Who doesn't love a little wine and pizza? I know most of us are cutting back on the carbs, but it sure is a hard to say "No Grazie" to Pizza and Vino. Some of the best dinners and laughs I've shared have been with pizza and wine. Here are a few red table wines that are tasty, affordable, and worth sharing.

Half cheese and half pepperoni with a 2013 Napa Valley Red -  2013 Red from Pugila - 2013 Red  Cabernet

VALPOLICELLA - The most famous wine district in North-Eastern Italy's Veneto wine region. Flavors of tart cherries with a touch of toasty oak and mocha. A blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinari grapes. This was our choice for pizza night here in our kitchen. 2013 Valpolicella Brigaldara.

Red C Napa Valley-Cabernet / Sonoma County Red Wine 2013 - Ripe, round, black cherry, blackberry and herb flavors. From wine maker Jeff Morgan, crafted in the same style as his top Cabernets. Here in California we are proud of our elegant cabs. Your guest will serve you a lovely smile after you share a slice and this  Fab Cab! 

I-1 Italy Red Wine 2012 - Composed of Nero D'Avola and Negroamaro from Puglia. You will find aromas of macerated raspberries, dried lavender, plum tart, and toasty oak accents.  Besides the visual Italian look of the bottle on your table, this wine will flow perfectly right along with your pizza.

There are amazing table wines out there to be your perfect pizza partners, It doesn't have to be pricy to be yummy. When you head to the market make your way to the Italian region, the motherland of pizza wines. Try and take a moment and read about your wines, and most of all...have fun...enjoy. Add some yummy truffle cheese, grapes, figs. and chocolate. Any way you slice it...bringing people together and sharing a few laughs creates happiness. Start your holiday season off with an attitude of giving the simple things.  GRAZIE!       

                       In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine.  Robin Leach