I am teaming up with India Hicks and The Ready Mom to raise #100kin100days. I thrilled to help raise money for Project Angel Food and 25% of all purchases made through this Link will go to providing food and nutrition services to those with life-threatening illnesses!   India Hicks and Project Angel Food know a thing or two about giving back. I'm so grateful her team reached out to me to get involved and  I'm able to choose Project Angel Food to give back to. 

Don't let the day get away without this Fortune Pouch!

Don't let the day get away without this Fortune Pouch!

I chose this Fortune Pouch because you can wear it as a clutch or toss it in your larger bag to keep your favorite items organized.  The Fortune Pouch is adorned with little assorted good luck guys and a double tassel.


 Literally, every beautiful bug on here has a special meaning...especially the Lady Bug!  Do click on the link because there is something for everyone - bags, beauty, jewelry, accessories and more! 


These lovely Eau De Parfum's are light & feminine fragrances, just picture yourself walking through a proper English garden. Fit's perfect into my Fortune Pouch! Wake up your tired skin with this Uber Mist. Yes, it's as fresh as it looks.

INSTA STORY 2jpg.jpg

Whether it's you receiving India Hicks in the mail or you're sending someone a gift, her gifts and packaging will not disappoint. I hope you can find something you fall in love with and help me give 25% to Project Angel Food. Thank you for shopping to make a difference, It means so much to so man people.  Let's make this the Summer for Giving.

Thank you, India Hicks and The Ready Mom for partnering with me to give these families the food they need to restore their health.

Project Angel Food cooks and delivers more than 500,000 nutritious meals each year, free of charge, to the homes of men, women, and children affected by life-threatening illnesses.  I'd be so grateful if you could help me raise money for Project Angel Food by shopping this link and 25% of your purchase will go to continuing to provide food to those that need it. 

Blessings and Gratitude!!

xo Janet