There's something to be said about looking stylish and being organized when heading to the airport. It's great to be in charge of your own comfort, and you feel good when the inside of your luggage is organized as well as the outside. 

The outfit you wear on the plane will be your outfit when you arrive at your destination. Choose your wardrobe that feels cozy in your seat and also works for your arrival. Vince Sweater / Adidas Superstars /  CJ Drawstring Pants / Rimowa Carry-on / J.Crew T / Emi-Jay hair ties / Ray-Ban Sunglasses / J.Crew Grey Scarf / Gucci Backpack

Welcome to FLIGHT 001 - The one stop shop for your travel treasures.

FLIGHT 001 / 8321 West 3rd. Street, Los Angeles CA. (323) 966-0001

FLIGHT 001 / 8321 West 3rd. Street, Los Angeles CA. (323) 966-0001

So you're feeling great about your travel wear, let's take a look at a few ideas for perfect packing every time. One of my favorite things to do, before we leave for our vacation, is seek out any new inventory at FLIGHT 001.  It's like a candy shop for travelers. I've been shopping here for several years and look forward to seeing just how organized I can get. Here you will find all the necessities you need for a flawless journey. You can find great travel-related items with a little fun and fashion to make packing a lot less painful.  experience, everyone working is helpful and patient.  Travel on over to FLIGHT 001 for a one-way first-class experience and excellent customer service. Be sure to ask for Digby, he's incredibly helpful and great to work with.

When you're on a long flight and if you're in a tight space (the middle) it helps to be organized, and it's much more enjoyable if you have all of your own personal items. It seems like the AC is always blasting so why not snuggle up with your own blanket and neck pillow. I have all three items pictured above, and  I never travel without them. I look forward to using this soft and lightweight padded eye mask. It's pressure free and smudge free, so it won't leave a mark on your face!  

I'm not sure how many cute pouches I have...I've definitely lost count. But it always puts a smile on my face when I'm lurking around in my carry-on and read a positive phrase. I always take a photo of what's inside my bag; it's a great way to stay organized. I keep my vitamins, l'occitane hand lotion, eye drops, face serum, Kiehl's lip balm, and a tiny mirror inside the pink plastic bag. I have all of my charging cables, plugs and ear buds in another pouch.  All airline regulated. If you like to be an organized traveller and want great looking items, this is the place for you.


We started using these spacepak bags three years ago and I can't say how efficient they are. I pack a lot less when using spacepak bags and it helps they're colorful and labeled.

Don't forget your adapters. This 4-in-1 universal adapter is all you will ever need. I purchased this for my travels last year, and it's a smart & easy way to stay charged, it's color coated to make it easy-breezy . I use the toiletry spacepak bag for all of my lotions and potions and it holds up to 30 bottles. It's a perfect size and when you're unpacking; just unzip... it unfolds neatly and you'll find a small hook if you need to create a little more counter space.

Neck pillow / TSA pop quart  bag / Passport Cover (love having a bright color  / Money and Passport Holders for under your clothing - I just bought one for our son who is on a school trip, makes it safe and easy to be hands-free and on-the-go.

Bring a little fun to your  bag tags .

Bring a little fun to your bag tags.

Don't leave home without your stretch bands. Sometimes it's fun to workout in your room and enjoy the view at the same time. While you're working out why not download a language app and learn a few phrases if you're visiting a foreign country.

Here are the other necessities packed away in one of my pouches. Handy wipes are a must. I wipe down everything...headrest, seatbelt, arms, tray table, window, and air vents. I find the heat patches work well if you're on a long flight and need to relax your muscles. Boost your immune system with Airborne tablets, put Aquaphor on your feet and then slip on your socks. SEA-BANDS if you feel a little nauseous, or your stomach is a little upset.

Steam Fast Steamer / Packs easy and works like a charm. Some hotels are equipped with an iron and ironing board, but not always. I prefer having what I need when I need it.

SKYROAM / WIFI all the time. If your flight gets delayed and you need to catch up on a little work or some on-line shopping, here's your answer. A secure service to keep you caught up. The cost is $99.99 for the initial cost and $10.00 a day for (8) hours. You can link up to 5 devices for the $10.00-day charge. It last for 10 hours, it's a little smaller than an iPhone 6; It does not work on a plane. When you're traveling around and need a connection, here's the solution.  Set up time is about 5 minutes.  We had a two hour drive today, and oh boy am I happy I had this!  We were lost, but now found thanks to the SKYROAM.  I whipped it out of my bag and off we safely went. Thank You Skyroam!!  You really do work.


No matter where you're headed be grateful for the journey. It's that time when we step out of our routines and make some new discoveries. It's a chance to reconnect with our family, friends and ourselves...meet new people and embrace different cultures. Sometimes when we discover the unknown all things seem possible.

        “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

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