'Tis The Season... The holidays are here, and what a special time to be Grateful. It's the perfect time to gather your friends and family, and share great food, wine, and of course laughter. We have soooo much to be grateful for, we have freedom, we have choices.  Let's start off with  I Am Thankful For....

 Thank you Mother Earth - Mother Nature for these beautiful flowers! We have a Pavilions nearby, and they always have a large variety of colorful flowers and greenery. Here I chose Tulips - Roses - Calla Lilies - Peonies. If you live in the West Hollywood area, ask for David! He's the best...

You can also buy long stem leaves and decorate the inside of the vase for an elegant touch to your arrangement. While arranging your flowers say "Thank You"...tell Mother Nature how grateful you are for her flawless beauty she has provided for us.

Tulips have so many leaves, just take and wrap those extra leaves around your stems for that 'Wedding Bouquet' look. 

I love the vibrant orange, perfect for a fall color.  Tulips love a little light, in just a few minutes they will open up as the light shines through the window.

Beautiful pink Tulips and Peonies, and the peonies have a soft...light fragrance as they begin to open. 

White Peonies, White Roses... 

I find groupings of three, to work well. Choose different vases, and heights for that artistic feel.

Simple Calla Lilies...Simple Vase... Elegance.   We all have many things we can be grateful for. If we can stay in a state of gratitude for just a few minutes a day, our hearts will change, we will feel lighter, and the longer we can say "Thank You" the Universe will recognize our gratitude. We can always be of great service to ourselves and others when our heart says "Thank You"

    "Choosing gratitude is akin to choosing forgiveness. It is to create forward and healthy           movement within the individual expressing it"       Reverend Keith friend

  Thank you to my followers for being supportive and taking the time to read my blog, The Grateful Gardenia. I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving, and you were able to share the day with your friends and loved ones. During this season let's envision laughter, hugs and a heart full of gratitude.   

                                    Make someone's day special today... it matters