A few years ago I would pop into my favorite dance class with my favorite teacher...Samantha Rabon, and I'd workout with my favorite group of women. I became friends with Moana Dixon, and over time, we'd follow Samantha wherever she taught. One morning after Sam's class the three of us were chatting about life, dreams, our goals and I discovered Moana had a company called The Hunted Fox. She invited me over to her studio, and it was overflowing with the most beautiful pillows, rugs, and throws... I instantly went to pillow heaven.  I needed personal Thank You gift for an editor here in town, and she informed me of a special bee-spoke touch she likes to add. She engraves the name on a piece of leather that is placed on the back, then you write out your personalized message and her laser printer displays it on a thin sheet of wood. It looks incredible. When I delivered my Thank You gift it was a big hit. You can read more about Moana in the May issue of C Magazine. Take a peek at the beautiful Moana and her dreamy designs. Mother's Day is around the corner so if you're looking for a special gift to add a little comfort and beauty in someone's life... or yourself, check out The Hunted Fox - located right here in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Miranda North

The beautiful, down-to-earth and talented Moana Dixon.

Feel like you're away at your favorite resort in your own home with this vibe.

California is the perfect place for outdoor living. These throws look fabulous amongst our sunshie.

The kitchen seems to be the favorite spot in the house and why wouldn't it be with this cozy rug.

Catch all of your beautiful dreams with The Hunted Fox Dream Catchers.

Instantly relax and escape while resting on these tropical blue pillows while dreaming about your favorite vacation.  Photo credit: Miranda North

Bring any room in the house alive with these multicolored pillows.

Moana is always reaching to be her best. She's passionate about design, color and would love to help you create your own personal Oasis.  Photo Credit: The Hunted Fox

Beautiful Shearling Throw

Moana made this supportive Lumbar Pillow for a thank you gift, along with a personalized card.

Thank you Moana for making me this Lumbar Pillow. When I work on my blog I always have this as my inspirational support. I do believe it brings me good luck, and it's soooo pretty. I love supporting my women friends. When you meet people who are passionate about life and out there making their dreams and desires come true, you want to get the word out and spread the love. Thank you Moana for making the world a prettier place...and my pillow.

                         * When women support each other, incredible things happen.