Push-ups work almost every part of your body. Doing push-up uses the body's weight working against gravity to strengthen muscles. A woman who does push-ups can strengthen her chest, firm and tone her arms and stabilize her core, or abdominal muscles. Yes, I know they can be a bit boring, and hard! so let's add a Physio Ball for a little different approach, and we can work on our balance and strength too. 

Nike Shoes/ Alo yoga Pant / lululemon Top / emi-jay hair tie / 

Take the ball and place underneath your shins - Find a wall to balance yourself on while getting into position - Walk your arms forward slowly while keeping your balance - You will be working your core the entire time along with your balance - 

Now you are in regular push up position - 

Lower your body down to the floor and push back up, just like you would a regular push-up - Try and keep the ball still as possible -  You will feel this in your arms - your core - back of your thighs - shoulders - triceps- All over!   If you place the  ball a little higher (on your thighs) it will be a bit easier - I like to do 2 reps of 20 push ups. You will really feel this in your upper body. This exercise is a little more exciting than doing push-ups only.  *Do what is best for you.  I am not a trainer, I just enjoying sharing what I do with you.

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