallets with animating artistic messages. 

You can find a good selection of coffee table books, candles, and soaps.

Lot Stock & Barrel / If you want to check out a store where there is passion for vintage blue jeans, jackets, boots, jumpsuits and yes... there is some fringe floating around.

Street art in  L.A. has drawn fresh local artists, along with a few well know international one's too. 2014 was a big year for colorful messages with beautiful murals at every turn.

Jesica and I took a break for lunch at Church & State 1850 Industrial St. Los Angeles / A French Bistro, L.A. Hotspot. It feels a bit like you're in San Fran. You will need a reservation. It's packed with stylish, sophisticated and artsy people.  

You won't be disappointed with the wine list or the all natural produce, and naturally fed, humanely raised and treated animal products if you are a meat eater.

My Shrimp Ceasar Salad hit the spot.

Don't forget to try out a cup of joe from The Daily Dose. Kick start the second half of your downtown stroll.

The Daily Dose will find you... with it's coffee aroma floating around the corner. 1820 Industrial Street  

Nadia Geller / We found our way into this boutique filled with goodies. The Chalk Board says it all.  1801 East 7th ST.

Welcome!  Let's Shop

I couldn't resist these glasses from SOLA / Sisters of Los Angeles / These glasses make for starting up a great conversation.

How clever is this... An old P.O. Box Door resting on your table with a "succulent sidekick"

Cutting Boards / Shakers / Side Chairs

At Last...   It's a great feeling when you can support your community and enjoy all there is to offer to an up and coming neighborhood.

Cheers Jesica! Thank You Sisters Of Los Angeles... These glasses made for a great downtown memory. We took the 101 to the 10 and a few short cuts then enjoyed our afternoon in Sunny L.A.               Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Anthony J. D'Angelo