Planes, trains, ferries and automobiles with Skyroam Solis.


I'd like you to meet my favorite travel tool. This super-fast portable Wifi device makes international travel a dream.  I've been a loyal Skyroam customer for two years and I'm excited to share the Skyroam just got better! I've partnered with Skyroam Solis and by using this link. you can save 20% and works in over 100 countries.



Yes, it's the first item on my packing list and this is why I check it off from the get-go. First of all... it fits in my purse!  This all-in-one global 4G LTE high-speed wireless communication hotspot has 6000 mAh (meaning you have about 18 hours of Wifi battery life) It's fast, secure, connects up to 5 gadgets and it's affordable.

La Peschiera

La Peschiera

It's wonderful to disconnect but if you'd like to extend your travels for just a bit longer due to work obligations, the Skyroam Solis offers you a solution. It's smart it's simple and no SIM card is needed.

Connect five gadgets at once - One-touch access to unlimited WIFI almost anywhere you go. - It's long-lasting with 18 hours of WIFI battery life - And here's a nice perk, you can also charge your phone.


Here's what's in your package - Skyroam Solis hotspot with embedded power bank, USB-C Charging cord, USB to USB-C Adapter, guide & carrying case.

We had a two-hour delay at the amazing Milan train station so my husband and I powered up our Skyroam so we could catch up and enjoy our cappuccinos.

To begin - remove the protective yellow battery tabs - plug-in right away to ensure it's charged. Simply turn on Skyroam Solis, connect up to 5 gadgets to WiFi, and press the WiFi button or "Start" on the Skyroam web portal. Buy and activate 24-hour day passes anytime to get unlimited global internet anywhere. You pay for only for what you use, No commitments, No contracts.

Salina - Italy

Salina - Italy

Imagine your well-earned vacation without limits. Just knowing you can return important emails, bank online or connect with a loved one, it's peace of mind and that goes a long way.  

Thank you Skyroam Solis

Happy travels, thanks for reading,

xx Janet