The Adidas Originals Superstar has been celebrating a bit of a comeback since early last year. For Spring 2016 the iconic sneaker with the shelltoe makes a return with a real 'kick.'  When you're running around and on the go, why not slip into a pair of super-popular Adidas Superstars, and bring out the "Superstar" in you. Here are five ways to wear your favorite sneakers. 

 This season your sneakers will be the star of your outfit. / J.Crew Hat / Sincerely Jules T / Novemb3r Trousers / Adidas Superstars /

 Sincerely Jules is a website with fun a different twist on graphic T's

The Adidas's have a soft cushy inside, that's easy to remove and wash. For Mother's Day, I got the Apple Watch, and I'm really enjoying it. My favorite thing is when it alerts me to 'Stand Up and get moving'  Motivation is always a positve thing.

Women's feet are weeping for joy thanks to the fashion world embracing sneakers. Welcome to the world of real flat-on-the-ground, high-top, low-top, lace-up, slip-on, sneaks. The best part...you can wear them with absolutely everything, including skirts and dresses. J.Crew T / Vince Skirt / Hermès Twilly / Adidas / Chanel Purse / GIgi Clozeau Necklace /

During your summer travels, look and feel chic in sneakers, shorts, scarf, stylish glasses, and your favorite bag. J.Crew White Shorts / Uniqlo Black Top / Hermès Scarf / J.Crew Hat / Chanel Sunglasses / Chanel Bag

When you're traveling around and it's a little hot and humid outside, most times when you step into a restaurant you'll get a nice blast of AC... I like to take off my scarf (belt) and wrap it around my neck. Instant warmth while enjoying your Rosé.  Adidas / J.Crew Shorts / Hat / Uniqlo top/  Chanel Bag /

Price-wise, you can't go wrong with J.Crew shorts, a fedora and Uniqlo classic button down top. Uniqlo has great linen tops, a smart staple for your wardrobe.

Lately, my go-to outfit for running around, especially when traveling is my favorite leopard print dress from Equipment and my Adidas's. Sneakers are ageless and comfy. Urban chic, tres chic, comfort chic... YSL Clutch

Check out Lyn Slater, of Accidental Icon,  and you can read about this fashionable 62-year-old woman rocking her sneakers and inspiring you with her style and wisdom.

Companies like Adidas, Chanel, Lego, and Burberry have lived through many phases. Each of these brands is rich in history, memories, experiences and have always stayed Innovated. The past can always be a source of inspiration, whether in business or personal it has the potential to add value.  

Give an edgy look to your leather pants by adding Hermés Scarf, and Alice & Olivia Black Jacket, grab your clutch and your ready to go. Alice and Olivia Jacket / Hermès Scarf  / Valentino Clutch / Helmut Lang Leather Pant /

The great plus of stylish sneakers is a comfort,  sophisticated look, and relaxed chic vibe... I see my friend here is an admirer of sneakers too. Valentino Clutch 

Hermès Scarf / Valentino Clutch

Classic Adidas sneakers and trainers are back into the world of fashion. I think it's needless to say; you need to head out the door and get yourself a pair immediately. Have fun with your wardrobe; I was a bit skeptical about sneakers with a dress...not anymore. My feet are happy, and these sneakers are keepers. Ciao for now

Adidas / Reyna Icaza Black Croc Clutch  - Fantastic Prices @ Reyna Icaza / J.Crew Hat / Hermès Twilly /  Chanel Sunglasses /

   “I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes -- it's about all kinds of change”                                                                                                                     Karl Lagerfeld



As I was flipping through my favorite fashion magazines, I couldn't help but fall in love with Gucci's new changes to the brand. Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds, and flowers...I am definitely in love. I found a loafer that gave me "Happy Feet". 

 I am happy to say I have held onto most of my Gucci pieces. I continue to wear my belts, shoes, and purses, and they still hold up with today's fashion. I've been a Gucci fan for many years. Their new creative director Alessandro Michele; from Rome, has become fashion's new favorite renaissance man and I can see why.

The new Princetown slipper in canvas. Love the contemporary floral motif that was inspired by Chinese landscapes depicted on 18th century tapestries and screens.

Take a look at this beautiful Light silk  Georgette , feminine, and oh- so romantic blouse...  Dream top...

Take a look at this beautiful Light silk Georgette, feminine, and oh- so romantic blouse...  Dream top...

My husband gave me this Gucci clutch ten years ago, and it looks like a best friend next to my Gucci Loafers.  Joie Top /  Closed Jeans ./

Gucci Blooms  Mini Crossbody Bag

Here in California, we practically live outside. Gucci's new design is a perfect feeling for everyday and all day. You will feel like you are surrounded in a garden.

Gucci on the go... Put birds, butterflies, and dragonflies on my feet any day of the week!

These Gucci High heeled sandals still look stylish for day or night. Slip off the loafers and slide on the heels.

Love this groovy  Metallic Crossover  Sandal

Love this groovy Metallic Crossover Sandal

It's time to bust out an old friend...One of my favorite styles from eleven years ago.  Intermix  Top /  JCrew  Teddie Pant

It's time to bust out an old friend...One of my favorite styles from eleven years ago. Intermix Top / JCrew Teddie Pant

I still love these Gucci closed toe heels. I'm so happy I saved these!

I still love these Gucci closed toe heels. I'm so happy I saved these!

Sometimes it's hard to know what to keep and what to let go of. I find I hold onto the sentimental pieces. Do you have something you are questioning to let go of?  Let me know, should it stay or should it go...

These are fun... GG Supreme Studded Pump

These are fun... GG Supreme Studded Pump

Dionysus GG Supreme 

Dionysus GG Supreme 

Gucci Clutch / Gucci Belt / Gucci Sandal 

Reversible Leather GG Blooms Leather Tote. 

Reversible Leather GG Blooms Leather Tote. 

 I'd rather wear a beautiful scarf any day that a piece of jewelry. I've had this scarf for twelve years. It's timeless and once again the floral print feels so romantic. Uniqlo Black Blazer / AG Jeans / Equipment White Top /

GG Blooms  print silk scarf

GG Blooms print silk scarf

Gucci Purse / Gucci Scarf / Hermès Scarf Ring / Still standing the test of time. Another great gift from my husband!

Gucci Loafer from 3 years ago. Yes...it still works and it's just another solution for happy feet.  Not only does Gucci get it's groove back...so can we.

Gucci Jordaan metallic loafer 

Gucci Jordaan metallic loafer 

Tell me what's your favorite Gucci item...I'd love to know!

Here's a glimpse of Gucci's New Creative Director;  Alessandro  Michele - 

Here's a glimpse of Gucci's New Creative Director; Alessandro Michele - 

                        When life gives you lemon's, you gotta make lemonade...

               "Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside."  Coco Chanel