Bring The Bands

Spring is in the air; Summer's on the way and so are short sleeves, swimsuits and your tone arms. Here are a few exercises that go where you go. Traveling with this one little band can help keep your arms nice and tone. I know I've said it before, but as we age we need to become a bit more aggressive when it comes to our triceps and biceps. 

Achieving toned arms come as a result of making changes to your diet, and we need to exercise all the major muscle groups in our arms and shoulders. It's never too late to start our quest for strong and beautiful arms. I promise you'll be happy you did.

All we need is a band. I like to tie a knot on one end for a better grip. Place one hand on your hip / begin to stretch your working arm at an angle in a slow and steady pace.  You will feel your muscle begin to quiver...that's a good sign / Do 20 for 2 reps / Change arms and repeat.

Wrap the band around your hand and now we are going to stretch out to the side / Have a slight bend in your knees / Add an isolated movement with your waste / you'll feel this in your bicep and tricep  / 20 on each side for 2 repetitions.

Sit on the band as if you were sitting on a swing / Grip both ends of the band / tuck your elbows in / Slowly begin to lift up and down / This is a small movement and you will feel the burn /  40 to 50 lifts, or whatever is best for you.

Your body is your temple. You and only you can make the choice to treat it in a loving way. There are many people who love and care about you and want you around for a long time. Take care of're worth it.

                The best project you'll ever work on is you...