Let's tone those inner thighs...shall we!  The inner thigh is one of the hardest areas to keep tone. I find this exercise has helped quiet a bit and within two weeks after focused repetition of this workout, I visibly saw a difference.  A good healthy balanced diet and cardio play a big factor of course, but as we age we all have those areas that need to be targeted.  Let's tackle the inner thighs.

Don't forget to stretch and get your body warm before you jump in.  These exercises will help tone, and give your beautiful legs that long, lean, and tone look. 

Step your feet wider that your shoulders / Turn your toes out slightly / Bend your knees and sink your seat to knee level / Place your arms straight up by your ears /Draw your abs in / Take tiny pulses up and down for 30 seconds /  you will start to feel the burn / After you finish your 30 pulses - now hold the above position for 30 seconds more /   Ouch!

Reach both arms straight out in front of you / Repeat your tiny pulses for 30 seconds /                 Now hold in the above position for 30 seconds /

With your arms remaining overhead you are going to lift your heels up and down for 30 seconds / When you finish your pulses - hold for your last 30 seconds /  You're probably feeling the burn now...and that's a good thing. You are on your way to toning your inner thighs. Another exercise you can do anywhere, in your home or take it on the road. *I am not a trainer, I just enjoy sharing what I do with you. Do what's right for your body. 

As soon as you wake up...say 'Thank You' all the way to your bathroom sink...Look in the mirror and know you just got a new day, another start to becoming who you want to be. Walk out your door and be proud of who you are...and never give up your dreams.

ALTAR EGO APPAREL / Take Flight  Ombre Tights / Emi-Jay Headband / Nike top - bra - studio wrap training shoe /   * I am proud to be a part of the Ambassador Program for ALTAR EGO APPAREL.                 


We believe in women. We believe today’s women not only represent external beauty, but also inner strength, creativity, intelligence and compassion.  In the same way art is open to interpretation, we believe each woman uniquely symbolizes her own truths.

We believe in empowering her to communicate them.

You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted. -Ruth E. Renki