Having my coffee one morning while  flipping through Instagram ...I came across the page of Lindavwright.  Seeing photos of a poised and chic woman wearing beautiful scarves on the streets of Paris was eye candy to me, so I began to follow her. After a little more investigating I discovered she had a boutique in Paris France, called Crimson Cashmere; located right in the heart of the Triangle d’or. We were on our way to Paris for summer vacation and staying in that area, so  I had to pay her a visit. After a few more “likes” on her page, I found her on Facebook, Pinterest, then I noticed she was a Texan, and from my hometown Fort Worth!  Yee-Haw...Now I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to meet her and make a connection with a Texan living in Paris. After breakfast, we strolled to the boutique and found Linda. There she was... chic, relaxed and tall!  Linda has incredible style and of course the boutique was charming. I couldn’t resist this beautiful blue Cashmere sweater that made it’s way home with a Texan, who loves Paris.

The shelves were stocked with beautiful colors. I chose this tropical blue cashmere sweater. I thought it would be perfect for our California weather. I'm a fan of the color combo- blue and brown. Ralph Lauren Leather Pants / Hermès Scarf / Reyna Icaza clutch / Tracy Smolin Recreo Reinspired Vintage Cuff / 

Manolo Blahnik Leopard Print Heels / Can't wear these enough...

Great cut on the sweater, has the feel of a cozy sweatshirt.

Tying in a colorful scarf can always dress up your look.

Persol sunglasses / For a classic look

Vintage Cuff from Recreo-Inspired / Tracy has a gift of taking vintage pieces and creating  an edgy and feminine feel.

Reyna Icaza Handbags / I find this clutch goes with almost anything and works for day or night. It fits just the right amount of your personal goodies.

Crimson Cashmere / Dress it up - Dress it down & Yes! tie in your scarf with your sneakers / On the streets of Paris / Hermès Evelyne bag

Meeting Linda Wright - Texas finds Texas - Crimsons styles are a true reflection of Linda.. classic, stylish and sophisticated. 

Manolo Blahnik Leopard Heel

Accessories always make a simple outfit colorful, chic, and expresses who you are. Have fun and be creative while choosing your accessories.   *Thank you Tony Williams for a fun day of photos in your beautiful home.

                       "Find out who you are and do it on purpose"    Dolly Parton