If you're enjoying a day of shopping in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica or Studio City, and spot a stylish, chic and carefree woman strolling along...chances are they shop at Jill Roberts. Meet the lovely, and enthusiastic Jill Roberts. In 1995 Jill opened her first store on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Ca., followed by two other locations in Beverly Hills and Studio City. Jill is a native California girl who was born with that “cool factor.” She has a very relaxed, and effortless style. Her store is bursting with beautiful colors, and she carries the softest, prettiest scarves! Girl after my own heart... She never misses a beat when it comes to a flair for surf & sand merchandising...Chic yet casual, playful and sophisticated, you will fall in love with her dresses, hats, jackets, and when you meet Jill...you’ll fall in love with her.

 Not only is she an inspiration as an entrepreneur, she’s a world traveler, wife, and a mom to three handsome guys, 20, 17 & 14. 

 Jill has a great selection of all the latest jeans, active wear and lingerie. Jill Roberts Boutique located here in Beverly Hills - 423 North Bedford

Muamua Dolls / Clutch /

Jill and her guys... The Roberts family were "sneaker heads" way before everyone got on board with the sneaker craze. 

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneakers - A Guarantee of Uniqueness / Claire Vivier Clutch 

Frank & Eileen Top / Enshallah Large Fringe Bag / Mother Denim / Great fit on the Frank & Eileen tops, I find them sexy and slimming.

Jill Roberts in Santa Monica - 920 Montana Ave. 

Jill Roberts in Studio City - 12053 Ventura Place (Right next to Joan's on 3rd

Jill displays both clothing and accessories so you can instantly visualize your wardrobe, and and lends a hand in simplify your packing . If you're headed on a dream vacation or a fun weekend in your own town, Jill has the perfect solution for the ensembles you'll need.

It's the little things...

Jill and her husband Mark are constantly brain-storming together. They are truly a team, and he loves motivating her every step of the way.  When you walk into the boutiques you instantly see a true reflection of her travels, zest for life, and love for the beach.  I love this photo of Jill and Mark on their vespa -zipping around Bev. Hills getting a little inspiration.

Jill wearing just one of her many hats on Manini' Beach - Kona, Hawaii /  If you’re thinking about bikini season, she has a great eye for classy, chic, and sexy swimwear. You’ll want to get in shape quick when you lay eyes on her swimwear.

On a Paris buying trip. Jill followed her passion for clothing, design and travel...and now her lifestyle incorporates it all. 

Stylish in her  Golden Goose Sneakers - 

On Capri, making her way to one of her favorite spots - Fontelina Beach - Jills's tote is custom made in Florence, Italy and coming soon to JR stores! 

Taking a little down time to appreciate, recharge and working on endless creative ideas. Jill has the right idea; incorporate your joy of life, family, your work & create your dream job.

I found a cool pair of Closed jeans. She also has a nice selection ofUlla Johnson tops and dresses, so pretty and feminine.  I love my new jeans! 

       “Define success in your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” — Anne Sweeney

Me: As a businesswoman, what are some challenges you have faced in the beginning stages, and how did you overcome them?

Jill: It’s been so long since I started my business and it was so different back then. I actually think there are more challenges now - 20 years ago I was welcomed with open arms into a fashion community that begged for new, small scale retailers.  The department store business was dying and I was part of a new group of personalized retailers who created the “Contemporary Market.” Now there are so many of us and its a challenge to survive every day with discounts from big box stores and online shopping taking over “old school-touch it, try it on” in store.

 Me: Briefly describe a day in your life as an entrepreneur. From the time you wake up - 

Jill: My kids are older now: 20, 17 & 14 so I am not needed so much in the early AM - I take this time to chill and enjoy my morning coffee before I get out of bed - a double latte with whole milk! If I am not deep in the middle of my buying seasons,  I will work a little from home and then head to Maha Yoga for my Happy Yoga practice. From there I wash my face in the car and head to my office sweaty! Most days I am wearing workout clothes all day long in line of some cute JR combination. I will work at my desk until I pick up my son from practice at 5:30. Work usually consists of answering emails, researching new brands, monitoring inventory, budgeting buying seasons, creating new marketing ideas for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, choosing outfits to shoot for our website, writing orders, creating designs for my private label cashmeres…Then I head home to cook dinner for all my men - usually some sort of animal protein with lots of veggies and salad. A glass or two of Rosé is imperative at this point as well! We tend to eat late and sit at dinner chatting with the boys until we all realize that its a school night and homework must be completed. Netflix usually calls my name and I am out by 11pm. 

Me: What motivates you in your job and your personal life?

I have several motivators in my life: My husband, Travel, my kids, my BFFs…They are all an inspiration to me - My husband is the ultimate entrepreneur who is always coming up with new ideas for businesses, stores, clothing lines, accessories etc.  He pushes me to keep moving forward and thinks I am Wonder Woman. When I travel I always find something new for the stores or come up with a new business plan or creative marketing idea.  When Mark and I are together on vacation we are always working, creating, thinking, taking pictures of people, products, landscapes etc. The girls in our office hate when we go away because it means more emails and projects for them!  My kids are super cool and have great fashion sense - we are all sneaker freaks and they keep me on top of the latest trends and brands that speak to them! And my BFFs are ever present in my life as inspirations: they are beautiful inside and out, open and honest about showing me how I can be a better woman, mother, friend, businesswoman…

Me: What are your 3 favorite beauty or clothing products you simply can’t live without?

Jill: This is too limiting so here are my choices ;) An Eres Bikini, an Alaia Dress and a cashmere sweater with jeans. K. Jacques Sandals & Golden Goose SneakersDavines Love Shampoo, Annemarie Borlind Eye Creme, Nuxe Sunblock, Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss, YSL Touche Eclat Concealer and Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint.

ME: How do the ideas to consistently grow your business come to you? 

Jill: Shopping other stores while traveling, surfing the web and brainstorming with Mark and my right arm Vicki in my office!