Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! Moms of kids, moms of pets, god-mother’s, mother-in-laws, stepmother’s and Mother Earth!

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Entering motherhood later in life was a blessing for me, I know for a fact the timing was meant to be. Finding love and happiness and entering motherhood saved my soul! Our boy Luca, which means bringer of light was just that, a bright light and a heart opening journey. I have so many wonderful memories from the day he was born, I feel so blessed every single day and also grateful to still have my mom. It’s a wonderful gift being a mother, because you have the chance to revisit all these wonderful experiences and see the world through the eyes of a child… I guess you could say, I now see things in a whole new light.

Here’s a few gift ideas for the mom’s in your life and may your day be filled with love & light.

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Is your mom a homebody? Having a beautiful fragrance lingering in your home can be a mood changer, and it’s a great way to calm your mind and relax.


Low maintenance and long living - Lula’s Garden Can’t go wrong with succulents.

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janet gunn mother's day

This a must have for your travels. Never worry about misplacing your phone with this stylish accessory.

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To-do-list - Take mom on a tropical trip - with Heys / When I travel my favorite elegant carry-on is from Longchamp.

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Hit the ground in comfort in these Nike Classic Cortez sneakers / I’m always in search of a versatile travel coat and this one goes with everything.

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mother's day gift guide
mother's day gift guide

The cozier the better with Paradise Bound PJ’s / Pretty Pouf Slippers

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bib and sola
mother's day gift guide
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Make every space beautiful with Bib&Sola Carafe/ Your home, office and I’m all for less plastic!

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mother's day

Don’t forget to breathe! Two of my dear friends just released their books and it’s valuable information for everyone. Weather you’re male or female, on land or under water both Sandy and Michelle have done an excellent job in sharing their effective teaching methods. Way to go ladies!

Wait…. just one more photo, really just one more!

Wait…. just one more photo, really just one more!

There he goes!

There he goes!

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janet gunn

Thank you husband, it’s been a wonderful life raising our boy and thank you Luca, it’s been a blessing to be your mom…I am truly Grateful.



Here’s to my other son that shines bright, Buster…

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Planes, trains, ferries and automobiles with Skyroam Solis.


I'd like you to meet my favorite travel tool. This super-fast portable Wifi device makes international travel a dream.  I've been a loyal Skyroam customer for two years and I'm excited to share the Skyroam just got better! I've partnered with Skyroam Solis and by using this link. you can save 20% and works in over 100 countries.



Yes, it's the first item on my packing list and this is why I check it off from the get-go. First of all... it fits in my purse!  This all-in-one global 4G LTE high-speed wireless communication hotspot has 6000 mAh (meaning you have about 18 hours of Wifi battery life) It's fast, secure, connects up to 5 gadgets and it's affordable.

La Peschiera

La Peschiera

It's wonderful to disconnect but if you'd like to extend your travels for just a bit longer due to work obligations, the Skyroam Solis offers you a solution. It's smart it's simple and no SIM card is needed.

Connect five gadgets at once - One-touch access to unlimited WIFI almost anywhere you go. - It's long-lasting with 18 hours of WIFI battery life - And here's a nice perk, you can also charge your phone.


Here's what's in your package - Skyroam Solis hotspot with embedded power bank, USB-C Charging cord, USB to USB-C Adapter, guide & carrying case.

We had a two-hour delay at the amazing Milan train station so my husband and I powered up our Skyroam so we could catch up and enjoy our cappuccinos.

To begin - remove the protective yellow battery tabs - plug-in right away to ensure it's charged. Simply turn on Skyroam Solis, connect up to 5 gadgets to WiFi, and press the WiFi button or "Start" on the Skyroam web portal. Buy and activate 24-hour day passes anytime to get unlimited global internet anywhere. You pay for only for what you use, No commitments, No contracts.

Salina - Italy

Salina - Italy

Imagine your well-earned vacation without limits. Just knowing you can return important emails, bank online or connect with a loved one, it's peace of mind and that goes a long way.  

Thank you Skyroam Solis

Happy travels, thanks for reading,

xx Janet