After Thanksgiving has passed and we now enter the holiday fiesta, how about an easy recipe for slimming down a bit before the parties arrive. Salmon & Veggies - a healthy way to satisfy your hunger and stay healthy.

Baked Salmon, Broccoli - sweet red peppers - cauliflower - roasted potatoes - L.A. Juice Co. (recycled) water bottle.

Wild caught salmon marinated in Olive Oil - Lemon Juice  - Pepper - Salt - Fresh Parsley.           Bake in the oven in a glass dish for 20 minutes at 375°. I use a recipe from Allrecipes and it comes out perfect every time.  

Sweet peppers - broccoli - cauliflower - potatoes - onions  - fennel - parsley 

Marinate the veggies in Braggs Olive Oil - Lemon Juice - Italian Seasoning - Garlic                           Place on a baking pan on top of foil for 20 minutes at 375°

BRAGGS Olive Oil - Italian Seasoning - Garlic - Sea Salt (just a touch)

Allrecipes is a great site for simple and easy recipes and they honestly come out perfect every time.  This is my go-to salmon dish. It's great when you have that dependable and satisfying dish. Salmon is a great source of protein and loaded in Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D - Omega-3 fatty acids.  Recipe for a great meal: Smile, listen to music, and think about the little things that make you happy....

                 “A home cook who relies too much on a recipe is sort of like a pilot who reads the plane’s instruction manual while flying.” – Alton Brown