Welcome to the southern tip of the Riviera Maya.  Surround yourself in Mexico's most stylish and fashionable beaches and just BE... At Hotel Be Tulum, any stress you flew in with begins to  melt away. Say hola to this charming native environment and BE swept away by luxury and nature.  Be/ verb - present    Welcome to Be Tulum where you can simply...Be



Carved out of the jungle less that 50 years ago, Tulum thrives in a bubble all on its own.  Tulum locals take great pride in their town, and it's organic lifestyle. There is a commitment to the environment that takes high priority.  After googling around and a few recommendations from friends, BeTulum kept popping up. A boutique hotel with 20 incredible rooms, with an outdoor shower that blends you into the environment. Any senses that have been shut down, instantly come alive in this tropical forest. Picture yourself in a glass treehouse surrounded in a jungle with amazing birds.  From sunrise to sunset, you have fantastic meals, service and staff that make you teary-eyed when you checkout. Tulum has been on our travel list for awhile, we can now check that box... and we can't wait to return next year.  Don't miss the Mayan temples, where you can loose yourself in ruins from 1000 years ago. You will leave a little more conscience than when you arrived. I have fallen head over pineapples with Tulum.

The minute you enter you'll find signs in the trees hanging throughout the property. Just a reminder of the simple gifts in life that are best not to be taken advantage of. You can't help but crack a smile every time you stroll past this message. Smile

Your tropical oasis awaits you... Early in the morning, you can hear the birds begin to share their message. You experience a true peace of mind.  

Sebastian Sass - Is the architect of Be Tulum - In Tulum, the structures remain shorter than the tallest palm tree.   

There are three suites to choose from - Jungle Suite - Arena Suite - Ocean Suite. In two minutes you step out of your suite and into white sand and warm turquoise water. Take a minute to connect with the hotel staff. Everyone is so generous and incredibly interesting.  Enjoy your in-room jacuzzi and an outdoor shower. Tap into that Jungle Fever.


Everyday you can enjoy fresh organic fruit and amazing meals. 

Here's to the cutest beach shack ever...Don't miss out on the spicy margarita. Your room key is accompanied by a flashlight.  No need for unnecessary lighting when the moon is in your back pocket.

The fruit plate is presented differently every day/ Poached eggs with fresh salsa and avocado / The fish tacos are a must and chances are they were caught two hours before your request  / The hot sauce is just the right amount of spice, served with homemade chips. 

Grab a bike and feel the freedom as you cruise your way thru the town of Tulum. Every shop and restaurant is a walk or bike ride away. Taxis are as easy as Uber and for $4-$8 dollars you'll arrive where you need to be.  Every day I rode my bike to pay a visit to Sophia at KM33.  Super stylish boutique where I purchased a few bags and enjoyed our travel and fashion conversations. The Tulum locals come from all over and they genuinely love their paradise.

We are huge fans of anything matter where we are. Posada Margherita was Incredible, authentic and oh so yummy... The owner Ale, from Genova Italy, delivers Italian  meals that will have you returning for more. You will fill like you are Italy, the food is bello!  If you're gluten-free, not a problem... you'll find it here. It's cash only.

You get a complimentary bread/cheese/veggie plate for lunch and dinner. The different bread choices are covered in amazing spices, dried tomatoes & onions on top... Delicious. The margaritas are made with fresh lime and tequila. Posada Margherita is a must!

In the Hotel/restaurant, you will find Ale's wife Daria and her eco-chic boutique - LOL. Daria carries everything you need to feel effortlessly stylish. She has a European flair, so all of her dresses, bathing suits, hats, Kaftans, and her jewelry designers are unique. I purchased gorgeous necklaces by Gigi Clozeau, and a kaftan by Laura Marks, who also works in the boutique. On my right is Noe  a graphic designer from Argentina, who also works in LOL.  You can also find her adorable greeting cards in the boutique. La Flaca Pretini

You'll also find hotel and boutique Coqui Coqui while you're strolling along in town. They have a lovely collection of perfumes that remind you of a natural tropical sense. There are 13 fragrances to choose from along with bath oils, room scents and candles.

You must go to Hartwood. It's buzzing with stylish peeps from everywhere. Be Tulum team will organize a taxi to stand in line for you for $40. me it's worth it. The line begins at 2 pm, and they don't start taking reservations until 3 pm.  I promise you won't regret the $40. Chefs Eric Werner and Mya Henry work their magic in cutoffs and an apron, and every meal looked incredible as they passed by, and the salads were scrumptious. My husband and I had fish, salads, and our son had the Filete De Coronado. The nearest electrical lines are miles away; solar panels power the lights, the only kitchen appliance (a blender), and the music that comes from Werner’s iPod. After dinner, you can enjoy your walk thru town before returning to your tropical tree house. Cash Only.

Simplicity and nature are the new luxury. There was a tropical rainstorm for a few hours and it was incredibly peaceful. 

  Lose yourself in ruins from 1000 years ago. if you have a rental car, drive five minutes north of downtown  & you can take in the civilization that thrived in the 13 & 15th centuries. Rent a car for $17 a day from Fox rental car - drive into town {75 miles}. even if you have a car, the best way to navigate Tulum is on foot or by by bike. Be Tulum has complimentary bikes, and there are plenty to go around.

Strolling down the beach you'll find incredible places along the way, Casa Malca is located near Be Tulum. This was the grandest swing I've come upon. Inside you can view incredible contemporary works of art.

FullSizeRender (29).jpg

Upon arrival and departure, you will be greeted by "The Dream Team" Thank you so much for everything. You truly made our Be Tulum experience magical. 

No matter where you go in life the people place and experience become a part of who you are. Travel can invigorate your soul and bring back the passion in your heart. 

Derek and I are early birds, we enjoy our coffee talk and taking in all of the beauty wherever we go. Thank you, husband, for another wonderful memory. Thank you to our sweet boy Luca for helping with the photos and your endless patience when photographing your food. I love you both... 

Visiting Tulum is truly a BREATH of fresh air. Just a reminder amongst the trees to connect with your breath,  revive your spirit and to relax and let go. 

Wherever we go we share who we are. It's important to leave a positive and joyous footprint. We look forward to returning to the treehouse in the jungle. Be Tulum will forever be one of my "happy places"  It's all a journey...

                    “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Unknown