Out with the old and in with the new. Starting a new year means new beginnings and pretty much anything is possible if we have an open mind, and open heart. What if we didn't need a "New Year's Eve"  to have a new beginning? We have the ability to have a new beginning everyday of the year. If we can just remember that our thoughts create our reality we'd choose different thoughts more frequently. It takes practice, like anything you want to become good at, and the more you do it...the more often it happen's, and the more Good begins to flow your way. When you open your lighten your load and true goodness awaits you with open arms.  

I was on my way home from the grocery store when I passed this garage and it gave me such a positive feeling in my heart. I drove home, grabbed my tri-pod and headed back for this photo.  I encourage you to be spontaneous and take photos of anything that makes your heart happy.  I'd love for you to email me a favorite photo that touched your heart. I choose LOVE...what about you?

Borsalino Fedora / Hermès Scarf / Manolo Blahnik Boots / AG Jeans /  Sweater - 27 Miles @Shop Market Brentwood  / Tracy Smolin Cuff @ recreo.reinspired /

Be Healthy..Be Happy and Be Yourself...

Tracy Smolin Cuff / Recreo / Tracy is an artist here in Los Angeles.

Borsalino Fedora  / Hermès

“The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance.
The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose.” 
                                                                                                  Arnold Bennett