Welcome to The Principe di Salina, or better-known as paradise. This unique hotel will leave you thinking about your return. If you plan on doing a little island hopping around the Aeolian Islands Principe di Salina is a must. As soon as you arrive you are met by the heart and soul of this charming hotel, the Principe di Salina family…yes, it's family owned and operated. 

Welcome to paradise

Welcome to paradise

The Italian island of Salina is one of the Aeolian Islands, a cluster of 7 volcanic islands and is a destination for nature and tranquility lovers. Salina is made up of volcanic rocks, slopes of olive trees and caper flowers  seen growing everywhere. The island is known for its charming villages where time feels like it’s stopped,

Lobby View

Lobby View

Soon as you walk through the doors you look straight out to the terrace, where you have a birds-eye view of Stromboli and Panarea, and they let you know right away, not to miss the sunset.

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This lovely infinity pool faces the ocean and there is also a spa tub, at a high temperature coming for a natural spring below the hotel.


It's the little things. There are twelve rooms, all which have private balconies overlooking the sea and the large common spaces, such as the roof terrace and the pool area, is the place where everyone returns to…or never leaves.


The rooms decor is made by local designers and your outside terrace is surrounded with flowers and a view of the sea. Perfect for your dreamy stay.

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Principe di Salina has a way that keeps you present, you'll find yourself day-dreaming everywhere you are. 


Happy to catch the son under the sun having a little down time ...catching up on his reading.

It never felt crowded, you could find peaceful moments anytime of the day.


Buongiorno! Welcome to the communal table. The owner of the hotel is also the chef, Chef Silvana that is. Feel free to join in or dine inside the front living area that feels like home. Probably my most favorite time was sunrise and enjoying the best cappuchihosl  


 Silvana makes sure breakfast, lunch and dinners arrive with just the right touch.

The food the wine the presentation.

The food the wine the presentation.

The local caper flowers create a perfect topper to Silvana's delicious meals. Dinner includes an entree, first and second plates, the dessert is homemade and prepared based on the fresh ingredients of the island. The internal restaurant is open only for the guests as they like to create a very “homey” atmosphere for the Principe family. 


We'll have homemade pasta... more pasta, Rose and backgammon!! And why not!

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Don't miss a short walk into the quaint town, it's about 10 minutes, and if you continue down the hill for about 15 you'll be seaside. My favorite purchase was this bag I'm carrying, II bought it at the hotel, made by a local designer.


At the bottom of the hill, you can rent a boat and zip over to Santa Marina for a lovely lunch. Walking time from our hotel to the marina took about 15 - 20 minutes and In no time you're off and exploring. The marina and the front desk will have the best suggestions if you plan to venture out.


We took our boat to Lingua with a few stops along the way, it took about 30 minutes and well worth it. It's an easy day trip with fresh seafood and pasta restaurants to look forward to.


We're were always thrilled to return to our home away from home.


Principe di Salina is a place where you can hang your towel and when you return you'll feel right at home. Grazie Millie Principe, our family had such an amazing stay and every meal was incredible. All your special touches do not go unnoticed. We are grateful to have had such a loving experience with your family, and Grazie for making us feel like family. 

xoxo  Janet, Derek & Luca


The closest airports are Catania, Palermo, and Naples. Catania Fontanarossa (CTA) is the closest and suggested airport.

We spent the night in Milazzo - took the boat to Salina

Boat to Salina - the arrival time of your flight should not be later than 3 pm. On your day of departure, please make sure to book your flight after 11 am to ensure enough time to get off the island and reach the airport. If you manage to depart in the afternoon, you will have a more comfortable commute. 

From Catania - 

Hydrofoil from Milazzo to Salina SM (1h 50) / Liberty lines

Bus From Catania, (approx 1,5hours) 


Rental cars, scooters, bicycles – Organization of boat trips to other islands, or rent your own boat (you will need a boating license) –The hotel will inform you where to rent these boats. Organization of excursions and trekking – Wine cellar visits – Transfer to and from the Catania-Transfer from the airport and from the port. You can also enjoy snorkeling or diving activities. 


You won't need much but think flowing caftans for that island breeze with a touch of elegance. Sun protection, a hat, shorts and simple dresses. Pack your sneakers if you like to hike, run or walk. A good book, but they have plenty there.


Kids of all ages are welcome, but the hotel can only accommodate two tots at a time, so book well in advance. The restaurant has a highchair and the chef is happy to adapt the evening menu and heat up baby food. The infinity pool is six meters deep.


Ask the front desk, they have the best suggestions. We had most of our meals there, we preferred to enjoy the hotel and Silvana's cooking!  Why leave?

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xoxo Janet

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